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Super Paper Mario: Another Dimension is a sort of remix/re-release of Super Paper Mario with a new dimension, new pixls, and more.

Super Paper Mario: Another Dimension
Developer(s) GameZ Inc., Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo ZeroCube
Release Date(s)
in the future
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform/RPG
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Paper Mario Sticker Star
Successor Super Paper Mario 2

Chapter 9

The door to the Dimension Maze can be found in Merlon's House, after you completed the Pits of 100 Trials, the main story, and the New Duel of 100, after buying Tiptron and after getting all of the Pixls.

Arriving at Merlon's house

Merlon: Yes, you did well saving the world...

*screen rumbles*

Merlon: What the...?

*a portal appears and sucks everyone in*

Chapter 9-1: The Pixl War

You got teleported to an abstract place as Mario and all of the Pixls, except for Tiptron.

The Pixl you got talks: Where are we? Oh, man. Where is Peach? And Bowser? And Luigi? Hero, continue to proceed.

In the first room, there's nothing but a save block and a Star Door. In the next room, however...

You see various pixls attacking other Flipsiders (the race that inhabitates Flipside and Flopside). You have to defeat those Wild Pixls. Actually, there are 5 types of Wild Pixls. The first, attacks by launching bombs, and is a rectangle with eyes. The second, attacks by using an hammer, and is an hexagon with just one eye. The third, attacks by shooting at you electric balls. The fourth, attack with a laser from its mouth. And the fifth, the strongest, has the attacks of all of them. A Flipsider says: Thanks! Name's Name. Yes, my name is Name.

The Pixl you got: Excuse me, does someon appeared from nowhere?

Name: Yes, an old dude called Merlon.

Merlon arrives: Mario! So you're alive. Did you just know what happened?

*mario says: No with the voice*

Name: Where are you from, guys?

Pixl you got: We're from Flipside.

Name: Oh... I once lived there. You seem like a guy which had companions. Your buddies got teleported in the Dimension Maze, I guess. Well, try to go near to the Pixl Outpost, I saw a green thing falling near there. Maybe you'll find a buddy.

More TBA soon

New features

New Pixls (Chapter 9)

Shotzo: Shoots an energetic ball right in front of you which has lot of range, however it deals only 1 if not charged. You have to take a special item for changing of what element the ball is. Fire, Thunder, Ice, Cannon, or Everything. Fire Hand, Thunder Hand, Ice Flower, Cannon Base or All-Round Shroom.

Tiptron Mk. II: An upgraded version of Tiptron which can be traded for Tiptron. She is more similar to Tippi than before.

Pixl Queen: The Pixl Queen, after a fight, joins you. The Pixl Queen lets you use 2 Pixl at a time if you use her. She can also protect you from attacks for 3 seconds.

Kersti: Not a real Pixl, however she can be quite useful. During normal gameplay, you must hold the button for charging her ability. If you charged enough, release the button. Then you can use her Paperization. Mario pulls off stickers and attacks them to the enemies. After completed, the move will end and the enemies gain damage depending the sticker's size. If it's tiny, does only 2. If it's little, does 5. If it's normal, does 10. If it's big, does 15. If it's HUGE (VEEERY rare) does 30. While fightning with a boss, use her to use the Battle Spinner, which can be used for 10 coins. This is a list of what happens when one of the bonuses appear.

  • 2 Mushrooms: heals 5 HP 3 Mushrooms: heals 10 HP
  • 3 Fire Flowers: Mario becomes Fire Paper Mario which can shoot Fireballs for a limited period of time
  • 2 Coins: 10 Coins 3 Coins: 50 Coins Jackpot
  • 1,2,3 Poison Shroom: deals 10 HP

World 6, before game's beaten

During the events of World 6, you have three choices.

Normal Choice: You beat up 20 Sammer Guys, then you beat up Mimi, then you go in the World of Nothing, defeat Brobot L-Type, take the malfunctioning Pure Heart and then go to revive it in the Underwhere.

Hard Choice: You beat up all of the 100 Sammer Guys and the Sammer King, the true one, gives you the Pure Heart. However Brobot L-Type suddenly attacks, so you have to battle him. After the chapter is completed, you see a cutscene where Dimentio sends Luigi to the Underwhere. When Mario & co. is going to the next world after opening it, Dimentio appears and sends everyone to the Underwhere, and then the story continues normally. The seventh chapter should have been in another place, but Dimentio changed the location of the teleport of the seventh door.

Easy Choice: TBA

New Fight Challenges

There's a "New Duel of 100" after you have beaten the game, which is almost the same thing, but the Sammer Guys are stronger. As a reward, you get: all the catch cards of the partners in TTYD, a sort of CD Player which is an Important Item that lets you listen at all tracks in the game, however you'll need CDs that can be bought from InterNed in The Underwhere Bar for 10 coins each, and finally a Gold Ingot, which can be sold.