Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion
Developer(s) Speedo3539
Publisher(s) ChromeFlame Studios
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2017
1 Player (Story Mode), 1-4 Players (Arcade)
Age Rating(s)
Rated E for Everyone
Genre(s) RPG
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Successor TBA
Media Included Wii U disc
Available Input Wii U Gamepad, Wii Remote
Cost 59.99$
Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion is an action-adventure RPG for the Wii U. This game is the sequel to Super Paper Mario, and is the sixth installment of the Paper Mario series, following Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. This game also uses the usual Paper Mario ingredients, such as challenging puzzles, and unlockable partners. But, SMP2 also has features from the original Super Paper Mario, such as flipping from 2D to 3D, and different playable characters. This game is the first ever game published by ChromeFlame Studios.

This story focuses on our heroes collecting ancient keys from different worlds to open a secret diary hidden in Lady Timpani's old room. A man named Sven knows what secrets the diary holds, and does not want the group to get their hands on the diary, and tries to destroy them. With the help of partners, such as Goombailey and Lakilumoi, the playable characters can use the partners' abilities, such as tattle, swimming, and fighting to their advantage.


Prologue: The Ambush of Peach Castle

The story opens with Mario, Luigi, and Peach, looking at an album of their adventures from the prequel. Toad comes warning the three that someone has ambushed Peach Castle, and Luigi suggests that Bowser is responsible. They head over there, leaving a confused Toad behind. In Sarasaland, Daisy is trying to intervene a fight between Wario and Waluigi. She sees the smoke coming from Peach Castle, and drags them over there. When the two groups meet, they barge in together, and find Bowser tied up to a chair. A man with red eyes hovers over them, and introduces him as Sven, Count Bleck's son. He casts a spell on everyone, and they faint. He casts another spell and they disappear.

Elsewhere, on the Comet Observatory, Rosalina is eating breakfast with her Lumas and Polari. Then she notices a man who refers to himself as the Puppetmaster outside of the Kitchen window. She learns that if she does not tell him where the Ancient Keys are in two months, then he will capture her. After harming Polari, the Puppetmaster has left Rosalina no choice but to help. As she accepts, the Puppetmaster drops the red key, the Redwood Key, off of the observatory into space. She discovers (with some Power Star help) that the next key is in a musical wood called Marim Heights. The Puppetmaster is pleased, then leaves Rosalina on the Comet Observatory.

Mario regains conciousness and wakes up in a busy town called Yinburg. Merlon walks up to him, along with Goombailey, an employee of the frozen yogurt shop, Yin Yum. Merlon informs Mario about the diary of Lady Timpani and the Ancient Keys, and Goombailey decides to join him. Merlon managed to get hold of one of the Ancient Keys, the red one, known as the Redwood Key. He uses the Redwood key to unlock a door that leads to the Marim Heights.

Meanwhile, Sven's minions (the Dark Bandit and Mirage) are working on a dragon robot. Sven comes and informs them both about Mario's quest to get hold of Lady Timpani's diary. Sven is in possession of it at the time. The Puppetmaster comes in late, and must do the rest of the dragon as punishment.

Chapter 1: Musically Gifted (Marim Heights)

Using his new flip ability that Bestovius gave to him, Mario finds the Hollow Oak. Using Goombailey's ability, Mario gets to the top of the tree. Sven is found there, and Mario must fight him. After defeating him, he summons Windlash, the dragon. Windlash flies up to Mario (which the Puppetmaster finished) and knocks him to the other side of Marim Heights, the Orchestra Bank. Windlash finally gives the Hollow Oak a whip of his tail and knocks the tree down. After finding riddles to the orange key's (the Sunset Key) location, Mario meets Koopakaren, who lives on a farm in Orchestra Bank. Koopakaren helps them solve the riddle and finds another way to get to the Sunset Key's location, an abandoned treehouse suite called the Treehouse Maze. Windlash returns and takes the Sunset key before Mario does. Windlash accepts his defeat, and tells Mario where his brother is hiding. Luigi is found inside of the fallen Hollow Oak. Luigi joins the party after hearing the trouble they went through. Then, Mario and Luigi are transported back to Yinburg.


Meanwhile, Rosalina is painting a portrait of a Luma, and is interrupted by the Puppetmaster. She is furious, but checks on her giant board that the yellow key, the Grain Key is in a dusty ranch, Sandstar Village. Rosalina takes out her paintbrush, and paints all over the Puppetmaster. As a result, the Puppetmaster takes her over and goes back down to Sven's Palace.

In Sven's Palace, Sven abuses Windlash for being grateful to Mario. The Puppetmaster comes inside the palace and tells Sven of the Grain Key's location. The Dark Bandit decides to go to the Sandstar Village and defeat Mario. Sven allows him to go, but questions the Puppetmaster's knowing of the location, and his girly appearance.

Back in Yinburg, Merlon takes Luigi to the the Study Hall. In there, Merluna teaches Luigi how to super jump. Then Merlon shows Mario the next door that leads to a dusty town; Sandstar Village.

Chapter 2: Enter If You Dare (Sandstar Village)

Mario enters the door and is immediately interrupted by the Town's Toad sherrif, Athori T. Athori T tells Mario about a mysterious bandit who has robbed the town's bank, stolen the poker chips from the casino, and is responsible for the dissapearence of the hotel's owner, LeJean. Mario finds Athori T. and he asks if Mario would like to ride a horse. Saying yes, Mario chooses from five horses, a female named Majesty. Majesty finds the bandit, and chases after him. Then you play a minigame trying to stay balanced on the horse. After catching up with him, Majesty knocks him over. He begs for mercy, and leaves someone that he kidnapped with them, Pokyle. Being sad, Pokyle plays his harmonica and puts the bandit to sleep. But the bandit wakes up almost instantly and runs off. Pokyle knows Mario as a hero, and joins the team.

Mario uses Pokyle to but the Goldbuzz Saloon's guard to sleep, and goes inside. The place is a riot, so Luigi decides for them all to walk backward, but walks into Cactitum. Cactitum gets angry at them and challenges them. Mario must play pool with Cactitum before he battles them. Mario beats him, and is tackled by Cactitum. Cactitum is spotted by Athori T., and goes to prison. Athori T. reminds Mario to go to the town bank and check on the stolen money. After deciphering clues, Mario finds a hidden safe with the money inside of it, and a stack of poker chips along with it. A note is found behind the money, and tells Mario to go to LeJean's Luxury Hotel. After entering, they realize that the place is a mess, and has turned into a giant maze. At the end of the maze, they find Bowser. Bowser get angry at Mario, thinking that it's all his fault. Mario beats Bowser, and explains what has really happened. Bowser shuns, but later joins the group. Using Bowser's fire breathing ability, they find a new section of the maze. At the end of the new maze, they fall through a trapdoor, and land in LeJean's Secret Basement. The bandit is found in the basement, and uses a ladder to climb back up to the hotel level. After another chase (through the different stories of the hotel), they capture him. The bandit is revealed to be the Dark Bandit, Sven's minion. The Dark Bandit transports them back to the basement, where he gains invincibility. After Mario dies, the ghost of LeJean appears and takes the invincibility away and revives Mario to his full health. Then, LeJean's ghost helps Mario fight. The Dark Bandit falls down and gives Mario the Grain Key. Then, they transport back to Yinburg.


Rosalina sits on the edge of the Fountain platform waiting for the Puppetmaster to come. Once he does, Rosalina finds that the green key, the Tropical Key, is in the Halogen Caverns. The Puppetmaster starts to make an alliance with Rosalina, and vice versa. But Rosalina realizes what she's done and shoos him off.

In Sven's Palace, the Dark Bandit is forgived for his defeat. Instead, he sends the Puppetmaster. As he leaves, it is revealed that the Puppetmaster has a secret crush on Rosalina.

Mario returns to Yinburg with the Grain Key, and shows Merlon. Merlon tells him to go to Merluvlee's house and check for any suspicious activity with any of the Ancient Keys. Meanwhile, Merlon escorts Bowser to the Study Hall for Merluna to teach Bowser everything about fire-breathing. Merluvlee tells Mario that the Tropical Key is being used to wind up giant Bob-Ombs called Blob-Ombs to destroy the area. Quickly, Mario goes towards the door that leads to the mysterious and bright Halogen Caverns.

Chapter 3: Digging Deeper (Halogen Caverns)

Bowser's ability coming in handy, Mario finds the Halogen Islands, with the Littila Town on top of it. Mario warns everybody that the Blob-Ombs are coming to destroy the town, but nobody believes them. Luigi spots the Blob-Ombs coming, but it is too late. The Blob-Ombs rewind their keys (one of them being the Tropical Key), and leave. The three remain unconcious, but is woken up by a blindfolded Toad, Kylee. Kylee thinks that they are intruders, and fights them. Kylee recongnizes the fighting style in the middle of the fight, and Mario removes the blindfold. Kylee is a big fan of Mario and Luigi, and joins their group.

Kylee uses her paintbrush ability to find a hidden cave (the Downthere Cave), and they all enter, but are blocked by an invisible force. After solving clues and puzzles, they find a heart-shaped key that removes the invisible force, and enter for real.

The Puppetmaster finds the entrance, but is blocked by the force. Using a certain spell, he destroys the force, leaving it so that anyone who goes in, will never go out. The Puppetmaster never realized that he went inside of the cave, and could not undo the spell. Meanwhile, Mario finds a wooden door that leads to a mine. In the mine, Mario needs to choose the right path to go out of 27 different paths. Once he chooses the hidden 28th path, he gets out of the mine and goes into the deeper part of the Downthere Cave, the Downthere Depths. They find the Puppetmaster there, and they learn that they all are trapped in the cave. The Puppetmaster takes over Luigi, but accidentally takes a lizard with him. After fighting the Lizard Luigi, Luigi comes back as his regular self, and so does the lizard. The Puppetmaster tries to get Mario to help him get out. Before they help him, they ask if he has anyone with him. He had captured Peach and had not told anyone. The Lizard, Lizzy, knows a way out, and she shows everyone. Lizzy's path leads back to the Downthere Mouth, where she gives Mario the secret location of the Blob-Ombs. After going there, the Blob-Ombs explode before fighting them, and leaves the Tropical Key. Then, everybody is transported back to Yinburg, and the Puppetmaster to the Comet Observatory.


Rosalina is sewing a dress. The Puppetmaster comes outside of the Bedroom window and admires her work, but gets her to the other kind of work. Rosalina says that the next key, the Jade Key is in the Hurricane Seaside. The Puppetmaster thanks her and gives her a kiss on the cheek, and leaves instantly. Rosalina washes off the kiss, and continues on her dress.

The Puppetmaster shows up at Sven's Palace and tells Sven about the Jade Key in the Hurricane Seaside. Mirage volunteers to go there, because she knows how to get Mario in big trouble. Sven allows her to go. Then, the Puppetmaster insults Sven with his laziness of not going out to fight Mario everytime. Sven gets mad and sends the Puppetmaster into his room. Before leaving, he makes another insult, but this time, about Sven's father, Count Bleck, or Blumiere. Sven gets VERY mad at this, and fights the Puppetmaster. The Dark Bandit sneaks away whil they are fighting.

The Tropical Key is finally in Mario's grasp, and he shows Merlon. Merlon shows Peach to the Study Hall about her hovering power. Mario, Bowser, and Luigi go to Merluvlee's house and find out that the Jade key inside of the fourth world, Hurricane Seaside, is being used for a display in an underwater museum. The four meet Merlon once again and go inside the Hurricane Seaside Door.

Chapter 4: After the Storm, Comes the Calm (Hurricane Seaside)

Mario enters the Hurricane Seaside inside of a hedge maze full of parrots and enemies. In the hedge maze, they meet Kabooma, who has gotten lost in the maze and needs help out. Using Kabooma's ability, they make it out. Outside of the hedge maze is a village full of islanders and restaurants. Talking to the islanders, Mario finds out that a hurricane is coming. One wise islander tells Mario to go to the Sapura Lane. In the Sapura Lane, Luigi reads a sign that says, "Do not chop down the Sapura trees." Exploring, they find Mirage who wants to fight them. Once she is defeated, she manages to push Mario into a tree, which knocks it over, spreading poisonous gas everywhere.

When everyone wakes up, they are in court. The judge, Jushti, speaks to everyone and decides that Mirage goes to prison. When Mirage calls for help in prison, Peach finds her and sets her free. Without a word, Mirage leaves.

As the heroes enter the Mint Shell Beach, the hurricane is in the distance. The hurricane, Hurricane Mushroom, arrives to Hurricane Seaside in five minutes, so the group needs to find clues on the beach to find a secret shelter underground. Once they find it, Wario is found in there with a Wii console. He challenges Mario to a Mario Party battle, and Mario wins. After pouting, Wario decides to join them. After leaving the shelter, Hurricane Mushroom is gone, but so are the villagers. The group finds a tablet for every person they find, and after holding the tablets up to the moon, a water current appears to take them to an underwater museum. They get in the current and find Ari and Uriel. They help you get to the museum, and informs you about the key. Pokyle uses his harmonica to put the museum guard to sleep, but before entering the museum, Mirage floats down and blocks them. They fight, and Mirage is defeated again. They use Kabooma to break the glass and take the Jade key, which transports them all to Yinburg.


Rosalina is putting decorations on the dress, and hears the Puppetmaster trying to scare her. The player either has the choice of attacking him, pretend to be scared, or just ignore him. Either way, he knocks Rosalina over and abusivly demands to know the next location. Rosalina says that the place's name is unknown, but it is a Asian styled village ruled by a nasty emperor named Emperor Sho. The Puppetmaster kisses her on the cheek, and Rosalina attacks him (again if you picked the attack selection). After Rosalina won the battle, the Puppetmaster goes back to Sven's Palace.

Meanwhile, Sven is spying on Rosalina, who is now making a ribbon. The Puppetmaster blocks Sven's view of his telescope and tells him where the Purple key is. Sven decides not to send anyone, because the name is unconfirmed. The Puppetmaster tells Sven about his secret crush, and gets angry at him, and sends the Dark Bandit to check on Rosalina next time.

The Blue Key is shown to Merlon, but tells Mario to go to Yangburg. Yangburg is the alternate version of Yinburg. When they get there, Nolrem greets them and escort Wario to Merlumina, who will teach him to ground pound. Then, The four go to Merlee's house, and figure out that the Indigo Key is in possession of a heartless emperor in an Asian-styled kingdom called the Pink Blossoms. Wario meets up with the four and enters the door to Pink Blossoms.

Chapter 5: To Rule Over Lakitus (Midori Blossoms)

As Mario enters the Pink Blossoms, the clouds turn green, and a green spiral of mist hovers above a large temple in the distance. The clouds turn every cherry blossom green. and Mario starts to choke. As he blacks out, he wakes up in a pagoda temple, and the area's name changes to Midori Blossoms. There, they find a Lakitu named Lakilumoi. Lakilumoi tells Mario that she has been folded 256 times from the cabinet pushing on her (Paper Mario Sticker Star reference!). As they leave, they put on gas masks and run into a warrior named Warrior Laki. Laki will help you cross the Dragon Mountains and Dragon Dunes to get to the Temple of Emperor Sho. Once they find a secret way to get across the wall separating the sub-area Hashi Steppes from the rest of Midori Blossoms.

Warrior Laki uses his knowledge to solve 10 puzzles sent by the ancestors of Emperor Sho. After solving those, they leave the Dragon Mountains. Waluigi is found racing on a familiar Mario Kart track: Dragon Driftway. He challenges Mario for a race, and Mario wins. Waluigi angrily joins Mario's team after he fights him and crosses the large river in Dragon Dunes with his dash power. They enter the Temple of Sho, and gets caught by guards. The six heroes, Goombailey, Koopakaren, Pokyle, Kylee, Kabooma, Lakilumoi, and Warrior Laki gets thrown in jail. Luigi finds a stack of paper in the jail cell's corner. The six learn how to make origami with Warrior Laki's help. Once they make an origami crane, they all fly out of the cell and crash through the roof of the Temple of Sho. They find themselves in a vent maze leading to Emperor Sho's throne room. Emperor Sho blames them for the green clouds, also known as the Green Plague. He also uses his magic wand to harm Mario and co. As his palace is slowly being destroyed in the battle, Emperor Sho becomes more weak. After he is defeated, it is him who started the Green Plague. Then, as Emperor Sho disappears (along with the Green Plague), the Indigo Key drops from his pocket. Then, Warrior Laki gives Mario an LPhone, which Mario can use for origami tutorials. Then they return to Yangburg.


Rosalina is playing classical music on her Galactic Piano, and starts singing about her love for the Puppetmaster, and catches herself instantly and stops. As she hears a knock on the door, it is the Dark Bandit instead of the Puppetmaster. The Dark Bandit introduces himself and summons forces to grab Rosalina and peg her to the ground. Then the forces destroy the Comet Observatory, leaving nothing but the Starboard, Terrace, Kitchen, and Library. He learns himself on the Starboard that the next key (Purple) is in the Ghostly Graveyard, and leaves her alone with one spirit watching her silently. As he leaves, Rosalina checks her safe with her dress and ribbon inside.

Sven is whipping the Puppetmaster when the Dark Bandit arrives, and sacrifices himself to be whipped instead of the Puppetmaster. Sven is shocked, and lets the Puppetmaster go, along with Windlash. Mirage asks about Rosalina, and how her crush is doing.

In Yangburg, Nolrem takes Waluigi to Merlumina to learn more about his dash. After that, he leads the others to Merlee's house, where they learn that the Purple Key is being held inside of a large clockwork cathedral in the Ghostly Graveyard. The six reunite and enter the door to Ghostly Graveyard.

Chapter 6: The Letter Written Far Away (Ghostly Graveyard)

A girl greets Mario and co. into the Ghostly Graveyard, and introduces herself as Elise. Elise invites Mario over to her house, and tells her tale. Her big brother, Elliot, has gone missing for a month, and Elise writes him a letter. As Parakarry comes by her house, he says hello to Mario, and sends the letter. Mario wants to help Elise find her brother, so Elise joins. They enter a giant anthill and come out inside of a haunted circus. In order to leave, they must appease the Ringmaster (the Puppetmaster in disguise). After appeasing him, they enter a dusty cornfield. They find Daisy in there, and use her drill ability to get out of the cornfield.

Once they leave, Elise finds the Ghostly Castle, where they meet Prince Ghostly and Sir Scares-a-lot. Sir Scares-a-lot needs to make Prince Ghostly amused, and with Mario's help (from the Ringmaster) they do. Sir Scares-a-lot is grateful for their kindness, and joins their group as a new partner. Using his hide ability, they find a map inside of Ghostly Castle leading to the Frightening Cathedral, Creepy Steeple's sister building. Once they enter, they find that the clock is stuck on 5:37. If they use those numbers in a code, they can enter the clockwork mechanisms of the cathedral. The Puppetmaster reveals that he was the Ringmaster, and calls Windlash.  The Puppetmaster possesses him, and they battle Mario twice as strong as before. The Puppetmaster is defeated before Windlash, and he leaves his body. They both fly off, knocking down a piece of wood that leads to another part of the clockwork mechanisms. They find Elliot there, and the Purple Ancient Key, which is messing up the clock. They remove it, and watch Elise and Elliot walk off into the sunset. Then they return to Yangburg.


The Puppetmaster and Windlash returns to Sven's Palace. Both beg for mercy, and Sven allows Windlash to have mercy. On the other hand, the Puppetmaster tells Sven about his deal with Rosalina. Sven tells him that the two months have passed, and that he must kidnap Rosalina. The Puppetmaster goes up to the Comet Observatory, while the Dark Bandit is working on some clones of Mario who play instruments, the Mariochi Band.

When the Puppetmaster gets there, he meets a girl named Izz. Izz tells him that she doesn't know where Rosalina is. The Puppetmaster recognizes Rosalina's eyes and kidnaps her. Before he leaves, a shooting star knocks her out of the Puppetmaster's hand and sends her flying to Stardust Skies.

Nolrem takes Daisy to Merlumina's to learn more about drilling. The rest of the crew goes to Merlee's house and learn that the Pink Key is in orbit around the Stardust Skies. The seven go there.

Chapter 7: Spaced Out (Stardust Skies)

When they get there, they find a Cheep Cheep who is choking outside of a lake. They bring her back in, and she thanks them. The Cheep Cheep, Aqua joins your crew. Trying to leave the lake, Mario is attacked by rock spires poking out of the ground. The only way out is through the lake. A sign tells them to turn back, because a dangerously poisoned mushroom is ahead. They go back to Yangburg to tell Nolrem.

Nolrem tells Aqua to use her swim boost and gives her the ability to breathe air and water. They go back to Stardust Skies and use his advice, then leave. Before they enter the Gravity Skies, Peach accidentally trips and knocks Bowser over, who gets out of control and fights Mario. He turns good after the battle, and continues journeying. They meet a girl named Izz (I will refer to Rosalina as Izz until she's back to normal) who joins their crew. It occurs to Luigi that the ragtag group of eight could be the Craft Champions, but Wario refuses. The poisoned shroom is following them, but they do not know it. They enter a place almost identical to the Whoa Zone, the Oh Zone. The Poisoned Mushroom chases them throughout the Oh Zone, and they go so fast, that they go back in time.

They end up in a familiar place, Gusty Garden Galaxy. As they rewalk the nostalgic steps of the galaxy, the sky gets darker and darker. They enter the Ice Tropics, and Izz trips and touches the mushroom, which turns her into the Galactic Spirit. After battling her, she returns, but as Rosalina. They find the Pink Key floating above them, and uses Rosalina's spin power to get it. Then, (I get tired of saying this) they return to Yangburg.


At Sven's Palace, Sven is watching the Magma Ruins, where spirits are allowing Count Bleck to talk to him. The Dark Bandit and Mirage are finishing up on his Mario-chi band. They attack Sven, who gets angered at the Dark Bandit, so he runs off to the Magma Ruins to destroy the spirits. Mirage also is not sure whether to be on Mario or Sven's side.

Nolrem tells Mario to recheck LPhone for the tutorial on origami. When they see Warrior Laki, he pulled away by an unknown robot, and then the screen goes blank. Also, Merlumina and Merlee are nowhere to be found. When they return to Nolrem, he hears the news and teaches Rosalina her spin power, as a hand reaches out from the eighth door and takes Nolrem. They decide to investigate on what's happening and enter the Magma Ruins.

Chapter 8: Detective Mario On The Case (Magma Ruins)

Mario and co. finds the Abandoned Castle and meets a bunch of rude Ember. One, Lavaustin, stood out because he was friendly. Lavaustin joined Mario because of the boring lifestyle in the Abandoned Castle's moat. Inside of the Abandoned Castle, Lavaustin lights up the place. Mario meets Captain Chuck, who for five hundred coins, will give you a plane ride anywhere in the Magma Ruins. If Mario has less than five hundred coins, he will have a Game Over. While Captain Chuck is flying, a meteorite hits the plane and sends them flying into the moat. Mario and co. land on a giant rock floating away from the Abandoned Castle. Chuck did not make it on the rock, but on a floating piece of debris. A robotic hand pulls Captain Chuck under the lava, and a horseshoe bobs up. Koopakaren says that it was the horseshoe on the front of his helicopter, and that it was their first clue.

The horseshoe says that it was crafted inside a bunker in the Abandoned Castle. They find it, and the room is so dark and cold, that everything in the room was solid ice. Mario finds a candy necklace inside of a drawer, and it was frozen in the shape of an R. A note that the candy necklace was on said, "Made in Swea Sweets Factory." They enter the Swea Badlands and the Swea Sweets Factory. There, the sweets are all gone, but a cookie is left behind a cabinet. They take the cookie and look inside of the cabinet, finding a guitar and sheet music there. Pokyle plays the guitar and a hologram appears. The hologram, Hollie, tells Mario to go inside of the Vol Coano. The Dark Bandit appears and fights Mario (who Hollie helps). Halfway through the battle, the Dark Bandit unleashes his Mario-chi Band. The Dark Bandit is defeated and runs off. Hollie takes Mario to the Vol Coano, but accidentally drops Wario and Waluigi on the way. The two fall beside of a sign that tells of what is happening inside of the Vol Coano. Wario tells Waluigi to stop Mario and co. from getting inside.

Hollie takes Mario to the Vol Coano Cliffside, where they find a Yubix Cube. Lines are drawn on the cracks in the Yubix Cube that spells out W. Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi find a stick with two soccer balls attached to it. Mario and co. meet up with Wario and Waluigi, and the two fight Mario to protect him using the stick. Mario defeats them both, and abandons them both. Somehow, they are both transported back to Yangburg. Mario picks up the stick and soccer balls. Then, Hollie is somehow grabbed by the arm and pulled off of the cliff. Soon, they reach the Vol Coano. Inside of the Vol Coano, they find a cell phone with a number on it. They call it, and a voice tells them to enter the Ring Caves (under the Abandoned Castle's moat). They find several cardboard pieces, which can help them make a bridge across a giant chasm inside of the Vol Coano. After crossing it, the bridge breaks, and they see and collect a tree branch. Then, the ground breaks and they fall into the core of the Vol Coano. When they fall, they pick up a slip of paper telling Mario that the six items are an anagram. When they land, they find Warrior Laki, Nolrem, Merlee, Merlumina, Captain Chuck, Hollie, and their kidnapper, Crowby. Crowby pushes Mario and co. out of the Vol Coano and battles them after Mario solves the anagram, "CROWBY". Crowby is defeated and explodes. The eight go back inside the Vol Coano and save the six victims, along with the Crag Key. Hollie and Captain Chuck decides to go live in Yangburg, so Hollie takes everyone there.


The Dark Bandit goes back to Sven's Palace with his Mario-chi Band. Sven nearly kills him, but changes his mind after the Puppetmaster suggests that the Mario-chi Band should be cyborgs. Everyone loves it. But Sven is getting angrier by the minute, and sends all of his minions to the Craggling Mountains. Mirage is somewhere inside of the castle, secretly talking to Peach about saving her in the Starbright Forest. Sven eventually finds her and sends her off.

Captain Chuck gives Warrior Laki a ride back to the Midori Blossoms while the eight talk to Merlee. Merlee says that the final key, the Black Key, is held by a powerful man, De-ztar. Peach tells Mario that she'd been in contact with Mirage, and goes in the ninth door to the Craggling Mountains.

Chapter 9: The 100 Battles Of Honor (Craggling Mountains)

As the eight heroes venture through the futuristic land of Craggling Mountains, they meet De-ztar. Bowser demands for him to give them the Black Key, De-ztar tells him to clear out 100 enemies roaming around the Craggling Mountains, four of them being Sven's minions. De-ztar sends two heroes to each section, where there are 25 enemies in each: Rosalina and Waluigi to Rocky Road, Bowser and Wario to Ceramic Storm, Daisy and Peach to Poison Patch Swamp, and Mario and Luigi to Bottle Cap Towers.

In the Rocky Road, Waluigi and Rosalina find Windlash. Windlash eats them both, and they get a Game Over...until the screen changes back to Waluigi and Rosalina inside of Windlash's stomach, which is where they fight. After he is defeated from the inside of his body, he spits the two out and malfunctions. After that, Windlash breaks apart. Rosalina and Waluigi go back to De-ztar. Then, in the Ceramic Storm, Bowser and Wario use their abilities to break and burn loose clay on the mountains. They defeat 24 of the enemies and find the Dark Bandit with his Mariochi band as cyborgs. Once they are defeated, Bowser and Wario shoos the Dark Bandit back to Sven's Palace and leaves.

In the Poison Patch Swamp, Peach and Daisy defeat 23 of the enemies. On the 24th enemy, they defeat them, but fall into a poisoned pond. They come back up, but see an enemy under the water. They find scuba diving suits around the swamp and dive in. They find a giant Cheep Cheep named Glub who says to find some puppets for him. They do, and give them to Glub. Glub turns out to be the Puppetmaster, who consumes both of the princesses and their powers. Their souls are left, however, and they use the puppets as vessels. They defeat the Puppetmaster, who gives Peach and Daisy their bodies back and all three leave. In the Bottle Cap Towers, Mario and Luigi find Mirage on top of the stone pillars shapes like soda bottles. As they battle Mirage, some of the pillars break apart. As Mirage is defeated, she is hanging on a loose pillar and is about to fall. Before Mirage falls to her sudden death, Mario saves her. Speechless, Mirage leaves, and Mario and Luigi leave too. Pretty soon, the eight return to De-ztar, who gives them the Black Key and they go back to Yinburg.


Nolrem cheers as Mario gives him all of the Ancient Keys. Merlon, Merluna and Merluvlee come from Yinburg to visit the heroes, as well as Merlee and Merlumina. The six Ancients give Mario and co. all available power. Before Mario walks through the door, Nolrem tells Mario to be careful. They go in anyway, to Sven's Palace.

Chapter 10: The Key To Success (Sven's Palace)

They see Sven's Palace in the distance, but Lady Timpani's home is closer. They walk inside, and find little scraps of paper telling special magic spells. Chanting all ten at seperate times, Mario and co. find Lady Timpani's secret bedroom underground. They find her diary in a drawer. Then time stops. The conscious devil and angel appear on Mario's shoulders; devil wants Mario to look at diary, and angel tells him to let it be. If Mario chooses to let it be, Bowser knocks both off of Mario's shoulders and opens the diary. It says that the eight Craft Champions are Lady Timpani, Count Bleck, (stated) the Almighty Sven, the Dark Bandit, the Puppetmaster, Mirage, Windlash, and Mario. Luigi is sad that his friends aren't the Craft Champions, and they came here for nothing. Everyone leaves except for Mario, Peach, and Rosalina. Rosalina just wishes Mario luck and leaves. Peach tells Mario that she will never leave his side.

Meanwhile, the Puppetmaster takes Luigi, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, and Rosalina captive. They are taken to Sven's Palace, where each hero is in one section of Sven's Hall of Statues. In each section is a slip of paper, that was torn into 6 pieces. When the six meet up with their scraps of paper, the note is from Lady Timpani, warning them that the diary that they read is a counterfeit, which is why Sven is still living. They run off to tell Mario and Peach, who is already in Sven's Hall of Paintings. Sven sets up puzzle codes to get inside of his Inner Hall of Paintings. Once the couple solves them, they find Sven. Before Sven talks, Luigi and the rest of the gang comes and tells Mario about the fake diary. Sven has the real diary, along with Lady Timpani's soul. He threatens to puncture it with a knife. He does, but the soul remains unharmed. Sven makes a deal with Mario: if he defeats Sven, then he gets the real diary. Mario battles him, and wins. But Sven does not give the diary back. Instead, he wants to join Mario. Mario is unsure at first, but then as Sven tells him how much he loved his father and how silly he was to turn evil. Then, Sven joins Mario as a good guy.

Sven tells Mario that he feels powerful magic inside of his Hall of Mirrors. When they enter, they find the Puppetmaster controlling the mirrors to chant praises to him. Sven tells him to stop by using the name Vincent (Puppetmaster's real name). The Puppetmaster tells the story of what really happened. When Sven was fighting Mario at the Hollow Oak, the Puppetmaster abused Mirage, the Dark Bandit, and Windlash. When Sven returned, the three were afraid of him. Then, the Puppetmaster stole power from them, which is why they were so unsuccessful in battle. Now, the Puppetmaster is using that power to make the mirrors chant. The Puppetmaster tells Mario that one thing that makes him so successful is partners. So he wants to take one of the partners, the most powerful one. The partners refuse to tell the Puppetmaster what they can do, but he uses a hypnosis spell on them. After they tell him, he chooses Goombailey. Everyone is surprised, thinking that he would pick anyone else. But the Puppetmaster is attracted to his frozen yogurt that can heal and make more powerful. He eats all of the frozen yogurt he has and tells Goombailey to join him. Goombailey says no, which makes the Puppetmaster consume Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, and Rosalina, so he has all of their powers. He also traps Sven and Goombailey inside of a mirror, which makes them chant. The Puppetmaster is now invincible, and he makes Mario kneel down and bow when he has one HP left. But then, Lady Timpani's soul comes out of the hole that the knife made in the jar and takes away the Puppetmaster's invincibility and gives it to Mario. Mario can then defeat him, and he dies after the battle. Luigi and the gang, however, are unharmed. Lady Timpani's soul says goodbye and leaves. Sven and Goombailey stop chanting and fall out of the mirrors. Sven offers them to read the real diary, even if he sacrifices himself. Mario and co. don't want Sven to go away, but also would like to see what Lady Timpani says. Sven is okay with it, now that he is good. They open it and read. They look surprised, and Sven tells the eight that the Craft Champions are them. Then, he fades away. Sadly, they return to Yangburg.

Nolrem and Merlon are happy to send the Craft Champions wherever they need to, with their partners saying goodbye first. They send Rosalina to the Comet Observatory, Daisy, Wario and Waluigi to Sarasaland, Bowser to his castle, and Mario, Luigi, and Peach to the Mushroom Kingdom. At Mario's house, the three are drinking tea when Mario gets a message from Goombailey. Goombailey says that he wants Mario to know what all of his partners are doing now.

Thanks to Mario's adventure, Yin Yum is now global and Goombailey is praised for making such remarkable frozen yogurt. Koopakaren starts her own company, the Marim Music Store. Pokyle becomes a professor, and in his free time, he visits Koopakaren to volunteer at the music store. Kylee returns to the Littila Town and finds mystical paint. She uses this paint to create a picture of Mario in the Downthere Caves. Bombarry mined soft rock outside of a cave and water came out. Now, there's a large river by the Crescent Cove, and according to Jushti, he has to ferry people to the other side for the rest of his life, but he enjoys it. Lakilumoi writes a poem about her adventures with Mario, and a publisher finds it. The publisher was actually one of Emperor Sho's guards, and he publishes it. When Lakilumoi's poem becomes famous, she starts to make a movie about it! Sir Scares-A-Lot is voted to be Ghostly Graveyard's new prince. He changes everything Ghostly to Scarelot, now the land is called Scarelot Graveyard. Prince Ghostly becomes the new jester, Sir Ghost-Lee. Aqua makes a new hotel in the Star Bit Lake and gets her own entourage, Octogino and Octogino. Lavaustin returns to the Abandoned Castle Moat and the other Embers feel his pain and start to play games with him and build a playground. Then, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia go to Flipside and become legends at the Flipside Gym.

After reading Goombailey's mail, Mario, Luigi and Peach decide to make a cake. After Peach makes the cake, she invites the other five Craft Champions over for tea. They chat, and then a shadow of Sven is seen with his father hugging.



Playable Characters

Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion has eight playable characters, each with their own ability, excluding the partners.

Name Image Ability Availibility
Murio pose
Mario has the ability to flip between dimensions, 2D and 3D. This gives the player a better perspective of the area, and can unlock secrets and trading cards. To activate 2D to 3D mode, press A. Start

Luigi can Super Jump up to high places by pressing the down arrow, or by sliding the stick down.

Find him in Chapter 1: Marim Heights.
Bowser can incinerate enemies by pressing the down arrow or by sliding the stick down with his firey breath. Fight him in Chapter 2: Sandstar Village.
Princess Peach
Peach can use her parasol, Perry, to float through the sky to new places by holding X or Y. She can also shield herself by pressing L or R.

Save her from the Puppetmaster in Chapter 3: Halogen Caverns.

Wario Wario can ground pound and break crumpled paper blocks and activate giant switches by pressing R or L. He can also stun but not hurt enemies. Crumpled paper blocks cannot be broken by Daisy or Bombarry. Mini-battle him in Chapter 4: Starbright Forest.
Waluigi Waluigi can speed dash and break crumpled paper blocks by pressing the down arrow or joystick, then letting go to get to new places. He can also stun enemies, but not hurt them. Bombarry cannot break crumpled paper blocks. Mini-battle him in Chapter 5: Midori Blossoms.
Princess Daisy Daisy can use her flower drill to dig into the ground starting from glowing spots. Daisy must press R or L to use the drill, and must also follow the glowing path to collect coins on the way. Glowing spots cannot be broken by Wario or Bombarry. Find her in Chapter 6: Ghostly Graveyard.
Paper rosalina
Rosalina/Izz can use the spin move just by shaking the Wii U gamepad. This can stun but not hurt enemies. Find her (Izz)/ Defeat her (Rosalina as the Galactic Spirit) in Chapter 7: Stardust Skies.


These partners replace the Pixls from SPM. They give the characters special attack abilities, and more. Each attack is worth coins, and some are free.

Name Description Story

One of Merlon's closest friends, Goombailey is the founder and only worker at the soon-to-be-famous frozen yogurt shop, Yin Yum. He sometimes finds himself "having Mario's consciousness" when things don't go his way, but is a very fun person to be around.

In the overworld, Goombailey can tattle just like Goombario, Goombella, and Tippi/Tiptron. He can also make frozen yogurt to put in small slots to open doors or activate mechanisms. Certain flavors are needed to activate certain objects.

Goombailey joins Mario whenever he hears about his future journey.

After dealing with a pesky Goomba found in her farm, this young Koopa Troopa can be found in her own barn in Marim Heights. She is very interested in geology, and uses dry humor most of the time, but can definitely put a smile on your face. Koopakaren has a slight crush on Mario, but does not say anything.

In the overworld, Koopakaren can throw her shell and activate switches, collect out-of-reach items, or attack enemies, similar to Kooper and Koops.

Koopakaren joins Mario after Mario clears out a Goomba from her barn.

The nerd of the game, Pokyle is found in the Sandstar Village after being left behind by the Dark Bandit. Pokyle loses his train of thought most of the time, and is neither funny nor mean. He strives to be cool, but fails completely.

In the overworld, Pokyle can put enemies or certain NPCs to sleep with his harmonica for a few seconds, just like Piccolo. The effect works longer on NPCs.

Pokyle joins Mario when the Dark Bandit gives him to Mario on his chase.

Famous Toad artist of the Littila Town, Kylee fights Mario without noticing who she's fighting. Due to these actions, she is a quick forgiver and would do anything nice for anyone, even sometimes villans. After losing her dad of illness, she stays true to what he said about not giving up. She thinks Mario is manly, and is not afraid to tell him.

In the overworld, Kylee can use her magic paintbrush to locate and reveal hidden doors, switches, etc, just like Tippi.

Kylee joins Mario when she realizes that she is fighting him.

Kabooma is everyone's favorite 60's dude from this game. He lives in the Parrot Hedges and travels far to surf on Lake Lunalight. His sarcasm and jokes often get the best of him, but tries hard not to disappoint Mario. He also thinks that Mimi is cute.

In the overworld, Kabooma is the bomb of the game. He can slide on his surfboard forward and detonate breakable objects. Kabooma cannot explode crumpled paper blocks.

Kabooma joins Mario when they meet and befriend each other in the Parrot Hedges.

Lakilumoi is an introverted Lakitu from the town of Hashi Steppes. She loves to write poetry and other styles of writing, but she thinks nothing is more fun than riding her cloud, Wispi. As Mario and Lakilumoi spend more time together, she starts to have a crush on Mario.

In the overworld, Lakilumoi can bring Mario over hazardous obstacles, like gorges, spikes, etc. like Parakarry, Yoshi, and Carrie using Wispi.

Lakilumoi joins Mario when he saves her from behind a cabinet.
Sir Scares-A-Lot

The unfortunate jester for the bold Prince Ghostly, Sir Scares-A-Lot. He uses a mild Olden English accent, that annoys almost everyone. His name is a misnomer, and he got it after screaming about a Gloomba. After scaring Prince Ghostly with Mario's help, he thinks that he can do anything, but learns a lesson about teamwork on his journey.

In the overworld, Sir Scares-A-Lot can pull Mario into the background and fade away from enemies and NPCs, like Lady Bow, Vivian, and Slim. He joins Mario when he is helped to make Prince Ghostly laugh.

Sir Scares-A-Lot joins Mario when Mario helps him become scary.


Aqua, the Cheep Cheep that almost dies from lack of water. She has a crush on Luigi instead of Mario, because she "likes a man without meat." Aqua acts like a total valleygirl around Mario, and a desperate woman around Luigi, but inside, Aqua desires to live in style, but enjoys the adventure most of all.

In the...underworld, Aqua can swim through ocean currents underwater. She can also "swim" through drafts in the overworld.

Aqua joins Mario when she is saved from being outside of water.

This little Ember, Lavaustin, is the only nice soul in the Abandoned Castle Moat. Once saved, Mario finds out that he is scared, wimpy, and tender-hearted. But after defeating Crowby, he finds out that he is optimistic and joyful. Shines bright, even.

In the overworld, Lavaustin can light up a dark room just like Watt. He can also dim the light to almost nothing. Shining Lavaustin can defeat shadow-based enemies.

Lavaustin joins Mario when he gets tired of his boring lifestyle inside of the Abandoned Castle moat.

Once a minion for Count Bleck, O'Chunks was most famous for his muscles. He has a good side, but he also has some fire in his eyes from what Dimentio did to him. Now, he wants to save the world with Mario...for the Count.

In the overworld, O'Chunks can help Mario fight enemies and bosses. His HP is 30, and his attack is two numbers greater than the player's attack.

O'Chunks joins Mario when he, Mimi, and Nastasia help Mario clean out the Craggling Mountains.
Mimi 2

Once a minion for Count Bleck, shapeshifting Mimi was most famous for her dresses. She is very childish, spoiled, and pitches fits when things don't go her way. Nevertheless, Mimi thinks Mario is a man worth fighting for and will stop at nothing to protect you.

In the overworld, Mimi can help Mario fight enemies and bosses. Her HP is 40, and her attack is the same as the player's attack.

Mimi joins Mario when she, O'Chunks, and Nastasia help Mario clean out the Craggling Mountains.

Once the right-hand woman of Count Bleck, Nastasia was most famous for her hypnotism. Her main emotion is sad, because she was in love with Count Bleck, but he ended up with Lady Timpani. Nastasia wants to fulfill her boss' hope to create a perfect world.

In the overworld, Nastasia can help Mario fight enemies and bosses. Her HP is 50, and her attack is two numbers less than player's attack.

Nastasia joins Mario when she, O'Chunks, and Mimi help Mario clean out the Craggling Mountains.
Lumelia (Optional)

Graceful Lumelia is the princess of the Lunar Observatory, unreachable by anyone but herself and her citizens. She is shy, but speaks her mind when she needs to. She also is judged badly because of her crown. Unlike the spoiled princess everyone thinks she is, she is compassionate and will protect Mario no matter what.

Lumelia can shield you in a bubble just like Rosalina can in Super Mario Galaxy. She shares this ability with Barry. The bubble can stun but not hurt enemies. She is the only optional partner in the game.

Lumelia joins Mario when she is found inside of a hidden safe using clues at the end of the Yangburg Pit of 100 Trials.


The Audience is a group of cutout generic creatures who will appear when Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, or Rosalina attacks an enemy and does a stylish move, which is done by jumping on the enemy again and pressing A. They appear on the sides of the screen and say, "Nice", "Good", "Great", "Sweet!", and "Awesome!" This approval of the crowd gives the player a higher score than if they had just jumped on the enemy. The audience in this game consists of Multicolored Toads, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Boos, Hammer Bros, Dry Bones, and Shy Guys. Lakitus only appear in Midori Blossoms.


See here: Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion- Items

See here: Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion- Recipes Attack Items:

  • Flame Burst: Broils enemies with flames.
  • Freeze Burst: Blocks enemies in a cube of ice for 20 seconds.
  • Wind Storm: Blows enemies to a different part of the chapter.
  • Shooting Star: Showers enemies with a flurry of stars.
  • Lightning Bolt: Shocks all enemies on the screen.
  • Ghost Shroom: Summons a Ghost Shroom to kill enemies.
  • Vine Leaf: Takes all enemies on screen and pulls them underground.
  • POW Block: Rattles all enemies on screen.

Damaging Items:

  • Poison Shroom: Hurts the player by losing 15 HP, so should rather be sold than used.
  • Dangerous Die: A die with only one positive action (restore 15 HP), but the rest are lose 10 HP.
  • Deadly Die: A die with only one positive action (restore all HP), but the rest are Game Over.

Defense Items:

  • Shell Shield: Makes you invincible for a few seconds.
  • Strength Steak: Takes away half of damage for a few seconds.
  • Super Steak: Removes all damage and doubles attack for 1 minute. The most expensive thing in the game.

Recovery Items:

  • Shroom Shake: Restores 10 HP.
  • Magic Apple: Restores 5 HP and cures poison.
  • Super Shroom Shake: Restores 20 HP.
  • Ultra Shroom Shake: Restores 50 HP.
  • Poison Shroom Shake: Restores 20 HP but doubles damage for a few seconds.
  • Dayzee Tear: Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
  • Cake Mix: Restores 5 HP and cures poison.
  • Big Egg: Restores 12 HP and cures poison.
  • Dried Shroom: Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
  • Honey Jar: Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
  • Lettuce: Restores 7 HP.
  • Mistake: Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
  • Misty Mango: Restores 3 HP and cures poison.
  • Chocolate Bar: Restores 11 HP.
  • Sour Lime: Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
  • Crab Apple: Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
  • Thunder Rage: Restores 1 HP and doubles attack.
  • Golden Leaf: Restores 30 HP and cures poison.
  • Lakitu Leaf: Restores 15 HP.
  • Strawberry Cream: Restores 1 HP.
  • Fried Shroom Platter: Restores 15 HP and cures poison. Made from a Shroom Shake.
  • Candy Apple: Restores 10 HP and cures poison. Made from a Magic Apple.
  • Poisoned Pizza: Restores 25 HP but doubles damage for a few seconds and cures poison. Made from a Poison Shroom Shake.
  • Spicy Soup: Restores 8 HP and cures poison. Made from a Flame Burst.
  • Sno Cone: Restores 10 HP and freezes on-screen enemies and cures poison. Made from a Freeze Burst.
  • Vanilla Cake: Restores 15 HP and cures poison. Made from a Cake Mix.
  • Omelet: Restores 10 HP and cures poison. Made from a Big Egg.
  • Honey Candy: Restores 12 HP and cures poison. Made from a Honey Jar.
  • Hamburger: Restores 50 HP and cures poison. Made from a Super Steak.
  • Caeser Salad: Restores 13 HP and cures poison. Made from Lettuce.
  • Mango Juice: Restores 8 HP and cures poison. Made from a Misty Mango.
  • Chocolate Milkshake: Restores 16 HP and cures poison. Made from a Chocolate Bar.
  • Cherry Limeade: Restores 20 HP and cures poison. Made from a Sour Lime.
  • Thunder Pop: Restores 6 HP and cures poison. Made from a Thunder Rage.
  • Golden Tea: Restores 40 HP and cures poison. Made from a Golden Leaf.
  • Ginger Tea: Restores 20 HP and cures poison. Made from a Lakitu Leaf.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream: Restores 6 HP and cures poison. Made from Strawberry Cream.
  • Breezy Bubble: Restores 8 HP and cures poison. Made from a Wind Storm.
  • Galactic Flurry: Restores 10 HP and cures poison. Made from a Shooting Star.
  • Shocky Snapper: Restores 5 HP. Made from a Lightning Bolt.
  • Grapevine: Restores 15 HP and cures poison. Made from a Vine Leaf.
  • Megaton Dinner: Restores 3 HP and kills all enemies on screen. Made from a POW Block.
  • Spooky Stew: Restores 4 HP. Made from Spooky Stew.

Bubble Buzz Items*:

  • Buzzy Grape: Can be used to create a special flavor of Bubble Buzz soda and adds 5 HP when final soda is drunk.
  • Buzzy Cherry: Can be used to create a special flavor of Bubble Buzz soda and adds 4 HP when final soda is drunk.
  • Buzzy Orange: Can be used to create a special flavor of Bubble Buzz soda and adds 3 HP when final soda is drunk.
  • Buzzy Blueberry: Can be used to create a special flavor of Bubble Buzz soda and adds 2 HP when final soda is drunk.
  • Buzzy Lemon: Can be used to create a special flavor of Bubble Buzz soda and adds 1 HP when final soda is drunk.

*Bubble Buzz is a fantasy soda brand in Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion that can increase HP max by 5 the first time each type of soda is drunk. There are 105 fruits in all, (21 of each fruit) where ten fruits are hidden in the ten areas, and five are hidden in Yinburg and Yangburg.* Character Special Items*:

  • Macaroni: Special to Mario.
  • Alfredo Sauce: Special to Luigi.
  • Hot Sauce: Special to Bowser.
  • Peachy Peach: Special to Peach
  • Chicken Leg: Special to Wario
  • Onion: Special to Waluigi
  • Sugar Cookies: Special to Daisy
  • Space Berry: Special to Rosalina
  • Pasta: Restores 15 HP. Made from Macaroni.
  • Cheese Pizza: Restores 15 HP. Made from Alfredo Sauce.
  • Hot Wings: Restores 15 HP. Made from Hot Sauce.
  • Peach Smoothie: Restores 15 HP. Made from a Peachy Peach.
  • Chicken Combo: Restores 15 HP. Made from a Chicken Leg.
  • Onion Ring: Restores 15 HP. Made from an Onion.
  • Layer Cake: Restores 15 HP. Made from Sugar Cookies.
  • Space Popsicle: Restores 15 HP. Made from a Space Berry.

*Character Special Items are always 10 HP except for the characters assigned to the item, then it is 15 HP. When the item is taken to Cilantro, the Items are 15 HP, and 20 HP to the special character assigned.*


Origami is a Japanese folding art that is used in SPM2:CC. Since this is a Japanese art, this will appear in Midori Blossoms. Mario, and the other playable characters can fold paper (found as an item) to create Origami Cranes, Dragons, Hearts, Frogs, Boxes, and Lillies. Cranes swoop up all enemies on the screen, and drop them from the sky (damage depending on how much the crane is upgraded). Dragons can breathe fire and either give damage to all enemies on the screen, or give you +2 attack for an entire chapter. Hearts can give ten HP to the player, O' Chunks, Mimi, or Nastasia. Frogs can reach switches up high with their tounge. Boxes can carry extra items if the item bar is full. Lillies can give all enemies in a chapter two less attack damage.


Amiibo can be used in this game to give the eight playable characters different costumes. Any amiibo figure will work, even if it is from another franchise. If a Mario amiibo is used, Mario's appearance will change to a non-paper version, like in Yoshi's Woolly World. The same idea goes with Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and Rosalina.

Ancient Keys

Ancient Keys play the role of the Star Spirits' Powers in Paper Mario, the Crystal Stars in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, the Pure Hearts in Super Paper Mario, and the Royal Stickers in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Unlike all these items, the Ancient Keys have names.

Ancient Key Location Description
Redwood Ancient Key Yinburg The Redwood Ancient Key is given to Mario by Merlon after his arrival to Yinburg.
Sunset Ancient Key Marim Heights The Sunset Ancient Key is given to Mario by Luigi after he is found by Windlash in the Hollow Oak.
Grain Ancient Key Sandstar Village The Grain Ancient Key is given to Mario by LeJean's Ghost after the Dark Bandit is defeated.
Tropical Ancient Key Halogen Caverns The Tropical Ancient Key is left for Mario after the Blob-Ombs detonate.
Jade Ancient Key Hurricane Seaside The Jade Ancient Key is stolen by Mario from the underwater museum in Lake Lunalight.
Twilight Ancient Key Midori Blossoms The Twilight Ancient Key is left for Mario after Emperor Sho along with the Green Plague disappear.
Celestial Ancient Key Ghostly Graveyard The Celestial Ancient Key is given to Mario by Elliot, who was stuck inside of the Frightening Cathedral.
Sweet Ancient Key Stardust Skies The Sweet Ancient Key is given to Mario by Rosalina, who sees the key floating in space.
Crag Ancient Key Magma Ruins The Crag Ancient Key is given to Mario by Captain Chuck and Hollie, who were saved by the Craft Champions.
Craft Ancient Key Craggling Mountains The Craft Ancient Key is given to Mario by De-ztar, who thanks him for clearing his land.


Name Description Sub-Locations
Yinburg A city that is brightly colored, has upbeat and happy residents, and home of the soon to be famous Yin Yum Frozen Yogurt Shop, run by Goombailey. Yinburg has its own counterpart, Yangburg, where everything is the opposite of Yinburg.
  • Yin Yum
  • Study Hall
  • Merluvlee's House of Fortune
  • Yinburg Sewers
  • Yinburg Central
  • Yinburg Arcade
Marim Heights A forest made out of pine trees that play themselves like instruments. Marim Heights' rivers create a tinkling sound like bells, and the winds create a flute-like sound. Koopakaren built her own farm house beside the Orchestra Bank for her parents. Marim Heights holds the tallest tree in the world, the Hollow Oak.
  • Woodblock Valley
  • The Hollow Oak
  • Orchestra Bank
  • Treehouse Maze
Sandstar Village A canyon found by olden pioneers that was created into a dusty town. It was famous for its hotel and starry nights which is how Sandstar Village got its name.
  • Horse-Drawn Plains
  • Goldbuzz Saloon
  • LeJean's Luxury Hotel
  • LeJean's Secret Basement
Halogen Caverns A cave-side island variety with a town on top, the Littila Town. It is famous for the deep caves and the awesome ores found inside, which is why it is called the Halogen Caverns.
  • Littila Town
  • Downthere Mouth
  • Mini Mines
  • Downthere Depths
Hurricane Seaside Always caked with a beautiful sunset and red clouds, Hurricane Seaside got its name from the 102 total huricanes that has hit the island. After villagers from Littila Village traveled across Lake Lunalight, they found Hurricane Seaside, and started a life there.
  • Parrot Hedges
  • Sapura Lane
  • Mint Shell Beach
  • Lake Lunalight
Pink/Midori Blossoms A Japanese-styled kingdom ruled by a cruel emperor, Emperor Sho. The fan favorite Mario Kart track, Dragon Driftway, is told to be in the Dragon Mountains.
  • Hashi Steppes
  • Dragon Mountains
  • Dragon Dunes
  • Temple of Sho
Yangburg A run-down city that is somehow still running, that is gloomy, dark, and grey skies. Every shop in Yinburg that is supposed to be in Yangburg is color reversed, and so are the owners. What is supposed to be Yin Yum is now Cilantro's Bakery, where you can cook up items and create delicious meals or disappointing Mistakes.
  • Knowledge Hall
  • Merlee's House of Wisdom
  • Yangburg Sewers
  • Yangburg Central
  • Yin Yang Clock Tower
  • Yangburg Arcade
  • Cilantro's Kitchen
Ghostly/Scarelot Graveyard A spooky giant graveyard with it's own cornfield, circus, castle, and cathedral. It is ruled over Prince Ghostly, but at the end of the game, Sir Scares-A-Lot is voted to be the new king, so he would change everything Ghostly to Scarelot.
  • Cloud Shade Circus
  • Cloud Shade Cornfield
  • Ghostly Castle
  • Frightening Cathedral
Stardust Skies A celestial area in space. There are walk-on rainbows, shimmering stardust, an icy island, a lake full of star bits, and the counterpart to the Whoa Zone, the Oh Zone.
  • Star Bit Lake
  • Gravity Skies
  • Gusty Garden Galaxy
  • Ice Tropics
Magma Ruins Haunted by the spooky volcano, the Vol Coano, Magma Ruins includes an abandoned castle, a lava moat, and a hidden puzzle. Captain Chuck, the airplane pilot, and Hollie, the nice hologram can help you solve the puzzle.
  • Abandoned Castle
  • Swea Badlands
  • Vol Coano Cliffside
  • Vol Coano Heart
Craggling Mountains A future version of the Land of the Cragnons, with see through hills, clouds made out of 0s and 1s, and a mysterious leader named De-ztar. Craggling Mountains is crawling with enemies that you need to clear out.
  • Rocky Road
  • Ceramic Storm
  • Poison Patch Swamp
  • Bottle Cap Towers
Sven's Palace The final location of the game, Sven's Palace is made out of three main parts: Sven's Hall of Statues, Paintings, and Mirrors. Lady Timpani's house is nearby, and is the first place you go.
  • Lady Timpani's Home
  • Sven's Hall of Statues
  • Sven's Hall of Paintings
  • Sven's Hall of Mirrors

Boss Battles

Chapter Name HP Attack Location
Chapter 1: Marim Heights Sven (first time) 20 2 The Hollow Oak
Windlash (first time) 25 2 Treehouse Maze
Chapter 2: Sandstar Village Cactitum 30 2 Goldbuzz Saloon
Bowser (first time) 25 3 LeJean's Luxury Hotel
Dark Bandit (first time) 30 3 LeJean's Secret Basement
Chapter 3: Halogen Caverns Kylee 15 4 Downthere Mouth
Puppetmaster (first time) 35 3 Downthere Depths
Chapter 4: Hurricane Seaside Mirage (first time) 45 3 Sapura Lane
Wario (first time) N/A N/A Mint Shell Beach
Mirage (second time) 50 3 Lake Lunalight
Chapter 5: Midori Blossoms Waluigi (first time) N/A N/A Dragon Dunes
Emperor Sho 60 5 Temple of Sho
Chapter 6: Ghostly Graveyard Puppet Bone 60 6 Frightening Cathedral
Chapter 7: Stardust Skies Bowser (final time) 55 6 Star Bit Lake
Galactic Spirit 65 8 Ice Tropics
Chapter 8: Magma Ruins Dark Bandit (second time) 70 6 Swea Badlands

Wario (final time)

Waluigi (final time)

50 each 5 Waluigi, 6 Wario Vol Coano Cliffside
Crowby 100 8 Vol Coano Heart
Chapter 9: Craggling Mountains Windlash (final time) 100 8 Rocky Road
Dark Bandit (final time) 110 7 Ceramic Storm
Puppetmaster (final time) 100 Current attack for Peach & Daisy Poison Patch Swamp
Mirage (final time) 120 6 Bottle Cap Towers
Chapter 10: Sven's Palace Sven (final time) 150 8 Sven's Hall of Paintings
The Ultimate Puppetmaster 200 10 Sven's Hall of Mirrors
Optional/Other Marlupeisy 3x the current HP of the player 3x the current attack of the player Yinburg Pit of 100 Trials
Walurioserina 4x the current HP of the player 4x the current attack of the player Yangburg Pit of 100 Trials
De-ztar 100 6 Craggling Mountains

Extra minigames/options

See here: Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion- Pits of 100 Trials

See here: Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion- Arcades

The Pits of 100 Trials

  • Yinburg Pit of 100 Trials
  • Yangburg Pit of 100 Trials

The Yinburg Arcade (Up to Four Players)

  • Wonder Wheel: A luck-of-the-spin game, where you have to guess which color the ball will land in.
  • Wacky Putt: A mini-golf game through the worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • Paddleboat Panic: A 2 vs. 2 minigame where teams of two have to paddleboat down a waterfall and get to the finish line first.
  • Match of Cookies: A 2 vs. 2 memory minigame where teams of two roll dice, collect powerup cards, and work together to get the most pairs of cookies.
  • Clowning Around: A 1 vs. 3 minigame where two teams blast water at a clown's mouth. After the time is up, the teams grab onto the balloons and try to get the highest without touching walls.
  • Snake Block Party: A 1 vs 3 minigame where one person is controlling a snake block that clones itself and falls down. The other three must avoid the blocks.
  • Tilt Island: A return from Super Paper Mario.
  • Hammer Whacker: A return from Super Paper Mario.

The Yangburg Arcade (One Player Only)

  • Mario's Origami Flight: Mario flies on an red origami crane and must avoid the black origami crows.
  • Luigi's Memory Hop: Luigi is challenged by a Hammer Bro, and must remember the order of platforms that he jumps on.
  • Peach's Castle Inspection: Peach discovers that Goombas are hiding in her castle, and she must find them.
  • Daisy's Drill Jackpot: Daisy plays Picture Poker with Luigi, and gets a drill chance if she wins.
  • Bowser's Chilly Maze: Bowser wakes up in an ice maze, and must use his fiery breath to get out.
  • Wario's Gold Factory: Wario is working in a factory, and suddenly, a ton of coins fall through the roof! Wario needs to get the coins and bob-ombs in the correct pipe.
  • Waluigi's Funky Dance: It's dancing time! Help Waluigi dance to SPM2:CC music.
  • Rosalina's Rainbow Dodge: Rosalina must dodge rainbow blocks and get to the end of the tunnel.

References to other games

  • Super Paper Mario: This game is the sequel to Super Paper Mario. Also, minigames from the Flipside Arcade reappear. Also, the music for the results board is the same as the Flipside Arcade music. All of the Pixls appear as paintings in Sven's Hall of Paintings.
  • Mario Kart 8: Dragon Driftway appears in this game, where you race with Waluigi.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Ice Tropics' environment is similar to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze's.
  • Mario Kart Wii: After each level in Wario's Gold Factory, Wario pushes a minecart full of coins and gold, and a sign says that it is heading for Wario's Gold Mine.
  • Super Mario 64 DS: In Daisy's Drill Jackpot, Daisy and Luigi compete in a game of Picture Poker.
  • Mario Party 8: Paddleboat Panic is similar to Rowed to Victory in Mario Party 8, and Mario and Wario compete in a random Duel minigame from it.
  • Paper Mario: All of the partners appear as paintings in Sven's Hall of Paintings.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: All of the partners appear as paintings in Sven's Hall of Paintings. Goombailey said that he and Goombella are currently in a relationship.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Beat Block Galaxy-like mechanic is used in Stardust Skies.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Peach uses her dress in this game from Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box/Professor Layton and Pandora's Box: The Bubble Buzz soda is inspired by the Magic Tea Set option.
  • Mario Party DS: In Chapter 3 when the Puppetmaster is talking to Mirage on a walkie talkie, their handle names are "Rubber Ducky Rodeo" and "Plush Crush."

Similarities to Super Paper Mario

  • The intro starts out at Mario's house.
  • The red palm tree reappears from Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario.
  • This game includes the return of Merlon, Nolrem, Merlumina, Merluvlee, and Merlee. It also introduces Merluna.
  • All four Paper Mario installments include a partner who can detonate.
  • All Chapter 3 bosses are reptiles.
  • Just as in the first games, someone mentions the line, "Still your tongue" to a person who's name starts with a B. Paper Mario was, "Still your tongue, Bootler." Paper Mario: TTYD was, "Still your tongue, Beldam." Super Paper Mario was, "Still your tongue, Blumiere." This game was, "Still your tongue, Bandit."
  • The final boss of the game takes possesion of one or more heroes. In Paper Mario: TTYD, Peach was overtaken by the Shadow Queen. In Super Paper Mario, Luigi was overtaken by Dimentio. In this game, all of the heroes except Mario were overtaken by the Puppetmaster.
  • This game, just like Paper and Super Paper Mario, includes a game-show-like moment.
  • This game has a parallel hub (Yinburg and Yangburg), just like Super Paper Mario (Flipside and Flopside.) Both of these have two sides: Flip Flop, and Yin Yang.
  • Izz falls asleep, and the others think that she's dead. This is a reference to Squirps doing the same thing.


  • Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion was originally going to be called, "Paper Mario: Craft Champion," a regular Paper Mario game and not a sequel. The villians of the game were planned to be Anton (An O'Chunks type character), Lucindy (A Mimi type character), Chester (A Dimentio type character), Lady Iris (A Nastasia type character), and Sir Miles (A Count Bleck type character). The partners were also changed to Pixls, like Canedeea and Detectrik. All of this was scrapped to the game we all know and love today.


See here: Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion- Gallery

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