Super Princess Deluxe

(Super Star & Jane : Royal Battle in Japan)

Developer(s) WishingStar Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included DS Card

Super Princess Deluxe (Super Star & Jane RPG: Royal Battle in Japan) is the first RPG game in the Super Princess series for the Nintendo DS. It is made by WishingStar Inc. and has no release date as of yet.



Super Princess Deluxe has the same type of gameplay as the Mario & Luigi RPG games. Princess Star and Princess Jane fight their way through the Mushroom, Koopa and Cappella Kingdoms. If the Princesses run into an enemy (or jump or punch it to get a head start on the battle), they must fight it in an RPG style. The Princesses can also buy items and badges at shops. The game also includes numerous cut scenes throughout the storyline. In the overworld, the Princesses have moves that they can us outside of battle. Star and Jane have Jump, Punch, Hammer (Star)/Parasol (Jane), Spin Jump, and Royal Flutter.


The battle system for Star and Jane is the similar to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. The Princesses can jump on an enemy once or twice and can hit it with a parasol or hammer. Also, Star can punch the enemies.


The prologue tells the story of the minions of Cackletta that have been thinking of ways to revive their ruler. Then a mysterious shadowy figure appears and blows the research to pieces. This explosion is felt throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, and Peach calls upon the Mario Bros. to come investigate. Upon their arrival, the Mario Bros. are attacked and kidnapped by the shadowy figure. Princess Peach assumes it is the work of Bowser, and sends out for help. Luckily, the great new heroine who arose from Starborn Valley has come to Peach's rescue, and accepts the challenge, even if Peach does get on her nerves. Star sets off to the Koopa Kingdom with her companion Ombelle, where Bowser resides, but Bowser is not home. Instead, a message is delivered about an even stronger enemy, a new kingdom, and the all powerful Dark Orb. Star meets Princess Jane Koopa during her journey, and the two girls team up to defeat the Dark Orb and it's mistress.


Playable Characters

  • Star - She is the stronger one of the Princesses, with average speed and jumping, who packs quite a punch.
  • Princess Jane - She is slightly weaker than Star, but has great floating abilities and is sneaky in battle.

Non-Playable Characters

  • Bomb-Bops - The species that are the main inhabitants of the Cappella Kingdom.
    • Ombelle - Star's faithful companion, who was assigned to protect the lost princess.
  • Princess Peach - She is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom that has a habit of getting kidnapped by Bowser. She really knows how to push Star's buttons.
  • Toadsworth - He is Peach's assistance and is a little to overprotective of the princess.
  • Toad - He is one of the many Toads that is one of Peach's loyal subjects.
  • Bowser - He is the terribly great king of the Koopas that stole the Koopa Kingdom from the Koopa family many years ago.
  • Cierra - The arrogant daugther of Cackletta who has come to avenge her mother. She stole the Dark Orb and plans to take over the Mushroom Universe.
  • Ghoulio Boo - The ghost town hero. He is much like an undead Mario, but he denies it. Him and his brother run a carpenter's shop that fixes decaying houses.
  • Bouigi Boo - The ghost town hero's little brother who doubles as a sidekick. He is also much like an undead Luigi, but says he is much less a coward. He runs Boo Bros. Carpenters with his brother.