Sparky is the person that Pikmin has been searching for. Sparky is a yellow pikmin with a crown, locked up in jail.


Artwork for Sparky in World 7.

Sparky loves eating Electrocarrots and Electrocabbage, but now she can't because Bulblax Jr. stole her and took her away. Bulblax Jr. plans to keep Sparky and his secret is to marry her. But no one really knows that. You can play as her when you win the game.


  • Sparky has a blue bud un-like most other green buds.
  • Sparky actually wants to banish every blue pikmin. This is a theory, because Pikmin says Blue Pikmin said that it is safe to come back to the Garden of Hope, then Sparky says "Hmph, it's safe for him to go somewhere else."... and completing the game as blue pikmin causes her to face outside her cell. Upon talking, she says "I'm impressed. Not many of you can do that." but for other colors she will say a nicer thing. The banishing part comes from a secret easter egg (Banned in europe / america) that happens inside the second last level. The easter egg lets you go near her cell and listen to some stuff. One of the stuff she says is "I want to banish a race of a colour I detest" 

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