This game is a Wii u sequel to Super Paper Mario. It starts out with Timpani and Bluimere at there house when Merlin shows up, and says how he never gave up hope, looking for Timpani. Then they start talking about Dimentio. How there not sure if he is alive. Suddenly, Dimentio appears and flips them into 1D. So they are frozen. When all hope seems lost, Merlee knows what happened because of a telepathic message that Merlin sent. Dimentio knows that Mario and Co. will somehow find out about it, and save them, so he sends them back 1000,s of years ago. When the Tribe of Darkness was around. Mario knows just what happens, soon sees Dimentio. Dimentio knows that the 4 of them will easily find there way back to the present and save Merlin and Timpani. So Dimentio puts Mario and Luigi into 3D, and Bowser and Peach in 2D. Then Merlumina appears and says that Mario looks familiar. Luigi replies by saying that he is the Hero of Prophecy in the future. Merlumina then explains how to travel back to the future, and 2D; he will have to recover the 8 Pure Stars. Merlimina then gives Mario a Pure Star to put in the Pure Star Pillar. 

    Chapter 1  

    After Mario and Luigi enter the door, they see a familiar envirement. It is Rogueport. And they see the X-nauts. That's when Mario and Luigi find out, there also traveling through time. And soon Mario flips into 2D. Luigi is baffled from what happened, and tried to go back through the door. But it disappeard. Luigi then fights the X-nauts (not turn based battles). Then the X-naut tells Luigi that the Pure Star is nearby, and that Mario is in Castle Dimentio with Bowser and Peach. Luigi then realizes that it is up to him to save everyone. Luigi then wonders why Dimentio let Luigi stay, but not anyone else. As Luigi walks to a strange place called Koopington, he is encountered by a Goomba Pixl, called, "Karibix". He said that he has the power to uncover hidden items, and doors, and he has knowledge of all enemies. Luigi then ask him to turn him into 2D, and it works. Luigi is then informed that he can switch to 3D, 2D, and 1D. But 1D can only be used for certain events. Luigi then finishes the level, and returns to his previous location. It is Ancient Flipside 

    Merlumina goes up to Luigi and tells him that Peach and Bowser had been trapped in the Sacred 0D. It is a forbidden dimension, that can only be opened through the Time Gauge. Dimentio found it. That means that they are completely gone, and can only be recovered if the 8 Pure Stars become the Pure Hearts. And to do that, Mario, Luigi, and 2 unknown heroes would have rescue the Pixls. But it would be difficult. The first Pixl ever created, "Pixl Queen, (this Pixl was actually mentioned in Super Paper Mario). 1,000,s of years ago, he was created and then flew away, and hit for over a millennium. So Luigi instantly travels to chapter 1-2. The level is new. It is a place called Pixelinia. It is a town. Then Luigi walks through a house, where he sees a familiar face.

    More will be added soon.

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