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Super Nintendo Strikers is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii. It was originally planned for the Nintendo DS, but data-restrictions forced the project onto the Wii. It is a soccer-based game, that features characters from many different Nintendo series. It is also a very extreme sport, and characters have to wear protective armor. The game is slated for a 2008 Release.

Game Play

Strikers is a soccer game, but the game is more about smashing your opponent. Like previous installments, characters will be able to perform an incredibly powerful move. In this case, it is a Nintendo Strike. This allows the character to kick the ball towards the goal at great speeds. Captains are also allowed Sidekicks to help them during the game. The game will have a total of 18 Captains, 14 Sidekicks, and 30 Stadiums. This will be the largest Strikers game ever.



  • Mario
    • Team Emblem: His trademarked "M"
    • Home Team Color: Red, with Blue Accents
    • Away Team Color: Red, with White Accents
    • Theme: Rock version of the level complete music from Super Mario Bros.
    • Player Type: Balanced
  • Link
    • Team Emblem: The Triforce
    • Home Team Color: Green, with Yellow Accents
    • Away Team Color: Green, with Purple Accents
    • Theme: Rap version of The Legend of Zelda theme.
    • Player Type: Offensive
  • Kirby
    • Team Emblem: A Warp Star
    • Home Team Color: Pink, with Red Accents
    • Away Team Color: Pink, with Gold Accents
    • Theme: Orchestrated version of the Kirby theme.
    • Player Type: Playmaker
  • Pikachu
    • Team Emblem: His own tail
    • Home Team Color: Yellow, with Red Accents
    • Away Team Color: Yellow, with Brown Accents
    • Theme: Rock version of the Pokémon Red & Blue theme.
    • Player Type: Defensive
  • Samus
    • Team Emblem: A Screw Attack
    • Home Team Color: Gold, with Grey Accents
    • Away Team Color: Gold, with Black Accents
    • Theme: Eerie version of the Metroid theme.
    • Player Type: Power
  • Fox
    • Team Emblem: The Star Fox symbol
    • Home Team Color: Orange, with Grey Accents
    • Away Team Color: Orange, with Red Accents
    • Theme: Rock version of the Star Fox theme.
    • Player Type: Playmaker
  • Ness
    • Team Emblem: The Earth
    • Home Team Color: Dark Blue, with Red Accents
    • Away Team Color: Red, with Dark Blue Accents
    • Theme: An Orchestrated version of the Soundstone theme.
    • Player Type: Balanced
  • Captain Olimar
    • Team Emblem: A Pikmin Flower
    • Home Team Color: Gold, with Red Accents
    • Away Team Color: Red, with Gold Accents
    • Theme: Harmonic version of the Pikmin theme.
    • Player Type: Offensive
  • Marth
    • Team Emblem: A Sword
    • Home Team Color: Blue, with Cyan Accents
    • Away Team Color: Cyan, with Blue Accents
    • Theme: Orchestrated version of the Fire Emblem theme
    • Player Type: Power
  • Donkey Kong
    • Team Emblem: His initials
    • Home Team Color: Brown, with Green Accents
    • Away Team Color: Light Green, with Green Accents
    • Theme: Music from the first level of Donkey Kong played on the bongos.
    • Player Type: Power



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