This is a list of items and recipes created by Cilantro, the chef from Yangburg.

Item Description
Big Egg Restores 12 HP and cures poison.
Cake Mix
Chocolate Bar
Crab Apple
Dangerous Die
Dayzee Tear
Deadly Die
Dried Shroom
Flame Burst
Freeze Burst
Ghost Shroom
Golden Leaf
Honey Jar
Invincibility Star
Lakitu Leaf
Lightning Bolt
Magic Apple
Misty Mango
Poison Shroom
Poison Shroom Shake
POW Block
Shell Shield
Shooting Star
Shroom Shake
Sour Lime
Strawberry Cream
Strength Steak
Super Shroom Shake
Super Steak
Thunder Rage
Ultra Shroom Shake
Vine Leaf
Wind Storm

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