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Super Princess Daisy is a game for the Nintendo DS released in late 2007 for the Japan region, and in 2006 for all other regions. In this game, Maria, Luise, and Toadette have been kidnapped by Bowser Jr., using the magical Vibe Scepter, and taken to Vibe Island. Princess Daisy must save them, using a talking umbrella called Derry and her powers of emotion, the vibes being emitted from Vibe Island. This is the first adventure installment for the Mario game series in which Daisy appears as a stand-alone playable character.

Game Storyline

While Princess Daisy goes out for a sunny stroll, Bowser Jr. and his legion of minions swarm the castle, this time easily overpowering the guards and even the three heroes Maria, Luise, and Toadette with their newfound weapon: the Vibe Scepter. Upon Daisy's return, she is horrified to find all of her guards running about the castle, either hysterically crying, euphorically happy, or angry beyond measure. Since Bowser Jr. has already absconded with Maria, Luise, and Toadette, Daisy resolves to go after Bowser Jr. herself and rescue them as they have rescued her on many occasions.

A Toad gives her an umbrella as a parting gift, saying only that it is a very strange umbrella. Later, the player finds out that the umbrella is named Derry, and has a very tragic backstory of his own to unravel. Regardless, as Daisy travels throughout the many locales of Vibe Island, Derry is known to be a very useful ally in many situations.

Main Gameplay Details

Vibe Island Locations

Vibe Island is the World Map for Super Princess Daisy, consisting of eight locations (or Worlds):

  • Ladida Plains
  • Hoo's Wood
  • Shriek Mansion
  • Fury Volcano
  • Wavy Beach
  • Gleam Glacier
  • Giddy Sky
  • Bowser's Villa

Daisy's "Vibes"

During the course of gameplay, the player is able to help Daisy trigger one of four Vibe abilities - provided she has an adequate amount of energy in the Vibe Gauge to pull it off (located on the Nintendo DS' top left screen below her main health meter). In order to do this, there are four heart color affiliations on the Nintendo DS' bottom screen that represent a certain vibe; the player can touch them to allow Daisy to proceed with the related action for each Vibe ability.

The four vibes are as listed on the following chart:

Vibe Name What the Vibe Does Heart Color Affiliation
Daisy becomes very happy and gains the ability to float (press A). When the player releases A, Daisy also does a spinning move which dispels toxic air and gets rid of some boundaries. In most cases, the flight lets her reach otherwise inaccessible Toads and areas of stages.
Daisy becomes enraged and catches fire, making her invulnerable to enemies' attacks. When she jumps, the resulting stomp as she comes back down can shake the ground stunning most enemies nearby, as well as set off big switches.
Daisy becomes extremely sad and begins to cry, causing her to run faster and make plants grow for her to climb. Her tears can also make water wheels go around, opening hidden parts of stages, and can freeze onto cold surfaces to make them slippery and make it easier to get under tight spaces.
Daisy becomes calm, restoring HP while draining the Vibe Gauge. The process stops when she either reaches her maximum HP or is attacked by an enemy.

To refill the Vibe Gauge, Daisy is able to collect blue gems that are scattered around each stage. Derry is also able to eat most basic enemies to achieve the same result (by picking them up while they're upside down and stunned, then pressing "Down" on the Control Pad to swallow them).

Derry's Assistance

Derry can form into several different objects to aid Daisy's travels as well, from a boat to submarine, from a cable car to a laser weapon. More details about each strategy are listed below:

  • Bowlbrella
  • Floatbrella
  • Poundbrella
  • Chargebrella
  • Slidebrella
  • Subrella
  • Dashbrella

Trivia: This is a sequel to Super Princess Peach

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