Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Mario and Princess Peach were on vacation. Peach notices that Bowser is outside. Bowser breaks in the restaurant and kidnaps Mario, stuffs him in a duffle bag, and throws him in the Klown Kar. “Hold on, Mario! I’ll get help!”Peach yells as she ran out of restaurant. She quickly got in her airplane and flew to the Mushroom Kingdom.Peach then encounters Mario’s brother, Luigi. “Luigi, Mario is kidnapped.” Peach said to Luigi.”What?! By who?”Luigi asks Peach.”Bowser!” Peach answered Luigi.”Oh, no. Bowser is always kidnapping people!”Luigi exclaimed. Just then, evil Bowser Koopa broke in Luigi’s house.”What have you done to my brother!!?!” Luigi demanded Bowser. “I kidnapped him, now I’m going to kidnap you!” Bowser grabbed Luigi roughly."LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!" Luigi cried. ”Let them go, you kidnapper!” Peach demanded Bowser.”Marry me or else if you value your heroes!" Bowser demanded Peach. Bowser gets away.”Mario, Luigi! NO!!!!!”Peach screams.

Chapter 2: Sarasaland

'“I better go to Daisy’s.” Peach thought. So she again got on her airplane and flew to Sasaraland, Princess Daisy’s kingdom. “Hi, how’s your date?” Daisy asked. “Mario and Luigi have been kidnapped!!” Peach exclaimed. "What?! That's horrible! We have to save them! Meanwhile, back with Mario and Luigi. "You'll never get away this, Bowser!" Mario said to Bowser in anger. " You don't scare me, plumber! Of course I'm going to get away with this because I'm setting a trap and once my plan is complete, I will rule the Mushroom Kingdom! Gwahahahahahaha! Now I shall send a ransom note." Bowser scemed.'" I better call Peach." Mario thought.

Chapter 3: The Rescue

Meanwhile Peach and Daisy were trying to find a way to save Mario and Luigi. Just then the ransom note came. It says, "Princess Peach, If you want to see Mario again, marry me. You have 3 hours or I will kill Mario." Peach gasped. Then another message came. It was Mario! Peach picked up. "Hello?" "Peach, I overheard Bowser saying that he's gonna-AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Mario screamed because Bowser attacked him and Luigi. "Mario are you okay?" Bowser broke Mario's cellphone. "You think that you can call Peach to tell her the rest of my plan?! Never! Gwahahahahahaha!" Bowser then ties the Mario Bros up and gags them. " Mario and Luigi are in serious danger! We have save them!" Peach exclaimed. So Peach and Daisy made it in Bowser castle. "We have to hurry! We have 5 minutes!" Daisy exclaimed. They went in, fought some bad guys, and found Mario and Luigi, bound and gagged. "Mario! Luigi! Don't worry! We'll get you out of this!" Peach runs to free the Mario Bros. Mario tries to speak then he takes the gag off. "Peach! Don't come closer! It's a trap!" Just then, Bowser came landing between Mario and Peach. "Princess Peach, will marry me?" Bowser asked Peach. "NO!!!!!! Now let the Mario Bros go!" Bowser released his trap,Daisy pushes Peach out of the way and it lands at her."Say good bye to the Mario Bros!" Peach kicks the controler out of Bowser's stash and breaks it. "No! My plan is ruined!" Bowser exclaimed. Peach bashes blocks and two super feathers ( From Super Mario World.) came out. Peach gives Daisy one and they both became super. Daisy escapes from the trap. " I'll take care of Bowser, You free the Mario Bros." Peach told Daisy. Peach and Bowser fought and she wins, but it is not over yet. When Daisy freed the Mario Bros, Bowser swings down, grabs Mario, and sticks a knife almost on Mario's neck. "One false move and Mario dies." Bowser said. Nobody moved, but Mario did. He kicks Bowser in the knee and falls down. Peach flies up to catch him and when she did, they grabbed hands like in Super Mario Galaxy. " I'll be back and if I do, you'll regret this!" Bowser said. The good guys also leave the keep. "Thank you for saving us, Peach and Daisy." Mario said to Peach. "You saved our lives from Bowser and Tatanga all these years. So I would like to thank you, Mario." Peach then kisses Mario and Daisy kisses Luigi.

They lived happily ever after.

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