Super Paper Mario: Bleck Rising is a game for the Nintendo Wii Called Super Paper Mario: Bleck Reborn in Japan and Super Paper Mario: Bleck's Army in Europe.

Super Paper Mario: Bleck Rising
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Plot Edit

The story begins at Mario's House. Mario and Luigi are sitting at a table drinking tea. Luigi wonders if the mail went yet. The two finish their tea and go outside and find out. Suddenly, Parakarry appears on the scene, telling them that Count Bleck has returned to the evil side and has kidnapped Princess Peach and is planning to vaporize her. The two heroes prepare to go to Castle Bleck and seek out the evil count. They then arrive at the dark castle and they walk in. Count Bleck is waiting for them in the "foyer". Mario spots Peach in a white, glass cage. The count thanks them for getting there so soon. Luigi asks what has provoked him to return to the evil side. Bleck just says that it was "the right thing to do". Suddenly, Dimentio appears out of a door behind the cage. He casts a magic spell on Mario and Luigi which causes a giant black hole to form and suck them, and the entire room into the dark black hole.

Characters Edit

Mario - The red plumber is back! With a new selection of Pixls, he's ready to face Count Bleck, Dimentio, Fracktail, and other villains!

Luigi - Mario's green brother is back for another taste of adventure as Count Bleck and other antagonists prepare to take over the world.

Count Bleck - The main antagonist of the game. His conquest of the world may be huge, but the Mario Bros., Peach, and Bowser can handle it!

Princess Peach - Her parasol is ready for action once again! Even though she was trapped, that just made her powers improve!

Bowser - Once a tough villain, Bowser only agreed to join the tean if they helped to whip him into shape.

Dimentio - The dastardly magician is at the count's side to help him conquer the world! His latest transformation, Chaos Dimentio, will truly cause our heroes lots and lots of trouble!

Fracktail - The giant robot dragon demands revenge at Mario and the heroes as he takes on a new form, Fracktail Colossus.

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Pixls Edit

Handy - A boxing glove pixl that can whack objects when you press 1.

Drillz - A drill pixl that when you press 1, he will drill through Bedrock Blocks.

Glider - A paper airplane pixl that can glide into the air for a short time when the 1 button is pressed.

Weight - A pixl that can crush metal switches and enemies when 1 is pressed.

Barriex (optional) - A pixl that can deflect attacks and projectiles when 1 is pressed.

Madge - A pixl that can float over water and lava when you press 1 and control her movement with the left/right buttons.

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Locations Edit

Lineland Forest

Rockmore Mountain

Rockmore Ruins

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Obstacles Edit

Bedrock Blocks - Iron blocks that can only be broken with Drillz.

Mega Block - A giant block that can only be broken with the power of a Mega Star. The one in Lineland Forest has the Flip Mushroom inside.

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Power-Ups Edit

Flip Mushroom - This special Mushroom can grant Mario the power to turn to 3-D when A is pressed.

Fire Flower - This power-up can make Mario or any of the other characters throw fireballs when 1 is pressed.

Mega Star - An 8-bit Star that turns any of the gang into a giant, 8-bit version of themselves. In this form, they can smash anything in their path.

Ice Flower - Like the Fire Flower, except it makes Mario shoot iceballs instead of fireballs. These balls of ice freeze enemies.

Pal Pills - These pills make a bunch of small, 8-bit Marios, Peaches, Luigis, or Bowsers. They can defeat enemies bu if they're hit, they die.

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