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All the tattles Toader makes in Super Paper Luigi. Bold means it's a boss and Italics means its optional.


  • Goomba:Thats a goomba,pretty weak but man they can be scary! Hp:2. Attack 1 and Defense 0. Destory the betrayers!
  • ParaGoomba:Thats a goomba with wings,get rid of the wings and you got a normal goomba! Hp:2. Attack 1 and defense 0. Why can't toads have wings until their games are over!?!?
  • Ghost Star:Thats a ghost star,undead stars who guard the crystal stone. Hp:3. Attack:1 and Defense 0. They're pretty creepy to me,THEY'RE GHOSTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
  • ???: What is that thing? Hp:???. Atta...wait,THIS THING ISN'T EVEN LISTED. Well...I'm guessig 4 hp,1 attack and 0 defense.
  • Big Shard Goomba:Thats the Big Shard Goomba,it ate the shard! Hp:10. Attack:1 and Defense 1. If you hit it with a hammer it's defense turns to 0 for 2 turns,atleast,I think so.
  • Koopa:Thats a koopa who's evil,you can tell cause of the shades.Hp:3. Attack:1 and Defense 1. Once you jump on them,they can't attack for 2 turns and their defense goes to 0,neat right?
  • ParaKoopa:Thats an evil koopa with wings,but why have them? They make the foe WANNA jump on you! Hp:3. Attack 1 and Defense 1. Rid the wings and they act like koopas.
  • King K:That's King K,heard your bro fought him before in some arena.Hp:15. Attack:2 and Defense 1. Just because he knows Mario doesn't mean you be easy,NO MERCY LUIGI!
  • Spikey Goomba:Thats a goomba with a spike,hammers are the only way! Hp:5. Attack:2 and Defense 0. They are slightly harder than normal goombas so heads up!
  • Bob-Omb: Thats a bob-omb,pretty explosive,hit them once with a jump or something and they fuse! Hp:2. Attack:5 and Defense 0. Defeat them quick Luigi!
  • Oiram(Fight 1):Thats Oiram right there,seem to be obeying the commander of the scissors. Hp-20,Attack-2 and Defense-0. He doesn't seem too tough,but man,no matter WHAT he says,I'm calling the big black thing by his ear a wart!
  • Bullet Bill:That's a bullet bill. Never DARE underestimate it. Hp:4. Attack:2 and Defense 1. Destory them before they do it to you, it's name Bill?
  • Bullet Bill Blaster:Thats where those Bullet Bills come from!. Hp:7. Attack:0 and Defense 1. They shoot 1 bullet bill a turn till theres 3 on field,then they just stay there.
  • Bluack(1st form):Thats Bluack,can't belive we trusted that insane freak! Hp:25. Attack:2 and Defense 1.He's like a normal koopa.
  • Bluack(2nd form):Oh man! He just used all of the shard's power,now he's truly a freak! Max Hp:25. Attack is now 3 and Defense:1. I hope you can tempary rid those wings,but he's insane man!
  • Dull Bones:These are Dull Bones,they are dully dull. Hp-1. Attack-3 and Defense...well,with 1 hp who CARES,they're just immune to jump attacks. Did you see my Dull joke there?
  • Grey Dull Bones:This is a grey dull bones,guess we have to pay for screwing up! Hp-30. Attack-3 and Defense 0...I think. Just like Dull bones,Don't jump on it,also,it can summon the dull!
  • Red Dull Bones:Leader of the dull Dull bones. Hp-35. Attack-3 and Defense 0. Don't hit him wth fire or jump on them,and it can summon it's dull allies!
  • Pokey:Thats a cactus,I mean Pokey. Hp-8. Attack-2 and Defense-0. Don't jump unless your feet can't be hurt by spikes...
  • Bandit:Thats a Bandt,they steal,watch out man. Hp-7. Attack-1 and Defense-0. They can steal your coins or steal your items,then use it!
  • Tumblebla:Thats a tumblebla,a goomba thats mutanted into a tumbleweed,hey,thats what the book says! Hp-8. Attack-2 and Defense-0. They can make themselves dodgy to avoid attacks!
  • Oiram Fight 2(Normal Form):Thats Oiram...AGAIN! Really?!?! Anyways Hp-20. Attack-2 and Defense-0. Why does he want that map? What's so imporant about it?
  • Oiram Fight 2(Disguise Form):Thats Oiram wearing that hood. Hp-20. Attack-1 and Defense-1. How does that hood even GIVE him defense? Like really,What the heck!?!?
  • Shelled Bandit:Thats a bandit with some protection. Hp-7. Attack-1 and Defense-1. Jump on them to remove the shell so they're normal Bandits,they work the same too.
  • Jet Pack Bandit:That's a bandit with a jet pack so they fly! Hp-7. Attack-1 and Defense-0. They can pick up 1 of us,making it so we can't attack,also,YOU CAN'T RID THE JET PACK! Cruel man right?
  • Spiked Bandit:A bandit with a spike duh! Hp-7.Attack-2 and Defense-0. Man,there's a bandit for anything! Also,they can DESTORY items too,Jeez!
  • Swooper:Thats a swooer,a bat. Hp-6. Attack-1 and Defense-0. It clings to ceiling so unless you have the quake badge or the hammer throw badge,we better run!
  • Bandilla:That's Bandilla,the only female of the group. Hp-15.Attack-1 and Defense-1. Not only can she steal items,but give allies the regen effect. Grrr...I hate her.
  • Swipper:That's swipper,the youngest and childish of the ground. Hp-15. Attack-2 and Defense-0.He can steal AND make allies dodgy! So ANNOYING!
  • Bandy Twain:That's Bandy Twain,the leader and strongest of the group. Hp-15. Attack-3 and Defense-1. Once his group does enough stylish moves,he can use the shard to heal his allies,Counter them so they don't get style!
  • Black Shell Koopa:Thats a black shelled Koopa. Hp-10. Attack-4 and Defense-2. It needs to be stomped twice for it to flip.
  • Black Shell ParaKoopa:Thats a parakoopa with a black shell. Hp-10. Attack-4 and Defense-2. Rid the wings and then it's just a normal Black Shell Koopa.
  • Blooper:Thats an octopu...I mean Blooper! Hp-9. Attack-3 and Defense-0.It can blind us so be careful!
  • X-Naut:That's an X-Naut,guess they all aren't that bad. Hp-10. Attack-2 and Defense-0. Wait...all of them are good now?
  • X-Naut PHD:Thats an X-naut PHD. I guess their doctors. Hp-12. Attack-1 and Defense-1. They can help allies and harm us,destory them fast!
  • Crazee Dazee:That's a Crazee Dazee...they're songs are angelic...Hp-7...Attack:2 and Defense...0...they're songs can make us...sleep...Zzzzz...WAIT! Did I almost fall asleep there?
  • Clubba:Thats a clubba,they're kinda lazy. Hp:8. Attack:3 and Defense-0. They can heal themselves by going asleep.
  • White Clubba:Thats a white clubba,stronger verisions of clubbas. Hp:12. Attack:5 and Defense-0. You should defeat it first!
  • Artantla:GAH,A SPIDER! Hp:14. Attack-5 and Defense-0. END IT QUICK PLEASE!
  • Spinia:Thats a Spinia,these are stronger than the rougeport ones. Hp-7. Attack-3 and Defense-0. They can grow wings or a spike.
  • Spania:Thats a Spania,Spinias with spikes. Hp-7. Attack-3 and Defense-0. These can grow wings so...KILL THEM FAST!
  • ParaSpinia:Thats a ParaSpinia,a Spinia that flies. Hp-7. Attack-3 and Defense-0. Jump on them once and the wings disappear!
  • ParaSpania:That's a...ParaSpania,a Spania with wings. Hp-7. Attack-3 and Defense-0.Better have the spike shield badge!
  • Cleft:Thats a Cleft. Hp-6. Attack is*gulp* 7 and Defense-12. Use Bullet's Punch Dash ASAP
  • Dark Wizzerd:That's a Dark Wizzerd. They can make illusions of themselves to confuse us! Hp:10. Attack-5. Defense-1. Sometimes the illusions with fizzle,breaking their cover.
  • Koopatrol-That's a Koopatrol! Hp-8. Attack-8 and Defense-1. These guys are DEADLY man!
  • Bzzzap!:That's a bee. Hp-7. Attack-6 and Defense-0. They can poision us so defeat them...FAST!
  • Swoopula:That's a Swoopula. Attack-3 and Defense-0. They start with 8 hp but can expand that number by sucking our hp up!
  • Dark Craw:That's a Dark Craw. They're really...strange. Hp-18. Attack-6 and Defense-0. Man,those stats though...
  • Skellobit:That's a Skellobit. These guys help Dark Craws. Hp-12. Attack-3. Defense-0. These guys can reform too! They're scary!
  • Sprong-Oing(Big):That's a Sprong-Oing. Hp-12. Attack-3. Defense-0. Once they are defeated,the spilt into 3!
  • Sprong-Oing(Small):That's a little Sprong-Oing. Hp-4. Attack-1. Defense-0. Those stats x3=one normal Sprong-Oing,wait...
  • Phanthom Ember:That's a Phanthom Ember.Hp-12. Attack-4 and Defense-0. Don't jump or you'l get burnt!
  • Chain Chomp:That's a chain chomp. Hp-7. Attack-7 and Defense-5. Jump on the stake and they'll leave,thats what the book says.
  • Dragichillo????: IS this a dragon? I don't think so. Hp:40. Attack:8. Defense-0. I don't believe it...
  • Black DupiGhost: I KNEW it! But,It's black? Hp:10. Attack:5 and Defense-0. He's weaker now so defeat him to win the shard!
  • Shy Guy:That's a shy guy. Hp-7. Attack-3. Defense-0. WHATS UNDER THAT MASK?
  • Spy Guy:That's...what is that? JUST KIDDING,it's a spy guy. Hp-7. Attack-4. Defense-0. Try a better look spies!
  • Balloon Guy:That's a balloon guy,jump on the balloon to pop it! Hp-4. Attack-3. Defense-0. Tough huh?
  • Joke Guy:That's a joke guy,but they're no joke. Hp:5. Attack:3 and Defense-0. They can confuse one of us to turn on our allies!
  • Oiram(Fight 3): That's Oiram,he wants to beat us so much,he's disobeying orders! Hp:50. Attack:7 and Defense:0. Maybe you should use strong moves on him!
  • Spear Guy:That's a spear guy,a shy guy with a spear. Hp:9. Attack-7. Defense-0. Their spear makes them un-jumpable.
  • Ice Guy:That's a shy guy trapped in an ice cube for defense. Hp:11. Attack:4. Defense:3. Use fire to hit it for double damage.
  • Fire Guy:That's a shy guy thats on fire. Hp:11. Attack:7. Defense:0. Use ice to hit it for double damage!
  • Fat Guy: That's that fat shy guy we burned before. Hp:30. Attack:7 and Defense...ONLY YOUR JUMP,BULLET'S BULLET PUNCH,CHERRO'S EXPLODE OR GREEN GUY'S SPEAR WORKS????? Well,use those moves...
  • Anti-Guy: Way to go mr,now we have to fight the grey dull bones AND this Anti Guy! Hp:40. Attack:5 and Defense:0. He's tough so defeat him first!
  • Shy Stack: That's a shy stack,5 shy guys stacked. Hp:15. Attack:4 and Defense:0.Wait,if it's 5 shy guys..why isnt this thing have 35 hp?
  • Shy Guy Ghost: That's a shy guy ghost. Hp:7. Attack:10 and Defense:0. Guess they didnt give up their loyalty to General Guy.
  • General Guy: That's General Guy,leader of the shy guys. Hp:30. Attack:4 and Defense:2. Use defense-cutting moves or strong moves to beat him out of his tank.
  • Magic Guy(Fight 1): That's that shy guy who betrayed General Guy. Hp:40. Attack:8 and Defense:0. He uses magic,we need to defeat him for the shard,also,he can summon Fire,Ice or Joke Guys.
  • Fuzzy-Thats some alive Fuzz. Hp-12. Attack-4 and Defense-0. They can suck up our Hp man!
  • Pink Fuzzy-That fuzz is pink! Hp-9. Attack-3,Defense-1. That 9 is fake! It takes our hp and adds it to it's own!
  • Green Fuzzy-Green fuzz,but,it's EVIL! Hp-10. Attack-5, Defense-0.It can multiply itself,with the clone having FULL HP!
  • Golden Fuzzy-That's the rare gold fuzzy,yes,I'm callin it the real name! Hp-30. Attack-10 and Defense-3. It gives tons of coins and exp when defeated...good luck.
  • Raven-Thats the yoshi's enemy,the Raven. Hp-12. Attack-3 and Defense-0. They're birds...that can't fly...and they have no wings...ok,who named this a bird?
  • Raphel the Raven-That's Raphel,the ravens' boss. Hp-30,Attack-8 and Defense-1. Why does the yoshis want us to defeat him?
  • Frost Pirranha-Thats a Pirranha plant that's frosty. Hp-12,Attack-4 and Defense-0. They can freeze us,watch it!
  • Mr.Blizzard-Thats a snowman. Hp:30,Attack-1 and Defense-0. Tons of hp,but otherwise bad stats,weak to fire like most snowmen.
  • Ice Bro-That's an ice bro. Hp:15,Attack-3 and Defense-2. Use fire cause they're weak to it!
  • Bone undead Goomba? Hp-6,Attack-4 and Defense-2. I heard hammers break skulls,lets see that!
  • Gloomba-That's a gloomba. Hp-6,Attack-4 and defense-0. Guess they were hiding in skulls!
  • Dry Bones-Thats the undead koopas,the dry bones. Hp-7,Attack-5 and they are immune to jump. After a bit,they'll remake themself,so defeat them,FAST!
  • Rex-This,is a rex. Hp is...unknown,this says 2 jumps should do it,attack-6 and defense-0. Well...Jump away!
  • Lava Bubble-Thats a lava bubble! Hp-1,Attack-10 and Defense-0. DON'T JUMP...unless you have an ice jump...
  • Sharex- That darn rex ate the shard! Hp-45. Attack-10 and Defense-0,goodly for us,any attack can hurt it.
  • Sharex(in shell)- That wimp is in it's shell! it has 3 defense till it gets out!
  • Hypnotized Toad-That poor toad is mind-controlled! Hp-20. Attack-4 and Defense-1. We are forced to beat it,once we beat it,it'll go back to normal.
  • Magikoopa-It's a magikoopa,so wouldn't Bowser be involved in this? Hp-14. Attack-5. Defense-2. They use magic to attack us!
  • Hypnotized Yoshi-Oh no they didn't! They hypnotized Yoshis as well! Hp-18. Attack-6. Defense-1. We HAVE to save it!
  • Koopa-Bot.-A koopa...robot? Hp-18. Attack-8. Defense-3. Once you flip it over,it's defense will be 0! Also,wouldn't it be weak to electric moves too?
  • Yosh-Itnator. A Yoshi robot? Uhhh,ok? Hp-30. Attack-7. Defense-1. It is weak to electric moves. But...I don't think it's a robot?
  • Spiky Paratoopa-Oh no...A paratroopa witth SPIKES??? Hp-14. Attack-6. Defense-1. You should have Spike Shield!
  • Bowser.  It's the king of koopa's himself,Bowser! Hp-40. Attack-10. Defense-2. He'll be tough!
  • Kammy Koopa. It's Bowser's Maid Kammy Koopa! Hp-20. Attack-6. Defense-3. She can heal Bowser so lets get her first!
  • Secritiy Hypno Toad-A hypnotized toad that's stronger! Hp-25. Attack-7. Defense-3. I just relized,they are stronger than Kammy Koopa!
  • Magic Guy(2nd Fight)- Oh gosh,he joined Oiram? Hp-45. Attack-5. Defense-2. He'll use magic to heal Oiram if he faints before he does,so lets defeat Magic Guy first!
  • Oiram(Fight 4)- Oiram for the 4th time,but he also has used the shard for his own evil! Hp-50. Attack-10. Defense-0. We gotta beat him!
  • Scaredy-Rat-Uhh...that rat is scary! Hp-1. Attack-10. Defense-0. They'll be attacking before we do,so guard quickly!
  • Beetle-That's..a bug? Hp-16. Attack-7. Defense-0. They're tough...but weak too.
  • Spirit Ball-Uhh...what's that? Hp-30. Attack-1. Defense-1. They can also cause random effects if jumped on,so use hammers!
  • Carnivorus Plant: GAH! Plants that want to eat us??? Hp-40. Attack-10. Defense-1. Beat those plant freaks!
  • Boo-ACK,A GHOST! Just kidding,they aren't that spooky. Hp-18. Attack-4. Defense-0. They're easy!
  • Gold Ghost-A "Gold Ghost",but isn't it yellow? Hp-15. Attack-3. Defense-1. Ok,I know earlier I question this with a hood and I understand that,but...WHERE'S THE ARMOR ON IT???
  • Purple Puncher-It's..Purple hahaha! Hp-10. Attack-5. Defense-0. But,they're tough!
  • Blue Twirler-It's a blue ghost! Hp-20. Attack-1. Defense-2. Bad attack-good hp. That's it.
  • Bomb Boo-It's a black boo! Hp-10. Attack-15. Defense-0. He'll blow up soon! Beat him quick!


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