The Pits of 100 Trials are 100 room labyrinths in Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion. Just like in the predecessor, there are two pits; one in Yinburg, and one in Yangburg. To find the Yinburg Pit of 100 Trials, every player must be used, along with every partner (except for O'Chunks, Mimi, Nastasia, and Lumelia.) After Lavaustin is used, an invisible block appears that opens the gate to the pit. To find the Yangburg Pit of 100 Trials, the player must collect Map 01 (there are 80 maps total), that leads the player to different sections of the game. As you collect more maps, Map 80 tells you to give it "to a girl who loves to rap". This girl is Cilantro, and when you give the map to her, she finds a code on the back of it. The code can be used to open the gate to the Flopside pit.

Rooms and Enemies of the Flipside Pit

Rooms #1-10

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