Princess Peach - Copy

The main character!

This game was released on September 9th 2008.

This is the second official game to star Princess Peach.

The Main Villain in the game is Bowser. Mario and Luigi are both kidnapped again!

NOTE! This game is a crossover game.

Chapter 0: The Beginning

Princess Peach and Mario are preparing for the greatest day of both of their lives. Unfortunately, someone takes the Mario Bros. Peach goes to get help. She ambushes both Wario and Waluigi. And prepares to banish both of them from the Mushroom Kingdom. She challenges them to collect the treasure in Mushroom Cavern. Peach wins and kicks out the Warios. The queen has been given a game over. Peach then stocks up on items. Later, she encounters an evil cultist named Nightshroud. He knows the next time they meet, they will fight.

Chapter 1: The Mushroom Kingdom


That stinkin' Exor!

Kamek and a horde of Goomba are walking about their monthly patrol. Princess Peach and two sly plumbers disguise themselves as gypsies. They rob Kamek of all the coins and items in his stash. In response, Kamek breaks his mirror, he's given 7 years of bad luck. Princess Peach later meets up with Geno (From Mario RPG). Soon, Smithy's minions ambush them. They attempt to beat up Geno. Peach flees towards Vista Hill. The Axem Rangers appear to battle Peach. They fail miserably. Peach encounters Exor. He inherited the Smithy gang after Smithy was defeated. Peach tries to attempt to traumatize him. Exor is defeated, he gives up a small amulet. What does this do? Mario and Luigi shut down Bowser's computer. They get caught by Bowser!

Chapter 2: Hyrule

Temple of Doom

The temple that Vulcan terrorizes!

Princess Peach has one of eleven worthless amulets. She needs at least ten more to complete her collection. With this, she sets out for Fusion Woods. She meets a mystical time sage named Aeon. He leads her to Hyrule. Peach appears in Hyrule. Times are hard here, a Moblin daily goes to collect taxes. Peach meets up with Link. It appears that they had met each other when they were younger. After fending off a horde of Moblins, they head off to Death Mountain. They climb to the top and witness a dark ritual. Peach sees the second amulet on the altar. But high priest Vulcan attacks her. After defeating him, Peach takes the reigns and executes him. The second amulet is aquired. Mario and Luigi, at the same time manage to steal the book of nearly impossible plans.

Chapter 3: Green Hill Zone

Dr. Eggman

I am the Eggman!!! Mwahahaha!



Chapter 4: Peru, 1938

Chapter 5: The Future

Chapter 6: Ghost World and Uncharted Island

Chapter 7: Skyworld

Chapter 8: Frozen Tundras

Chapter 9: Dream Land

Chapter 10: Dark World (A)

Chapter 11: The Desert

Chapter 12: Infernal World

Chapter 13: Bowser's Castle

Last Chapter: Dark World (B)


And, of course. Princess Peach is forced to fight this false angel!

Princess Peach has entered the Dark World for a final fight. After a poison dart trap. Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser head to the top of a very long spiral staircase! And then the top of a tower. At these times, the Mario Bros. try to bail out of the crusade. Peach knocks sense into them everytime! They end up encountering a red and black dragon, the old advisor to Nightshroud, Edison owns the dragon. He allows all four of them on the reptile, Peach battles dark forces on the back of the beast. After this, the room of warp zones appear. The heroes clear all of the trials. Soon they come across six doors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple doors. Peach does not need to go through all the doors. But the plumbers and Bowser do! Peach encounters her demented pursuer, Nightshroud for the very first time. He invites the princess to a bonfire that is burning in the stadium. Unaware that it's actually an execution,she is rescued in the nick of time by her party members from different chapters. They defeat Nightshroud in one sitting. All of them escape in time, Peach falls into an abyss. Encountering her mentor, Rainbow. The two kill time and find the last two remaining cult members. Nightshroud and 02 (Zero-Two) are vaporized to the great game over in the sky! Rainbow dissapears, for no apparent reason. Peach then makes Bowser stand for trial, Peach finds all of Bowser's gang guilty as charged. They go to jail for life, and nothing can rescue them! But after one fight. The ultimate punishment is dealt out to the gang. A "Game Over" Penalty! They are instead sent to where the losers go if they are to get game overs. Peach elopes with Mario, and Bowser's gang gets what they deserve! You'll find more secrets if you do the Post Story.

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