Super Nova
Full Name Super Nova
Current Age 20 odd
Gender Male
Species Super Human
Location Unknown
Current Status alive
Class antagonist/anti-villian
Family and Relations
Flandre Scarlet ('girlfriend')
Main Weapon(s) Pyrokinesis
Vulnerable To none
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Super Nova vs. Oriam vs. Mecha Sonic (Super Smash Bros. Alpha in terms of video games)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Alpha
Super Nova is the main villain of Super Smash Bros. Alpha. He is an extremely powerful human, and whilst at first glance may seem cold-hearted and pure evil, actually is very understanding and has a soft-spot for his "girlfriend" Flandre Scarlet (however, she thinks they are more "best friends"). He is massively in love with Flandre, which is shown in many different ways. This is said to be the ultimate power as love is the most powerful force in the universe, and Super Nova and Flandre are two of the most powerful life-forms.

Super Nova wears a yellow cap, a yellow shirt, white overalls, white gloves and red shoes. He has a HUGE amount of power, and a power arsenal of moves at his command. He also has a more powerful form called Hyper Choas.


Super Nova shows many attacks, most of which were too powerful to be in his battle and only appear in cutscenes (and rarely other times). These moves are:

  • Pyrokenesis with golden fireballs (more powerful than average fireballs) and the ability to increase their size.
  • Blue-white lightning to strick the group at his command
  • Teleportation (inculding inter-dimensional teleportation)
  • Flight (clued that it is due to his cape, like Mario from Super Mario World)
  • Control over an invisible hand-like force that clenches onto victims. Once used, he can use a powerful force to throw the victim far, causing a reasonable amount of damage too.
  • The power to create a medium-ranged wave that turns any smasher hit into a trophy (bar Rainbow Dash due to her embodiment of an Element of Harmony).
  • The power of love (He and Flandre hug, causing a massive heart to destroy anything in an 'on-screen radius' that isn't part of the battlefield.)
  • The power to surround himself with, and to disable, a plasma shield. He can also move in it.
  • The power to surround himself with, and to disable, an impeniratble dark sheild. He is immobilised during use however.
  • The power to infinitly create power stones, a dark version of Smash Balls, to say the least.
  • The power to transform into Hyper Chaos (in this form, his moves are much more powerful. He lacks the pyrokensis, but in turn features "photokensis", the ability to shoot more more powerful "light balls" from his palms.)


Super Nova first appears in a fight called "Super Nova vs. Oiram vs. Mecha Sonic", which was created by LuckyEmile. He was used in sereval other occasions, until finally appearing in the Smash Bros. game by LuckyEmile and Flandre Co., Super Smash Bros. Alpha, as the main villian. He later appears as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Overdrive, another Smash Bros. game by DarkGaming Studios, with permission from LuckyEmile.

Before appearing in Super Smash Bros. Alpha, Super Nova slowly turned from a plain, ultimatly-powered character, to someone who wanted to defeat Mario. Super Nova appeared in the fight "Super Nova vs. Mario", where the two would become more and more powerful by entering more powerful forms, or gaining assitance. The two fired a huge fire-laser, which clashed inbetween the two, and trying to push it towards there oponnent, which would crown them the winner. Super Nova, in his Hyper Chaos form, is soon assited by Flandre, marking their first appearance together. She was added due to being "the most powerful video game character" LuckyEmile ever knew. After the battle was complete, Super Nova and Flandre were paired as a romantic couple. (However, Flan was said to think of it of a friendship). Super Nova appeared in more battles, being the victor a couple of times. He was then decided by his creator to appear in a Smash Bros. game. He also was decided to appear with Flandre and a few other characters who SuperNova had fought beside (e.g. Marx).

The idea of Super Nova's teaming with villians to defeat nintendo heroes wasn't exculsive to Alpha. He appeared with the villains of Nintendo series to defeat Mario. This was somewhat a prototype for Alpha.


Copyright for Super Nova, Hyper Chaos and power stones go to LuckyEmile, but this is not verified by the court of law in any country.