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Super Paper Luigi is a semi Paper Mario spinoff with Luigi as the main character but works the same as the first 2 Paper Mario games. It holds a total of 13 chapters,8 main,4 after-game main and the last is more of whats left. It is for the Wii U and released in 2017.

The game's plot is about Luigi and his parthers gathering the only counter to the evil scissors run by An unknown evil being the 8 diamond stone shards for it was cut into 8 pieces due to the scissors.


Gameplay is like Thousand Year Door,even though Toader can still tattle you can chat to your parthers by clicking A and facing near them they'll talk to you depending on the location,sometimes breaking the 4th wall in the process.


Prologue-A scissor invation

Before the title screen comes,in paper fasion,you see toads sitting in Peach's Castle,Peach is shown chattng to Mario and Luigi then a dogan goes near them and gives Peach tea,then you see a figure covered by cape laughing then scissors come bursting cutting the door! Toads are shown screaming as some are snipped into pieces,Luigi is about to get attacked but Mario tells Luigi to run(which Luigi does),as Luigi runs,he looks back,looks shocked,then contuines running till he's out of the castle,and the title screen pops up.

After making a new file,Luigi wakes up in bed in a toad house,a toad asks "Are you remebering that day again? It's been 3 days Luigi! Go outside and try to forget it!". Luigi goes outside to see a toad in fear by 2 goombas,after Luigi defeats to 2 goomas,the toad thanks him,saying his name is Toader,he takes a book out and says "I've been reading about those scissors we saw 3 days ago,I can be a real help if I join you...if you wanna save everyone",if Luigi says no twice,automatic game over. If he says yes,the toad joins you. After a bit of explaining,Luigi and the toad go to crystal peak,On the way up,Luigi and Toader gets attacked by 3 ghost star who turn into a giant gas ball with eyes,after he loses 4 hp,it explodes and it gets out of the way Luigi gets his first hammer,which he uses to get up to the top,only to see 1 shard of the big diamond stone,Toader says the stone must have been cut by the scissors,suddenly a goomba eats the shard then grows huge,acting as the boss of the Prologue,after the gooma's defeat,it drops the shard then explodes,leaving the shard on the ground,Luigi grabs the shard due to Toader's request,then the prologue ends.Luigi and Toader then faint and screen goes white.

The white fates to show an Intermission(or Intermissions),the first shows a yellow shelled koopa with sunglasses,he sees a shard fly above him,a ? goes over his head then says something about "Gonzales",the goes white again then faints to show Mario fainted in a castle,3 scissors are over his head,Mario wakes up,jumps then asks what is going on,an unknown figure says "You are Mario,correct? I need you..." then chains coil onto Mario's legs and arms and the scissors dash at Mario,then it goes white the faints to show Luigi and Toader at the crystal peak,they wake up and Toader says "Was that a dream? A nightmare? A vision?",then chapter 1 begins...

Chapter 1-Koopas and Shards Oh My!

Luigi and Toader head back into toad town when a blue-shelled koopa says "Follow me to koopa name's Bluack,my boss wants to see you.",after going through the route,a yellow-shelled koopa with sunglasses saying his name is King K wants to battle,after the battle he says he wants to join the group,no matter what,he will join,saying he saw a shard by a castle.As the group leaves Toader says to himself "Wasn't Bluack here before the battle? Where did he go?"

After a long way there,the group makes it to the castle,which is guarded,on the way to the top of the castle,they are ambushed by somebody called Oiram who challlenges them to a fight,saying he was going to steal the shard on top of the castle for his master's orders. After the battle,Oiram states he'll be back then tries to ram Luigi,Luigi dodges and Oiram falls off the castle,King K says he thought he saw the shard ahead. Back on their way up,some koopas activate 2 bullet bill blasters,laugh then leave,After going past the blasters the group makes it to the last floor.Bluack,laughing, is waiting for them,he congrats the crew for getting up but says he will kill all of them if they dare put their shells on his treasure. King K questions the koopa's actions in which he replies "I was never treated like YOU so I thought I'd pretend to help you and tell you of my treasure I found a day ago,then I'd gain it's power and end you all here and rule the town!" King K calls him nuts then a fight begins,it starts with a normal fight and then when he has 10 hp left,he says he'll do a big "boost" by using the shard to grow wings and claws,boosting his attack. After the battle,the koopa turns back into it's normal form and says "RATS!" then jumps off the castle,landing into water then blown up by some bob-ombs. Luigi then grabs the shard and the chapter ends.

Menwhile,as shown during the intermission,Oiram is back in the castle Mario was in when he got attacked by the scissors. He says that he's sorry he failed,somebody then shouts "WELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING STANDING HERE,GO TRY TO KILL THEM NEAR WHERE THE NEXT SHARD IS!",Oiram shakes his head yes and says "Yes leader..." then it goes white. Then it shows a cherry bob-omb looking confused as it touches a shard,suddenly a black shadow comes and grabs the shard and attacks the bomb.

Chapter 2-Sir,we have a bandit promblem

Back at toad town,toader says reports said the next shard is in a desert. They go to the train station in which sadly the train is out of order. Luigi has to through a quest to grab the missing rail to fix the track. The group then goes to the desert. On the way there, people's stuff are getting stolen,near the end of the train they find a blue bandit who taunts the group by showing the shard then jumping off the train,dropping all the people's missing stuff.

At the desert,a masked figure says that they need a map in return for his sack. After giving the map,he laughs and shouts "FOOLS",He flips to reveal he's Oiram then challenges you once again. After beating both his forms,he flips over and over until he falls onto the ground,after the chapter he's gone. The sack opens to reveal Cherro,being so happy,she joins the group,saying a bandit knocked her out,then when she woke up,she was in a sack,thinking the bandit was the one who stole her. Reading the map,it showed where the bandit who stole the shard was hiding.Going to the town,Luigi promises to the police to help arrest the bandit crew.Once getting to the base,which is bandits only,the bandits kick the group out. After destorying a crack in the police office,Luigi gets the bandit badge,which makes Luigi and his parthers look like bandits,allowing them to go into the base. Their disguise is unmasked inside the 1st room by a bandit that fights you with another bandit and a shell bandit. After getting into the basement,the bandit that stole the shard along with a purple and an orange bandit are talking about what to do with the shard,the orange bandit spots Luigi,angry the bandits attack,during the battle,they can preform stylish moves too so they can boost their meter to use their shard to heal(always 5 to each bandit). After the battle,all 3 bandits run upstairs,then 1 shouts "GAH! THE COPS!',possibly a police says "Yeah,We followed Luigi,mad about that?" then 1 police toad comes down and thanks Luigi,pulls out the shard and says "I took this out of the blue one's pocket,take it,it's yours!",Luigi grabs it then the chapter ends.

During the intermission Oiram is once again in the castle,CRYING about his defeat,the leader just says "Your not needed to try to slow them down next time" Oiram sweats saying "Am I fired" but the leader chuckles and says "No,the next shard is is in a fighting ring,they clearly have to fight,alot..." then Oiram scrathes his head as the screen fates. Then it shows a toad polishing a trophy,with a shard in it and says "Well,the champ of this is gonna LOVE this!",then it fates into chapter 3...

Chapter 3-Fight,fight and keep fighting!

After Luigi and crew board the train again,the person who lost his stack of 1,000 coins,Buzza,thanks Luigi for giving him his money back and gives him a poster showing the fight pit by the coast of toad town. As the group goes over,they see alot of people waiting,a toad says that there's going to be a fighting tournament and the winner gets a trophy,the toad shows it and the crew sees that it has the shard. Luigi and crew decide to enter it to win the trophy.

The 1st fight Luigi goes through is with a crew of 3 goombas,which is easy.After 9 more matches Luigi is told by a defeated koopa the next match that Luigi has has really tough foes. Luigi is told to maybe train back where the dull bones were until they are assulted by a crew of bullet bills,they ask to look for a pair of sunglasses,which Luigi does then the leader,Bullet,Joins the group. With Bullet on their side,the group beats their next foes,the clefts and contuine fighting until the last match,against a...dragon? Half-Way during the match they find out it was a dupighost looking like a dragon,as the toad tries to dq the dupighost, it knocks out the toad then fights Luigi while gaining some more power. After it's defeat Luigi wins the trophy with the shard in it and the chapter ends.

The intermission shows Oiram putting some things in a bag and grumbling about Luigi's progress,then questions why he feel strange around him. Oiram shrugs then exits the room. Then it shows the same dupighost that lost before running into a house. Then the screen flashes as it shows some shy guys messing with some telescope that has a shard on top of it.

Chapter 4. Shy Guy trouble!

Luigi is requested to go to the post office in which the postman tells Luigi his mail was stolen,when Luigi exits,he sees 5 shy guys holding a cooking pan,Mario action figure and a wizard wand. A spy guy commands the shy guys to go to their secret home then leave. After going into the red house and using bullet's speed power,the wall breaks and Luigi steps onto a teleporter that teleports Luigi and crew to Shy Guy Toy Box.

When the crew gets there,they see 2 shy guys holding a fire flower. They then run to fight the crew. After their defeat,they drop(the needed) fire flower. After a bit,a green shy guy passes Luigi,he sweats then runs though a gate and hides,a fat guy(fat shy guy),walks into the gate then sits,forcing the crew to backtrack,after beating some spear guys,they drop the cooking pan,after giving it to Russ S,they can cook the Spicy Shroom to give to the fat guy. On the way back to the teleporter,Oiram amushes the crew,saying he wants a battle,even though his boss doesn't approve of it. After the match,Oiram worries he might be punished bad,so he runs away.On the way,the shy guy with the wand(called Magic Guy) teases the crew then leaves,summoning 3 spy guys.

After feeding the fat guy,it gets angry and jumps up and breaks the gate,leaving a hole,and a block falls in the way,after jumping over it,the green shy guy responces with a "Don't harm me please!",Finding out the green guy is part of a shy guy rebelican,he explains he was worried Luigi might think the wrong way,Luigi invites the shy guy to join the crew and he gladly accepts. After using Green Guy's ability,they fly up from the gate up to what seems like a fort.

During their way,the fat guy Luigi annoyed earilier says he wants to eat Luigi due to his "meaness",if Green Guy is up front with Luigi,Fat guy also says if he crushes Green Guy,he might be promoted.After being defeat,the Shy Guy with the wand teleports there,shrugs then teleports away. Contuing,Quiz Goomba quizs the crew again,if wrong,Quiz Goomba summons Grey Dull Bones AND an Anti-Guy. Anyway,they enter the throne room then they run into general guy. General Guy questions their apperence then attacks,after the defeat,a giant telescope pops out and Magic Guy appears,who laughs then attacks General Guy then goes up with the telescope,also revealing it's a laser ment to destory the toy box and toad town.After going up some more,The crew sees Magic Guy,who calls Luigi a fool then attacks. After his defeat,he drops his wizard staff,which breaks showing that the shard was powering it then the shy guy surrenders and runs away. General Guy then comes up and promises there will be peace with Shy Guys and Toads and gives Luigi the shard.

In the intermission,Oiram is still worried about how his boss will react when suddenly Magic Guy without his staff runs by Oiram,giving him an idea.Then it shows a shard fall into a volcano.

Chapter 5. The frostfire islands

Once back from Shy Guy's Toy Box,Luigi is told to go to the port,where Kooper is waiting to go to the newly discovered frostfire islands,he tells Luigi he'd love it if he'd tag along which they do,on the way there a giant current(found out to be caused by Magic Guy) sends them to the nearby Yoshi's island. Yoshis greet Luigi after a bit saying they'll send them to the 1st island if they help the tribe,by defeating the rival tribe,the ravens. After Raphel is beat,they agree to go join the Yoshi's way of thinking,making it so no ravens are able to be fought again. Then the yoshis send Luigi and crew to the first island,frostchill island.

On the island,Kooper is quick to complain about the cold,but then goes ahead. Trying to catch up,Luigi and Crew run into 3 Mr.Blizzards,which attack.After the Blizzards are defeated,The crew reach a toad village,where the toads offer Luigi hot cocoa. Kooper says these toads were shy so they found an island and stayed there,leaving the island with only them,or so they hoped,for snow creatures lived there.Suddenly,a squad of Mr.Blizzards attack. After defeating all the enemies,the toads promise to show them the next island,Charm Island,and the crew is sent out once again.

Theres no enemies on Charm Island,giving the heros a break,when they reach the village,they meet the shamans,one in which,needs help and offers a boat ride to the last island if they find a crystal ball. After getting one,the shaman reveals herself to be a shaman called Merlee,Luigi points out theres another Merlee in toad town that was on vaction but Merlee replies it was her then says she's gonna stay there,she also points out the pit of 100 trials they have then sends Luigi and Crew away to FireBurn island.

On the final island,the crew begins looking for a place of interest,suddenly Kooper says he saw a Volcano shining,thinking it's the shard. On the way to the island Magic Guy tries to stall them with enemies. After finally reaching the volcano,Kooper is kidnapped and Magic Guy demands the shards for Kooper to be free,the crew refuse and so Magic Guy dares them to go the Volcano top. After a hard way up,Magic Guy congrats the group for reahching the top,then reveals he's working with Oiram.Then Magic Guy says Oiram is setting something up then teleporters Kooper away.Magic Guy then shoots magic under Luigi and his Partner and both fall into the volcano as Magic Guy teleports away. In the volcano,The Partner sees the shard and tries to grab it when the shard is pulled back. A rex flies out then eats the shard,turning huge and a fight starts. After it's defeated,the rex cries then flies away,and the shard is grabbed.

Meanwhile Magic Guy is talking to Oiram,who holds the shard they have,Oiram then says about 3 things,Brainwashing,Bowser and the shard,then laughs and walks away.

Chapter 6: The Hypno-Evil Plan

Still on the island with the Volcano,A paratroopa gives Luigi "Urgent News" that Peach has been kidnapped and a castle has landed in Crystal Peak. After making it there,suddenly 2 Koopatrols notice Luigi and his Partner and attack,afterwards,the drop the key to get into the castle,though the Partner wonders if this is worth their time.

In the castle,Kammy Koopa appears taunting Luigi then blocking the path with 2 Toads,who have the weird mark Oiram had,suddenly,the 2 toads attack. After they are defeated,the marks break off and the 2 toads look confused,questioning where they are,the partner points out they are in what is maybe Bowser's castle. 1 toad says they saw a shy guy with a specter holding a glowing crystal then...he didnt remeber anything that happened next. Knowing now that Magic Guy and a shard is involved,Luigi and his Partners contuine in the castle.

Part-Way,as belived,Magic Guy appears and summons some Yoshi-Robot to fight,After the fight,it was found out the "Robot" was an alive,trapped,hypnotized light blue Yoshi. Showing graditude,he joins Luigi's party. After some way in,Bowser stomps in, saying he teamed up with some guy named Oiram then battles Luigi with Kammy. After the battle,the partner tells Bowser he was tricked and so Bowser destorys the door leading to Oiram's room.

When Luigi reaches Oiram,Oiram freaks out then asks how they got there. He then reveals on how he needed Peach to get Bowser to help him and,before he can say any more,Bowser attempts to burn Oiram,only to be blasted away by Magic Guy,then both attack Luigi and his partner. After their defeat,Oiram threatens Luigi but Magic Guy teleports both away from Bowser before he can burn them. Bowser says that this was a waste of his own time and gives Luigi the shard,saying it's worthless.

During the intermission,Oiram is shown at the castle from a while back with Magic Guy,saying he'd accept any punishment,but the unknown character says it's fine and no punishment will be given,then orders the 2 to start training due to there being only 1 shard left.

Chapter 7:...'s Mansion!

Back in Toad Town,a cloacked figure suddenly walks to Luigi and his partner,saying that a toad,overjoyed by Luigi success,went and bought him a mansion. Luigi refuses at first,knowing very well about haunted mansions but then is told that there was a shard in the mansion,so Luigi was forced to agree to going to the mansion.

After going through the forest,Luigi and his partner see a house by the mansion,once they go inside,they are seen by the Black Dupighost,who quickly asks why they are here,after an akward talk,he shows Luigi that made something that can remake past boss fights,each win of a new match gives 50 coins and a repel cape. Afterwards he gives Luigi the key to the mansion.

In the mansions,10 greenies are seen trapped in a cage,then 2 boos assault Luigi and his partner. After the boo's defeat,Luigi saves the 10 greenies and one,named Shovlee joins the party.1/4 way in the mansion,a pianoist boo appears and attacks using his piano,once defeated he drops the 1st skeleton key. 1/2 way through the level,a boo with a wand asks who you would rather defeat everyday,octomba,shy guy or lakitu. Whatever you choose,the boo fights you with an octoboo,ghoul guy or fishin' boo to help him.Once defeated,like the pianoist boo,he drops a skeleton key.3/4 way through the mansion,a headband boo appears and fights. Like the other 2,when defeated,he drops the last skeleton key.

Using Shovlee's digging power,all 3 keys are inserted in the boo door and Luigi makes it to the throne room,where King Boo and the shard await,much to Luigi's surprise. King Boo then says he plans are taking the shards Luigi has then creates a big illusion around Toad Town,then he is fought. After 3 illusions and himself are defeated,King Boo swears revenge then disappears,leaving the shard for grabs.

Menwhile at toad town,a giant castle flies overhead,much to the toads shock,suddenly Oiram in a clown car-like machine tells all the toads to quiet down,they are just landing nearby and whoever makes noise next is the first kidnapped. One baby toad cries and suddenly 3 alive scissors come and take him away into the castle. A femalish laugh is then heard and the mystreyous person reveals themselves...or so,you see them take off the robe,then it turns white and shows Luigi and his partner in the mansion.

Chapter 8:Raiding the castle!

When Luigi arrives in Toad Town,his partner is quick to notice the scared toads. One explains a giant castle appeared,landed nearby and is now taking toads one by one! Suddenly 2 scissors appear and take a nearby toad away,then Luigi decides to follow.

In the castle,Luigi sees many Koopatrols,Magikoopas and Toads to his surprise,all working for the unknown villain. After some battling,he finds out they all have gotten Black spots,little Oiram and the mind-controlled Yoshis and Toads before. Knowning what to do,Luigi and his partner try to get farther ahead.

Partway there,they find out something crazy,after Mario's disappearence,the leader of the scissors cut a piece of him off,putting where the "Birthmark/Wart" aka the Control Chip in,knowing what to do,Luigi then went to find Oiram in the castle. When they find Oiram with Magic Guy,Luigi at first tries to get Mario to snap out of his control,but in the end,Oiram challenges Luigi to one last battle,even admitting he knows in reality,he isn't real. After Oiram's final defeat,the control chip breaks finally and Mario awakens,at first he just asks about his clothes but then tells Luigi where the throne room is and desides to help Luigi conquier the castle.

Making it to the scissor army side,Luigi learns more about the scissors,they were once a powerful tribe who cut up and enslaven enemies who fought them and soon became the rulers of the planet,the star spirits then decides to make the crystal stone,which was used to bury the scissor race in the ground and save every other species from enslavement,the game Rock-Paper-Scissors was made to remind people of the event. After going through most of the 2nd half of the castle,with his partners and Mario by his side,the scissor leader challenged Luigi,but ended up being defeated like the other scissors,dropping a key for the final battle.

In the throne room of the evil ruler,the unknown figure reveals themselves as Queen Scissorla,which,to Luigi's surprise,was a toad! She explains she saw all the poor burried scissors and decided to do what her great-great-great-great grandfather did,use a powerful thing to take everything,to their knees,expect it wouldn't be something,it'd be some race! All the scissors then obeyed her and she became her conquest,destorying the scissor's only weakness in the progress. Then she cuts all of the Mushroom Kingdom into many pieces and dares Luigi to try to stop her.

At first,she is immortal until Luigi decides to merge the shard stone together,breaking her forcefield,and after a bit,she uses her crown to turn into the "Strongest Scissor ever!",after using the shard stone's ultimate attack,she is defeated and turned into a blue blob,which then dissappears.

After the credits end,a quick scene is shown in which a letter falls down and Mario suddenly disappears,the letter is then zomed up and saids in really crazy way "It's not over-Queen Scissorla" then it goes to the title screen.


Items are find in the ground,lyng around or in shops. Items with BOLD are only found on the ground,Items in italic only found in the ground and items with a * next to them are only gotten in shops. Items not lisited here but in the recipes part can only be cooked.

  • Mushroom-Heal 5 hp.Costs 3 coins in a shop. Used to make many things.
  • Great Shroom-Heals 15 hp. Costs 7 coins in a shop.
  • Coin Shroom*-Heals 10 hp but gives 10 free coins. Costs 15 coins in a shop
  • Gold Shroom-Heals 20 hp and gives 20 free coins. Used to make gem deluxe
  • Life-Shroom-Restores 1/2 hp if Luigi or a parther loses all of their HP. Costs 30 coins in a shop
  • Ultra Life-Shroom*-Restores ALL hp if Luigi or a parther loses all of their hp. Costs 70 in a shop.
  • Shell-Throws a shell that hits all foes for 3 damage. Costs 5 coins in a shop
  • Red Shell-Throws a shell that hits all foes for 5 damage.Costs 9 coins in a shop
  • Blue Shell*-Throws a shell that hits all foes for 8 damage.Costs 12 coins in a shop.
  • Gold Shell-Throws a shell that hits all foes for 9 damage,gives 30 coins.
  • Angry Drink-Makes user have the angry effect, Costs 10 coins in a shop
  • Fire Flower-Shoots fire and has 20% to burn for each foe. Costs 6 coins in a shop. Used to make Spicy Shroom when used with a mushroom.
  • Ice Freeze-Hits foe with ice and has 30% chance to freeze 1 foe. Cost 6 coins in a shop. Used to make Peachy Freezie when used with a peachy peach.
  • Peachy Peach- Heals 10 hp.Used to make Peachy Freezie when used with Ice Freeze.
  • Repel Cape*-Foe's attack has 50% chance to miss for 3 turns.(Gained by winning arena battles)
  • Red gem-No real use,sells for 80 coins.
  • Dark Pearl-100% flee,doesn't work on bosses
  • Light Crystal-Fills up shard gage to 100% full
  • Bean-Can give to townsfloak for 5 extra coins
  • Silver Flower-Shoots a fire/ice mix that has a 25% to burn or freeze. Used to make gem deluxe



Theres 12 effects in the game

  • Sleep-Can't attack for 2 turns.
  • Burns-Loses an attack and takes damage for 3 turns.
  • Poision-Can't attack and takes damage for 2 turns.
  • Dodgy-Can avoid attacks for 2 turns,when fog is on,all fighters get the effect for as long as the fog's on.
  • Tiny-Loses 2 attack for 2 turns.
  • Frozen-Same as sleep.
  • Electricfied-Phyiscal attacks on the one effected hurts the attacker,but the effected one loses 2 hp for 2 turns.
  • Angry-Gains +2 attack for 1 turn but can't attack after the next attack the user does.
  • Regen-Heals the effected one by 2 hp for 3 turns.
  • Confused-Can hurt allies instead,if no allies are with them,it can possibly not attack. Lasts 2 turns
  • Blind-Can miss attacks and can't dodge or guard agianst attacks for 2 turns.

Special effects-Some enemy or ally attacks cause special effects

  • Burried-Foe is shoved in ground,can't attack and has 0 defense. Only given by Shovlee


You can talk to the purple toad in the purple home,Russ S,to cook items.

  • Cooked Shroom:Heals 10 hp and cures most status(other than ones that make user unable to attack). Made by any mushroom and nonthing else.
  • Spicy Shroom:Heals 30 hp but burns the user. Made by any mushroom and a fire flower.
  • Gem Deluxe-Heals 20 hp,gives 10 coins and deals 5 to 10 damage to foe.

Normal Enemies

These are in order of appearence. Enemies in BOLD are bosses and enemies in Italics are optional enemies,enemies only in the pit of 100 trails are unlisited here. Tattles will be on this page ----> Super Paper Luigi/Tattles.

  • 1.Goomba- Hp:2. Attack:1. Defense-0
  • 2.ParaGoomba-Hp:2. Attack:1. Defense-0
  • 3.Ghost Star-Hp:3. Attack-1. Defense-0
  • 4.???: Hp:???. Attack-???. Defense-???(True Stats:Hp-4. Attack-1. Defense-0)
  • 5.Big Shard Goomba- Hp-10. Attack-1(2 when powered up) Defense-1(if hammer is used,it turns to 0 for 2 turns)
  • 6.Koopa-Hp:3.Attack:1. Defense-1
  • 7.ParaKoopa-Hp:3. Attack:1. Defense-1
  • 8.King K-Hp:15. Attack-2. Defense-1(Joins party after the battle)
  • 9.Spikey Goomba-Hp-5 Attack-2. Defense-0
  • 10.Bob-Omb- Hp-2. Attack-5. Defense-0(Explodes after hit once if hit again or during its attack.)
  • 11.Oiram Fight 1-Hp:20. Attack-2. Defense-0
  • 12.Bullet Bill- Hp:4. Attack-2. Defense-1
  • 13.Bullet Bill Blaster-Hp-7. Attack-0. Defense-1
  • 14.Bluack-Hp-25.Attack-2(3 when changes form). Defense-1.
  • 15.Dull Bones-Hp-1. Attack-3. Defense-Cant be hurt by jump.(Can remake itself,can't turn Grey Dull Bones and Red Dull Bones battles.)
  • 16.Grey Dull Bones-Hp-30. Attack-3. Defense-Cant be hurt by jump.(Fought if you get 3 questions worng during Quiz Goomba's quiz.Can summon Dull Bones,which have a 25% to attack the turn it's summoned)
  • 17. Red Dull Bones-Hp-35. Attack-3. Defense-Cant be hurt by jump or fire.(Can summon Dull Bones,which have 25% chance to attack the turn it's summoned,gets missing track after the fight)
  • 18.Pokey-Hp:8. Attack-2. Defense-0. Cant be hurt by jump due to spikes
  • 19.Bandit-Hp:7. Attack-1. Defense-0. Can steal then use items.
  • 20.Tumbleba-Hp:8. Attack-2. Defense-0. Can make itself dodgy
  • 21.Oiram Fight 2-Normal form-Hp:20. Attack-2. Defense-0. Diguise form-Hp:20. Attack-1. Defense-1. Beat both forms to beat Oiram. You get Cherro afterwards.
  • 22.Shelled Bandit.Hp-7. Attack-1. Defense-1. Same was bandit but with +1 defense
  • 23.Jet Pack Bandit. Hp-7. Attack-1. Defense-0. Can pick up a parther,making them not attack that turn,also they fly,other than that,they're normal bandits.
  • 24.Spiked Bandit.Hp-7. Attack-2. Defense-0. Can steal items then destory or use them.
  • 25.Swooper. Hp-6. Attack-1. Defense-0. Clings to wall at first,then becomes a flying enemy.
  • 26.Bandilla. Hp-15. Attack-2. Defense-1. Can steal items then use them,also can add the regen effect to her allies.
  • 27.Swipper. Hp-15. Attack-3. Defense-0. Can steal items then use them,can make himself or allies dodgy.
  • 28.Bandy Twan. Hp-15. Attack-3. Defense-1. Can steal items then use them,can use the shard to regain health.
  • 29.Black Shell Koopa. Hp-10. Attack-4. Defense-2.(Needs to be stomped twice to flip over.)
  • 30.Black Shell Parakoopa. Hp-10.  Attack-4. Defense-2.(Needs to be stomped twice to flip over)
  • 31.Blooper. Hp-9. Attack-3. Defense-0. (Can blind foes)
  • 32.X-Naut. Hp-10. Attack-2. Defense-0
  • 33.X-Naut PHD. Hp-12. Attack-1. Defense-1. (Can makes foes tiny and allies angry)
  • 34.Crazee Dayzee. Hp-7. Attack-2. Defense-0. (Can make foes sleep)
  • 35.Clubba. Hp-8. Attack-3. Defense-0.(Club counts as spike)
  • 36.White Clubba. Hp-12. Attack-5. Defense-0.(Club counts as spike)
  • 37.Artantla.Hp-14. Attack-5. Defense-0.(Can change from Hammer Level to non-hammer level)
  • 38.Spinia. Hp-7. Attack-3. Defense-0
  • 39.Spania. Hp-7.Attack-3. Defense-0(Has spike)
  • 40.ParaSpinia. Hp-7. Attack-3. Defense-0
  • 41.ParaSpania. Hp-7. Attack-3. Defense-0(Flying AND has a spike)
  • 42.Cleft. Hp-6. Attack-7. Defense-12(Has to be hit by Punch Dash to be hurt.)
  • 43.Dark Wizzerd. Hp-10. Attack-5. Defense-1(illusions have 1 hp only)
  • 44.Koopatrol. Hp-8. Attack-8. Defense-1.
  • 45.Bzzzzap!. Hp-7. Attack-6. Defense-0.(Can Poision)
  • 46.Swoopula. Hp-8. Attack-3. Defense-0.
  • 47.Dark Craw. Hp-18.Attack-6. Defense-0.
  • 48.Skellobit. Hp-12. Attack-3. Defense-0
  • 49.Sproing-Oing. Big one stats-Hp:12. Attack-3. Defense-0. Little one stats-Hp:4. Attack-1. Defense-0.
  • 50.Phanthom Ember. Hp-12. Attack-4.Defense-0. Can Burn.
  • 51.Chain Chomp.Hp-7.Attack-7. Defense-5.
  • 52.Dragicho???: Hp:40. Attack:8. Defense-0.
  • 52.5.Black DupiGhost: Hp:10. Attack-5. Defense-0.
  • 53.Shy Guy:Hp-7. Attack-3.
  • 54.Spy Guy:Hp:7. Attack:4. Defense-0.(One is fought in a boss fight)
  • 55.Balloon Guy:Hp:4. Attack-3. Defense-0.
  • 55.5. Balloons(on Balloon Guy). Hp:2. Attack:0. Defense:0.
  • 56.Joke Guy:Hp:5. Attack-3. Defense-0.(Can Confuse).
  • 57.Oiram fight 3:Hp:50. Attack-7. Defense-0.
  • 58.Spear Guy:Hp:9. Attack:7. Defense-0.
  • 59.Ice Guy: Hp:11. Attack:3. Defense-1.(weak against fire)
  • 60.Fire Guy: Hp:11. Attack:6. Defense-0.(weak against ice)
  • 61.Fat Guy: Hp-30. Attack-7. Defense-(Only Jump,Green Guy's spear or Bullet Punch work),after all 30 hp is gone,he turns into a shy guy.
  • 62.Anti-Guy:Hp-40. Attack-5. Defense-0. (Appears if quiz is answered wrong)
  • 63.Shy Stack:Hp-15. Attack-4. Defense-0.(1st part of General Guy Fight)
  • 64.Shy Guy Ghost: Hp-7. Attack-10. Defense-0.(3 are in the fight,2nd part of General Guy fight)
  • 65.General Guy: (In tank during whole fight) Hp:30. Attack-4. Defense-2. (Final Part of General Guy fight)
  • 66.Magic Guy(Fight 1): Hp-40. Attack-8. Defense-0.(Can summon Joke,Ice or Fire guys)
  • 67.Fuzzy. Hp-12. Attack-4. Defense-0.
  • 68.Pink Fuzzy. Hp-9. Attack-3. Defense-1.(Can suck up hp to add on their own)
  • 69.Green Fuzzy. Hp-10. Atack-5. Defense-0.(Can Multiply)
  • 70.Golden Fuzzy. Hp-30. Attack-10. Defense-3.(Only 1% to spawn with fuzzies)
  • 71.Raven. Hp-12. Attack-3. Defense-0.
  • 72.Raphel the Raven. Hp-30. Attack-8. Defense-1.
  • 73.Frost Pirranha. Hp-12. Attack-4. Defense-0.(Weak to fire,can freeze)
  • 74.Mr.Blizzard. Hp-30. Attack-1. Defense-0.(Weak to fire,can freeze)
  • 75.Ice Bro. Hp-15. Attack-3.Defense-2. (Weak to fire,can freeze)
  • 76.Bone Goomba. Hp-6. Attack-4. Defense-2.(once hammered,turns into a gloomba)
  • 77.Gloomba.Hp-6. Attack-4. Defense-0.
  • 78.Dry Bones. Hp-7. Attack-5. Defense-(Immune to jump)
  • 79.Rex. Hp-(Needs to be stomped twice). Attack-6. Defense-None
  • 80.Lava Bubble. Hp-1. Attack-10. Defense-0.(Jump doesnt work,weak to fire,if one jumps on it,the target ges burned.)
  • 81.Sharex. Hp-45. Attack-10. Defense-0(3 when in shell)
  • 82.Hypnotized Toad. Hp-20,Attack-4. Defence-1.
  • 83.Magikoopa. Hp-14. Attack-5. Defence-2.
  • 84.Hypnotized Yoshi. Hp-18. Attack-6. Defence-1.
  • 85.Koopa-Bot. Hp-10. Attack-8. Defence-3(0 when tipped over) Weak to electric moves
  • 86.Boss:Yosh-Inator? Hp-30. Attack-7. Defence-1. Weak to electric moves
  • 87.Spiky Paratroopa. Hp-14. Attack-6. Defense-1.
  • 88.Boss:Bowser. Hp-40. Attack-10. Defense-2.
  • 89.Boss:Kammy. Hp-20. Attack-6. Defence-3.
  • 90.Secrtity Hypno Toad. Hp-25. Attack-7. Defense-3.
  • 91.Boss:Magic Guy(Fight 2). Hp-45. Attack-5. Defense-2.
  • 92.Boss: Oiram(Fight 4). Hp-50. Attack-10. Defense-0.
  • 93.Scardey-Rat:Hp-1. Attack-10. Defense-0. Always go first
  • 94.Beetle. Hp-16. Attack-7.Defense-0.
  • 95.Spirit Ball. Hp-30. Attack-1. Defense-1. Gives random effect every turn that lasts that turn.
  • 96.Miniboss:Carnivourus Plant.  Hp:40. Attack-10. Defense-1. 2 appear in battle,both weak to fire.
  • 97.Boo. Hp-18. Attack-4. Defense-0
  • 98.Gold Ghost. Hp-15. Attack-3. Defense-1.
  • 99.Purple Puncher. Hp-10. Attack-5. Defense-0
  • 100.Blue Twirler. Hp-20. Attack-1. Defense-2
  • 101.Bomb Boo. Hp-10. Attack-15. Defense-0. Explodes after 1 turn.
  • 102.Miniboss: ''Pianoist Boo. Hp-10. Attack-4. Defense-0. Can't be hurt until Piano is destoryed.
  • 102.5. Piano. Hp-30. Attack-7. Defense-2.
  • 103.'Miniboss:'Fishin' Boo. Hp-14. Attack-4, Defense-0.(25% to burn each turn) Appears if you pick Lakitu
  • 104.Miniboss: Octoboo. Hp-16. Attack-6. Defense-0. Appears if you pick Octomba.
  • 105.Miniboss: Ghoul Guy. Hp-14. Attack-3. Defense-1. Appears if you pick Shy Guy
  • 106.Miniboss:Wizard Boo. Hp-30. Attack-6. Defense-0. Summons Fishin' Boo,Octoboo or Ghoul Guy to help him in battle.
  • 107.Dry Bones. Hp-7. Attack-5. Defense-Can't be hurt by jump,recovers after a bit of time.
  • 108.Transoboo-Average Form. Hp-20. Attack-6. Defense-1. Attacks then changes form each turn.
  • 108.2.Transboo-Attack Form. Hp-20. Attack-10. Defense-0. Attacks then changes form each turn.
  • 108.3.Transboo-Defense Form. Hp-20. Attack-2. Defense-3. Attacks then changes form each turn.
  • 109.Miniboss:Speedy Boo. Hp-30. Attack-7. Defense-0. Attacks first at start,25% for confusion during each attack.
  • 110.1.King Boo illusion 1. Hp-20. Attack-3. Defense-1. Counts as spiked enemy,can clone self into boos.
  • 110.2.King Boo illusion 2. Hp-25. Attack-4. Defense-1. Counts as spiked enemy,can clone self into Bomb Boos
  • 110.3.Giant King Boo illusion. Hp-???. Attack-15. Defense-???. Is destoryed once jumped on.
  • 110.4.King Boo. Hp-40. Attack-7. Defense-5. Defense can be getting rid of if crown is destoryed.
  • 110.5.Crown. Hp-10. Attack-0. Defense-5. Once defeated,King Boo loses 5 defense for 2 turns,after 2 turns,it comes back.
  • 111.Dark Koopatrol. Hp-20. Attack-9. Defense-2. Counts as spiked enemy
  • 112.Red Magikoopa. Hp-16. Attack-5. Defense-0. Can heal allies.
  • 113.Toad Guard. Hp-15. Attack-12. Defense-0. Counts as spiked enemy,attacks every 3 turns.
  • 114.Toad Bomber. Hp-7. Attack-0. Defense-0. Every turn adds one Hyper Bob-Omb,if 4 enemies on field,does nonthing
  • 115.Hyper Bob-Omb. Hp-14. Attack-20. Defense-1. Works like normal Bob-Omb
  • 116.Golden Bullet Bill Blaster. Hp-20. Defense-4. Works like Bullet Bill Blaster
  • 117.Golden Bullet Bill. Hp-4. Attack-20. Defense-3. Works like Bullet Bill.
  • 118.Oiram(Final Fight). Hp-60. Attack-10. Defense-0
  • 119.Magic Guy(Final Fight). Hp-40. Attack-5. Defense-1. Heals Oiram by 10 hp if Oiram is defeated before he is.
  • 120.Healer Robot. Hp-40. Attack-0(6 when blows up). Defense-2. Heals every turn,only appears during final Oiram fight,once explodes,another appears after 3 turns.
  • 121.Scissor tribesman. Hp-20. Attack-6. Defense-1.
  • 122.Scissor swordsman. Hp-20.Attack-9. Defense-1.
  • 123.Scissor Leader. Hp-50. Attack-10. Defense-3. Loses 3 defense when Scissor forcefield is destoryed.
  • 124.Scissor Forcefield. Hp-30. Attack-4. Defense-3. When destoryed,Scissor Leader loses 3 defense,come back after 2 turns.
  • 125.Queen Scissorla phase 1. Hp-120. Attack-10. Defense-???(turns to 1 once shard stone is merged)
  • 125.5. Queen Scissorla phase 2. Hp-???. Attack-40. Defense-???. After one shard stone move is used,she is defeated,if isn't used that turn,she uses an attack that does 40 damage.



  • Toader-A toad that gives no mercy and tattle on foes! Gotten in prologe. Moves:

Slap-Slaps a foe. 0 fp

Tattle-Tells info on a foe.0 fp

Mult Slap-Slaps foes multiple times till player messes up. 6 fp needed,1 upgrade needed.

Heal Shroom-Heal Luigi by 5 if bar is in green,10 if in yellow,15 if in orange and 20 if in red. 4 fp needed,upgrade 2 needed.

  • King K-A yellow-shelled koopa that can grab items and hit switches from hard to reach areas,he also seems to know Luigi's bro,but not by the same name.Gotten in chapter 1. Moves:

Shell hit-Hits 1 enemy. 0 fp

Shell shock- Hits all enemies. 2 fp

Shell cover-Hides in shell gaining +2 defensive,raising his defense to 3 that turn. 3 fp and upgrade 1 needed

Burn Shell-Hits all enemies and can burn foes. 6 fp and upgrade 2 needed.

  • Cherro-A cherry bomb with an attitude. She can blow up cracked walls. She resembles a bomb you had before...right? Gotten in chapter 2

Cherry Pounce-Body slams the foe. 0 fp.

Explode-Explodes to 1 foe. 2 fp.

Charge-Adds 2 attack to it. 4 fp and 1 ugrade needed.

CherryPlode-Blows up to 1 foe and other foes get 1/3 the damage. 6 fp needed.

  • Bullet-A bullet bill with an attitude who can make you go faster. Gotten in chapter 3. Moves:

Bullet Dash-Hits foe with body. 0 fp

Punch Dash-Hits 1 foe into another. 3 fp

Charge-Gains +2 attack for 2 turns. 6 fp and upgrade 1 needed.

Bullet Tornado-Spins fast to deal tons of damage to all enemies. 5 fp and upgrade 2 needed

  • Green Guy-A shy guy rebel alright! He can fly Luigi up places that he could'nt jump high enough before. Gotten in chapter 4.

Slingshot-Hits foe with a slingshot,can hit anyhing. 0 fp.

Spear-Hits 2 ground foes with spear. 2 fp.

Balloons-Gets rid of 1 non-boss enemy,star points are givin. 4 fp.

Balloon Shot-Flys up to avoid ground damage and hits a foe with a slingshot that can hit anything. 10 fp.

  • Yoshpy-A Light Blue Yoshi who was ment to spy on Oiram,but had to suffer,now he helps Luigi by dectecting hidden items and panels.

Ground Pound-Hits foe from above. 0 fp.

Spy Steal-Goes to a foe and steals their item,fails if foe is not holding an item. 5 fp.

Electro Whip-Grabs one enemy and throws them against the other,the one thats grabbed gets the electric status. 6 fp and upgrade 1 needed.

Shrink Bomb-Throws up to 4 "Egg Bombs" that hit all enemies and can have a 50% to shrink the foe hit. 4 fp and upgrade 2 needed.

  • Shovlee-Last main partner before aftergame. A greenie armed with a shovel and ready to fight! Can bring Luigi underground to get items in the ground! Joins in Chapter 7.

Wack-Hits foe with a shovel,25% to give foe burried or confused status. 0 fp

Dig-Buries a foe in the ground,giving them the burried status for 1 turn. 4 fp

Seed Plant-Plants a seed that poisions,confuses or shrinks the foe. 5 fp and upgrade 1 needed

Shadow Sneak-Sneaks up and hits foe with shovel,10% to confuse or bury foe,always hits no matter what. 3 fp and upgrade 2 needed

  • Mario-Luigi's brother! He's helping you raid the castle! Only helps after Last Oiram fight till end of Chapter 8.

Mario uses all moves Luigi can use and has same stats,mainly making him give Luigi an extra turn.

  • Hammero- A Hammer Brother who,now that you gave him a hammer,he is ready to fight with Luigi! Is optional. The dude can pound stakes like nonthing! Moves:

Hammer-Hits foe with a hammer. 0 fp

Hammer throw-Can hit ANY foe. 6 fp

Fire hammer-hits a foe and can burn it. 3 fp and upgrade 1 needed.

Ice Hammer-Hits and foe and can freeze it. 5 fp and upgrade 2 needed

  • Flora- A member of the floro sapiens,she seems to have a crush on Luigi! She can "mind control" one foe in an area to distract other foes while passing ahead,only enemies that have 30 less hp than Luigi are effected,is optional. Moves:

Head Lash-Hits foe with head. 0 fp

Hypno Sprout-Puts a sprout on a foe that gets confused. 3 fp

Replant-Loses all health to heal Luigi to full health. 6 fp and upgrade 1 needed.

Floro army-Summons army of floro sapiens to deal huge damage,if bar is in blue or green though,0 damage is done. 7 fp and upgrade 2 needed.

  • ???

Shard Attacks

After getting a shard each chapter,it allows you to do certain new attacks using shard energy gained from the audience.You get 2 full shard energy after getting the 1st shard,gaining more as you get each shard.

  • Shard 1.Help Shot-1 full Shard Energy needed. Shoot the orange mushrooms for attack boost,the blue ones for a defense boost and rarley a golden one for a attack and defense boost,it takes 6 of each mushroom to get the + effect(like 6 defense mushrooms for a +1 defense),hit a poision mushroom and both attack and defense bars go down by 2. Gotten in Prolouge
  • Shard 2. Fire storm-3 Full shard energy needed. Summons a storm of fire doing 4 damage to each enemy,and,if done perfectly,burns the foe.
  • Shard 3. Heal Frenzy-2 full shard energy needed. Mushrooms fall down,every normal one heals Luigi or the parther 1 hp,golden heal by 5 and poision ones take away 2 hp.
  • Shard 4. Time Freeze-3 full shard energy needed. Keep clicking buttons until time is freezed,then click A until the bar reaches past the green,if past green time freezes for foe,if less,time freezes for Luigi and allies.
  • Shard 5. Bright Flash-1 full shard energy needed. Click a button when the light shows a red star 4 times(you get 7 chances),if done correctly,the foes get the blind status,if failed,nonthing happens.
  • Shard 6.Tic Tac Help-2 full shard energy needed. Like Help Shot,but instead the mushrooms appear in a 3x3 grid,making it slightly easier to preform.
  • Shard 7.Status X-5 full shard energy needed, Shoot the status items,in the end,the 1 shot most gets every foe affected by it. The status are Burned,Angry,Electriced or Tiny.
  • Shard 8. Showstopper. 7 full shard energy needed. Unleashed an attack that does a max of 20 damage,doesn't work on bosses.
  • Shard Stone(is added after a bit in Queen Scissorla phase 1 battle). Shard Stone Scissor Destoryer Blast. 0 shard energy needed. Unleashes an attack so powerful,it can destory any scissor,does 0 damage on anything else.

Similar stuff to other Paper Mario Games

  • Like Thousand year door,there is an audience.
  • Like the first 2 games,theres a koopa that joins your group.
  • Like the first 2 games,a bob-omb joins your group.


  • "Are you leaking into insanity Bluack!?!?"-King K after hearing Bluack's evil plan of using the shard for his own evil.
  • "Are you execpting ME to be the one who grabs the shard that had goomba on it? I don't want it's germs!"-Toader after Big Shard Goomba is defeated.
  • "Oh hello there,I am just an average koopa,what,your saying most are evil? Your saying I'm not average! Now I feel special,YAHOO!"-Random nice koopa in Koopa town
  • "SHUT YOUR MOUTH KING K,I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ANYMORE!"-Bluack after King K remarks he's crazy.
  • "How DARE you call this a wart! It's my BIRTHMARK,how rude little toad!"-After being told his black thing looks like a wart by Toader.
  • "Oh,you need this shard? TOO BAD SUCKER!"-Bandy Twan.
  • "Time to take you to where my other defeated ones are...IN THE UNDERWORLD!"-The Dark Craw in chapter 3.
  • "Yes,I summoned the shy guy attack not General Guy. Your brain is like that of a dead fish!"-Magic Guy after defeating General Guy
  • "So the yoshis made you come to make us join them,just TRY me!" -Raphel The Raven when Luigi first sees Raphel.
  • "Listen Mr,are you trying to trick me into going in a haunted mansion,I've went to 6 different ones,you can't fool me!"-Luigi after being invited to the mansion
  • "Oh so your Luigi huh? BIG thanks about fix'n the dark moon. Anyways,King Boo is trying to take this nice place,NOT COOL! Need help,I'm your man! Or ghost...well,I just wanna help!"-Shovlee before joining the party.


  • Super Mario Bros-During Toader's tattle on goombas,he says "Destory the betrayers!" this references that the story was goombas used to live with toads until most betrayed them to Bowser.
  • Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's island-An island is called Yoshi's Island. Raphel the raven and the ravens return.
  • Paper Mario-Both have a chapter that stars shy guys,both being chapter 4. Kooper also returns as a major character in chapter 5.
  • Paper Mario Thousand Year Door-King K returns as a parther. Also,when you chat to Hammero in Darkfall gate,he says "This place is like that Twlight town your bro went too,isn't that where Mario made that hot girl called Viv... Oops! Ranting on again! Pretend I didnt say anything!".Jerry the cherry bomb is also metioned in Cherro's info. Chapter 3 is also similar to the glitz pit without any plot twists
  • Super Princess Peach-After the boss of chapter 5,a rex is defeated,it cries,like the enemy sad rex.


  • For the 1st 4 Oiram fights,somebody says Oiram has a big wart,which makes this a running gag.
  • The bandit Swipper is ment to reference Swipper the fox from Dora,it's unknown why the reference was made,a theory is to even make young kids get some humor.
  • In the bandit fight,their shard can revive allies by 2 hp,though when Luigi uses it,it can't.
  • The 2nd chapter is a big reference to Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos,Super Paper Luigi's inspiraion.
  • This is the first paper mario game in which theres no blooper boss,but bloopers are enemies.
  • Chapter 3 brings the most "new" enemies,with a grand total of 24 enemies if you count the bosses 2 forms as 2 enemies.

Music(all music belongs to some Nintendo game)


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