This game will be a continuation of the original Super Paper Mario game, only with characters from games such as Pikmin, Minecraft, Terraria, Sonic, and other video games.  The main villian is a fire spirit that used to rule the underwhere, the land of ended games.  He had been turned into a rock, and been banished to world 1-1 of a mario game.  After creating a spark, and relighting the spirit, the heroes in overalls must return to Flipside.

Your initial characters are Mario and Luigi. Mario can flip to 3D, allowing for more complex platforming and hidden puzzles. Luigi however, runs slightly faster and jumps slightly higher at the cost of precision. When he joins you in the beginning of the story, h's gone through some inter-dimensional flip-floppery, he can flip into 1D. WHAAAAAA? 1D!?!?!?!?!?!? Yep. While in 1D Luigi is invincible, but cannot move. This is useful in battles, and essential for some obstacles and bosses.

This is a work in progress game. Please leave tips (This is my first time making a page).

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