Super Princess Peach 2: Hazy Hearts! is a game starring Princess Peach for the Wii U. Extra playable characters include Rosalina, Princess Daisy, and Toadette! Pauline is a secret character. It is planned to be released April 7th, 2016. It plays like New Super Mario Bros. U.


Bowser is up to no good yet again! Since kidnapping the princesses never works, he decided to deal with the source of his problem: The Mario Bros!

Princess Peach invited Mario to have cake with her, but found it suspicious when he never showed up... The Toads told her the bad news, and her adventure began.


Image Item Description
Mega Mushroom Gives the Princesses their Super form, which can be used to break blocks and take an extra hit!
Fire Flower Shoots a Fireball
Geisha Fan Gives the Princesses a geisha outfit+makeup! They can do a fan attack to blow enemies away.
Mermaid Shell Turns the Princesses into mermaids. They can do a tail spin and have fast, fluid control underwater! On land, a small wave appears below them, which they use to move.
Super Bell Acts like it does in Super Mario 3D World
Super Wand Turns the girls into Fairies (Is a lot like Bee Mario) Can maybe shoot magic out of their wands?
Star Makes the user invincible.
Tanooki Leaf Acts like it does in other Mario games.


Image Name Abilities How to get
Princess Peach Can hover like in Super Mario Bros. 2 Available from start!
Rosalina Has the Galaxy spin from 3D World Available from start!
Princess Daisy Acts Like Luigi Available from start!
Toadette Acts like Toad from the NSMB games Available from start!
Pauline Is balanced like Mario Beat construction world


World 1 - Mellow-Mellow Plains

World 2 - Princess' Temple

World 3 - Harmony Seas

World 4 - Dreamy Treetops

World 5 - Deserty Dunes

World 6 - Sparkling Snowcaps

World 7 - Eerie Woods

World 8 - Bowser's Castle

World 9 - Construction World

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