Chapter 1

All of the Mushroom Kingdom was not what we now. It had used to belong to the Royal Koopa family. The Royal Koopa family's new son,Bowser, was almost old enough to inherit the throne.

Meanwhile,a Man and Woman ride in on a horse,the mother holding her new baby.

"We want to enter the koopa kingdom" said the man to a Koopatrol

"I'm afraid dirty humans aren't allowed in the Koopa Kingdom." Said the Koopatrol "Now get out of here before I kill you,scumbag."

Suddenly,an arrow hits the Koopatrol in the head.

The family looks over at the the person who shot the arrow.

"What?" Said a Koopatrol. "No thanks for saving your lives? He was gonna kill you no matter what."

"Thank you," said the woman "But why did you help us?"

"I don't like the way these 'Royal Koopas' treat your species,we're all equal,aren't we?" said the Koopatrol

"I guess..." said the Man "What is your name young man?"

"It's alexander,you should leave,more koopatrols will be arriving any second." Said Alexander

At that exact moment more kooptrols arrive.

(Battle sequencel,START!)

-more coming soon-

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