Super Paper Dimentio is a game for the Nintendo Wii. You can be a total of 5 characters, and you get 7 partners. One partner is a secret partner, you can only get him when you beat the game, and go to Toad Town. Then you go through a pipe and defeat Ultra- Mario. Then a treasure chest comes out, and you get the partner.


Super Paper Dimentio se trata Dimentio hacerse cargo Flipside y haciendo Dimensión X . Bleck , Tippi , Natashia , O'Chunks y Luigi casualmente pasaba alrededor, en busca de Flipside. Dimentio les lavaron el cerebro, pero Tippi y Luigi escapó. Él consigue Luigi, pero busca Tippi. Parecía que ella se fue corriendo a la Mushroom kingdom . Dimentio y su ejército partieron para encontrarlo.


Mr. M is normally Mario.

Mr. L is normally Luigi, but once you beat him in the 4th level, He becomes playable.


Mini games

You unlock one mini game with each partner. The hardest mini game is Blooper Bowling, you unlock it with Blopper.


When the main menu pops up, click adventure and your file. At first, you choose your character. You can change it on the pause screen later. You start out at Dimension X, But then go in the cave that you are up to. As long as you saved, you will be at the same point. If you are at the boss, you end up right before it, but if you were versing it, You would be at the last save point. Adventure mode is the only mode you start with.


You don't unlock battle until you unlock Mr. L in Adventure

Battle mode is the only multi-player game beside multi- venture, which you unlock when you beat the game in 2 files. Press it on the main menu. You are able to do missions, and verse Mario and crew. You can choose between Dimentio, Bleck, Natashia, OChunks, and Mr.L.