Super Nutzo is the first game in Nutzo series. It is the first appearance of Oake, Kate, Karritz, and most other characters- however, Nutz appeared in Fandemonium 2 and Fantendo Smash Bros. Warzone. It's for the 3DS.


Nutz, Oake and Kate are three friends who live in the Squirrel Colony, nearby the castle-tree. They usually hang out playing normal squirrel games.

Queen Squirrel III is the ruler of the Squirrel Colony, and, with her guard Karritz, is in charge of protecting the acorns from the neighboring Chipmunk Colony. Usually the Chipmunks don't bother to attack. But not this time.

Queen Squirrel tried to stop the Chipmunk King as ran with the nuts, but to no avail. So, she sent Karritz out to catch him. On his way, Karritz ran into Nutz, Oake and Kate, who were picking up a few of the nuts the King had dropped. Meetz took the nuts and explained to the three friends that the Chipmunk King had stolen them, and that he had to get them back. Feeling sorry for Karritz, Nutz, Oake and Kate decided to help him. The four chased after the Chipmunk King.


The gameplay is similar to NSMB and NSMB2. Unlike these two games, you can select Nutz, Oake, Kate and Karritz similarly to SMB2. Also like SMB2, you can pick up enemies, but nothing else.


World 1 - Squirrel Colony

  • Castle - You can visit the queen here. She can give you tips.
  • 1 - A relatively short level with several trees you have to climb over. Chipmunks are the only enemies found.
  • 2 - A slightly longer level. Frank appears in it, and there are also two dogs, and more Chipmunks.
  • 3 - A level with trees over water. Since Nutz and the gang can't swim, you must walk on the trees. If you stand on a tree for too long, it will fall and you will drown.
  • Boss Level - This level is a castle-like level. There is water and lava with several dogs. Frank also reappears. The boss is Butch.

World 2 - Street

  • 1 - A long level with several cars, a couple of Chipmunks, and a few dogs. Frank also returns.
  • 2 - A short level with a couple of building you can climb up, and there are people introduced, and Chipmunks are back. Two dogs also appear.
  • 3 - Another long level like #1, but with more dogs and some people. Frank is still there.
  • Boss Level - This level happens inside of a building. There is a bathtub, a sink, and a giant bed. Frank comes back. The boss is Cuddly Cutie.

World 3 - Chipmunk Forest

  • 1 - A level similar to 1-1, but with more Chipmunks and a couple of dogs.
  • 2 - A level similar to 1-2, but no Frank, and more dogs.
  • 3 - A level similar to 1-3, but with fewer trees. The Super Acorn is introduced.
  • Boss Level - This level is the same as 1-Castle, but instead of the queen, the Chipmunk King appears as a boss. It is the shortest boss level.



  • Nutz - Nutz is a balanced character. He has no pros or cons.
  • Oake - Oake is the third fastest, and has the best traction. However, he can't jump very high.
  • Kate - Kate is the second fastest, and can jump higher than Oake. However, she is the second weakest.
  • Karritz - Karritz is the highest jumper and fastest. He is, however, the weakest.


  • Queen Squirrel III - The ruler of the Squirrel Colony stays behind at the castle. She can give you tips.
  • Frank - Frank is a dachtsund/weiner dog. He is the only friendly dog in the game, and, since he's so short, you can climb on him and ride him. Frank will trample any chipmunk-based enemies, but if he runs into a dog, he will drop you and flee.


  • Chipmunk King - The ruler of the Chipmunk Colony is the main villain of the game. He is the final boss.


  • Acorn - Acorns are the main items in the game. They are scattered around the levels and you should pick up as many as possible. Everytime you get 100 Acorns, you turn into your Super form.


  • Brown Chipmunk - Brown Chipmunks are the main enemies. They are like Goombas from the Mario series. They attempt to attack you but are the weakest enemies. By simply throwing them, they are killed. However, they cannot kill other enemies if they hit one.
  • Red Chipmunk - Red Chipmunks are the second most-common enemies. They are stronger then Brown Chipmunks and can jump. If you throw one into any other enemy, that enemy (and this one) will be killed.
  • Grey Chipmunk - Grey Chipmunks are the rarest enemies. They cannot be carried, but you can ride on them.
  • Dog - Dogs are relatively common enemies. They are much larger than any other enemy or characters. They cannot be carried or ridden, and will attempt to eat you. You must simply run under them.
  • Car - Cars are like dogs. The only difference is that you can't run under them. You have to climb over them instead.
  • Person - People are relatively common enemies, but only appear in World 2. They don't try to attack you, and if you're running they might step on you. If you stand in front of them, they'll run away screaming. The only way to get past them is to make them run, or go under them.


  • Butch - Butch is the boss of World 1. He is a giant bulldog that tries to eat you. To defeat him, you have to pick up the Chipmunks running around and throw them into his mouth. He will be distracted, and you can climb up from his tail and jump on his head, damaging him. He has a health bar in the bottom left corner, and every jump makes it go down a little.
  • Cuddly Cutie - Cuddly Cutie is the boss of World 2. She is a little (very little- only a little bigger than Nutz and co.) girl who wants to cuddle. A lot. To defeat her, you have to flee from her when she runs at you. She will run into the wall and get damaged. There is a health bar in the bottom left corner, and everytime she runs into the wall it goes down a little.


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