Super Poké Bob is a 2.5D platformer game developed by Annoying Inc. for the Wii U. It is the first game in the Bulba series.


Every year golden balloons are sent flying up to the sky to celebrate the day Bulba was founded. Everyone is happy and celebrating except Bo and his team of evil Bulbasaurs. For years Bo has wanted to rule Bulba and he has never has the chance. So, Bo sends Jimmy to capture all the bulbasaurs and bring them to his lair to be hypnotised. Luckily Jimmy misses Bob and Hog who now have to go on a adventure to save Bulbasaur kind from being hypnotised and forced to worship the evil Bo...



Image Name Description Unlockable by...
Bulbasaur EoS Bob the Bulbasaur Bob is a normal rule-following Bulba citizen who is about to face his greatest mission yet! N/A
Bulbasaur by xous54 Hog A rather young bulbasaur who manages to hide from Jimmy and now teams up with Bob to save day! N/A
Mudkip EoS Max the Mudkip A curious mudkip trapped by Bo in his Chocopolis Fort. After being rescued by Bob and Hog he helps them save Bulba. Complete World 4.


Image Name Description
TBA Chest-Pin Chest-Pin is a Chespin who sells armour in Bo's Forts before the boss fight.
TBA Penelope A Pikachu who usually shows up on the loading screen giving advice or tips for the next level.
TBA Luke A Lucario who can be spawned in by coin portals to assist the player in boss battles.


World Un

  • Pokê Plains
  • Tag Hill
  • Lolly Lake

Credit to Xous54 for Hog's artwork.

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