This is a list of the many characters in Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion. The journal containing the list in the game is hidden in the Yinburg Arcade. Goombailey's tattles appear here, except for the playable characters and partners, because he cannot tattle them.

Main Characters

Name Image Location Description
Murio pose
Playable Mario is a very famous hero that is known throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and out. His skills include jumping, hammering, and flipping.
Playable Luigi is Mario's brother, who is a tad shy, a little nervous, and very scared of Boos. His skills include jumping very high.
Playable Bowser is the King of the Koopas who kidnaps Princess Peach, but always fails to defeat Mario, and they've been enemies ever since. His skills include breathing fire.
Princess Peach


Playable Princess Peach is the fair Princess of Mushroom Kingdom. She is always kidnapped by Bowser, but the brave Mario always saves the day! Her skills include gliding and shielding herself with her parasol.
Wario Playable Wario is the plump rival of Mario who has a bad attitude and a love for riches. His skills include ground pounding.
Waluigi Playable Waluigi is the skinny rival of Mario's brother, Luigi. He loves to dance, and is a sore loser. His skills include dashing.
Princess Daisy Playable Princess Daisy is the spunk and sassy Princess of Sarasaland. She is a tomboy, and loves flowers. Her skills include using a flower drill.
Paper rosalina
Playable Rosalina is the maiden of the stars, and owns the Comet Observatory. She has a very emotional backstory, but she won't let that stop her from doing what's right. Her skills include spinning in the air and doing a double jump.


Name Image Location Description
Yinburg (Playable)
Orchestra Bank (Playable)
Pokyle Horse-Drawn Plains (Playable)
Kylee Downthere Mouth (Playable)
Pine Needle Trail (Playable)
Lakilumoi Hashi Steppes (Playable)
Sir Scares-A-Lot
Ghostly Castle (Playable)
Aqua Star Bit Lake (Playable)
Abandoned Castle (Playable)
O'Chunks Rocky Road (Playable)
Rocky Road (Playable)
Nastasia Rocky Road (Playable)
Yangburg Pit Of 100 Trials (Playable)

Yinburg Folk

Name Image Location Description
Tessie Yinburg Floor 2 Tessie is the sweet and friendly leader of the welcoming comittee in Yinburg. Her assistant (and boyfriend) is Mason.
Mason Yinburg Floor 2 Mason is the assistant of the welcoming comittee in Yinburg, His partner is Tessie, and they are also dating. Usually, he takes her out to eat Goombailey's frozen yogurt at Yin Yum, but is often turned down because of large crowds.
Lara Yinburg Floor 2 Lara is the know-it-all of Yinburg, and annoys almost everyone. She is annoying because of her gossip, but also because of her ongoing stories.
Dash Yinburg Floor 2 Dash is the fastest runner in all of Yinburg, and never turns down a race. He won a Yinny Award for beating the fastest runner in Yangburg, Flash.
Katie Yinburg Floor 2 Katia usually spends her time outside of Study Hall, wondering about what goes on inside of the building, because she is too young to go inside. She is also attracted to language arts, her favorite subject in school.
Tripp Yinburg Floor 2 Tripp is the clumbsy teenager that lives beside of Yin Yum. With help from Dash, he hopes to be the most popular kid in Yinburg.
Melissa Yinburg Floor 3 Melissa loves to hang around the Flipside Arcade, even though she is considered "bad at technology." Little does everyone know, is that she is the best technician in Yinburg.
Duke Yinburg Floor 3 Duke is the hip-hop enthusiast owner of The Duke Box, where you can buy amazing items at reasonable prices! He has a major crush on the ballet dancer, Bella, and plays desperate around her.
Bella Yinburg Floor 3 Bella is a professional ballet dancer, and also the love interest of Duke. After performing Koopthoven's 9th Symphony, she saw Duke and she started to take a liking to him.
Calvin Yinburg Floor 3 The best guy with all the jokes is Calvin. His jokes and puns are a big hit in school, and gets him wonderous praise. Although his jokes are good, his grades usually are below average.
Melina Yinburg Floor 3 Melina doesn't like to talk, but she tries to fit in as much as possible in each sentence. Her shyness often leaves her alone, but her older brother, Max, always stands up for her.
Max Yinburg Floor 3 Max is the skateboard-loving older brother of Melina. Having been bullied five times in the past year, he's learned how to stand up for himself, and for Melina.
Zoe Yinburg Outskirts 1 If there's anyone out there looking for adventure, it's Zoe. She is trying to complete her research to find a magic flower that makes coins rain down from the sky.
Layton Yinburg Outskirts 1 Helping Zoe in her research, Layton is the brains of the duo. He never leaves home without his geology/biology book.
Ruby Yinburg Outskirts 1 Ruby spends her time at the playground outside of Yinburg with her twin brother, Wally. She hopes to be just like Dash, because she thinks she is fast when playing tag.
Wally Yinburg Outskirts 2 Wally is the lazy twin brother of Ruby. Although lazy, he will do hard tasks or work when he is in a good mood, which is very rare fior him.
Jackie Yinburg Outskirts 2 Jackie is an older woman who lives outside of Yinburg. She normally has nothing to do, but watch the kids on the playground play, and get a bite to eat at the hidden "Cilantro's Kitchen."
Beau Yinburg Sewers Beau loves to hunt for hidden items like mushrooms in the Yinburg Sewers. The smog that was recently removed there made his brain go wacko or something. Thankfully, he's the only person affected.
Lillian Yinburg Central Lillian is one of the two police in Yinburg. Tad, the other police in town, is her rival, and they sometimes compete to see who is the bestt their job.
Tad Yinburg Central Tad is one of the two police in Yinburg. He has a rival, Lillian, who he often calls the police on by accident. Tad gets some mad praise behind his back, despite his mistakes.
Staci Yin Yum Stacy is the food critic in town, and never has a day without Yin Yum's fine fro-yo. She rates the place four stars, and her review(s) are very positive.
Reuben Yin Yum Reuben is the definition of food. He won a Yinny for eating the most hot dogs in five minutes. He is most famous for the creation of the heart attack taco, a taco with over 50 toppings on it. He was the only person ever who could eat it.
Yuli Clock Tower Grounds Living at the Clock Tower Grounds, Yuli runs the Sunny Hotel, where a customer can rent a room for 5 coins per night. Being the only worker so far, Yuli stops by the three floors on Yinburg whenever she wants.
Rex Clock Tower Grounds Rex is a construction worker who stays in the Sunny Hotel. He often finds mistakes with the clock, so he runs up and fixes it with his counterpart, Dex.
Ginny Study Hall
Brian Study Hall
Scarlett Yinburg Arcade
Cody Yinburg Arcade
Raven Yinburg Arcade
Brett Yinburg Floor 1
Carey Yinburg Floor 1
Theo Yinburg Floor 1

Yangburg Folk

Name Image Location Description
Bessie Yangburg Floor 2
Jason Yangburg Floor 2
Sara Yangburg Floor 2
Flash Yangburg Floor 2
Haiti Yangburg Floor 2
Skipp Yangburg Floor 2
Alyssa Yangburg Floor 3
Fluke Yangburg Floor 3
Stella Yangburg Floor 3
Alvin Yangburg Floor 3
Aleena Yangburg Floor 3
Dax Yangburg Floor 3
Chloe Yangburg Outskirts 1
Clayton Yangburg Outskirts 1
Opal Yangburg Outskirts 1
Ollie Yangburg Outskirts 2
Mackie Yangburg Outskirts 2
Moe Yangburg Sewers
Jillian Yangburg Central
Chad Yangburg Central
Laci Cilantro's Kitchen
Angus Cilantro's Kitchen
Juli Clock Tower Grounds
Dex Clock Tower Grounds
Penny Knowledge Hall
Orion Knowledge Hall
Charlotte Yangburg Arcade
Brody Yangburg Arcade
Maven Yangburg Arcade
Jett Yangburg Floor 1
Mary Yangburg Floor 1
Leo Yangburg Floor 1

Merlon's Family

Name Image Location Description
Nolrem Yangburg
Merluna Study Hall
Merluvlee Merluvlee's House of Fortune
Merlumina Knowledge Hall
Merlee Merlee's House of Wisdom
Woodblock Valley

Marim Heighters

Name Image Location Description

Sandstar Villagers

Name Image Location Description
Athori T.

Sandstar Village Horses

Name Image Location Description
Majesty Horse-Drawn Plains
Dusty Horse-Drawn Plains
Liberty Horse-Drawn Plains
Hopper Horse-Drawn Plains
Gypsy Horse-Drawn Plains
Legend Horse-Drawn Plains

Littila Townsfolk

Name Image Location Description
Aubree Littila Town
Lee Littila Town
Jeffery Littila Town
Clarity Littila Town
Henry Littila Town
Cassidy Littila Town
Bentley Littila Town
Cece Littila Town
Louie Littila Town
Kelsey Littila Town
Rocky Littila Town
Kennedy Littila Town
Toby Littila Town
Tori Littila Town
Stanley Littila Town
Mandi Littila Town
Quincy Littila Town
Bonnie Littila Town
Murphy Littila Town

Miners of Halogen Caverns

Name Image Location Description
Miguel Mini Mines
Peterson Mini Mines
Zeke Mini Mines
Ruth Mini Mines
Kens Mini Mines
Myers Mini Mines
Lizzy Mini Mines

Hurricane Seaside Islanders

Name Image Location Description
Circe Parrot Hedges
Vaughn Parrot Hedges
Pip Parrot Hedges
South Parrot Hedges
Ambrosia Parrot Hedges
Cashmir Sapura Lane
Jushti Sapura Courthouse
Serge Sapura Courthouse
Victoria Sapura Courthouse
Susette Sapura Courthouse
Lucienne Sapura Courthouse
Adrien Sapura Courthouse
Dominic Sapura Courthouse


Name Image Location Description
Jewel Crescent Cove
June Crescent Cove
Jacques Crescent Cove
Luna Crescent Cove
Cleo Crescent Cove
Nebraska Crescent Cove
Venus Crescent Cove
Ford Crescent Cove
Ari Crescent Cove
Uriel Crescent Cove


Name Image Location Description
Jing-Ping Hashi Steppes
Su-Xiang Hashi Steppes
Jian-Yi Hashi Steppes
Xia-Xia Hashi Steppes
Warrior Laki Hashi Steppes
Nuan-Kun Hashi Steppes
Huan-Qing Dragon Mountains
Min-Go Dragon Mountains
Heng-Jen Dragon Mountains
He-Xue Dragon Dunes
Ming-Da Dragon Dunes
Rong-Shi Dragon Dunes
Fie-Fiet Temple of Sho
Pro-Tekt Temple of Sho
Mee T. Temple of Sho

Ghostly Graveyard Twilighters

Name Image Location Description
Prince Ghostly Ghostly Castle

Star Bit Lake Fish

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