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Super Nintendo Square is a party game for the Nintendo DS featuring many Nintendo characters.



Adventure Mode

At the start of the game each player will roll to figure out how many spaces they will move, to roll you spin a wheel using the Stylus. After that players need to go around the board, and get to Castles, at the Castles depending on the board, you will need to do different things to beat the board.

Domination Mode

I this mode the Players need to beat other Players by landing on the same space as they are on, or land on a Game Space, so they can play Mini-Games against other Players. When a Player wins a Mini-Game they will steal one point from the Player they beat. Each Player starts with three points. After 10-50 turns, the Player that has the most points will beat the game.


Around the boards there are several Buildings that can be used for different things.

  • Bank: Lets yo store money and items, however people can steal money from the bank if they have the right item.
  • Library: Lets you get info about the board, items, and other players.
  • Shop: Lets you buy and sell items.
  • Castle: If you get one of these, it helps you win the board.


Spaces Effect Image
Blank Space If you land on it nothing will happen. SNS BLANK SPACE
Yellow Space If you land on one, you will get 10 tokens. SNS YELLOW SPACE
Red Space If you land on one, you will lose 10 tokens. SNS RED SPACE
Game Space If you land on one, then there will be a Mini-Game. SNS GAME SPACE
Smash Space Lets you pay to do something to another player. SNS SMASH SPACE
Key Space Lets you get into one of the main buildings. SNS KEY SPACE


Characters Series Playable from start?
Mario Super Mario Yes
Luigi Super Mario No
Yoshi Yoshi Yes
Wario Wario No
Link The Legend of Zelda Yes
Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda No
Captain Olimar Pikmin Yes
Ness EarthBound Yes
Lucas EarthBound No
Pikachu Pokémon Yes
Pichu Pokémon No
Kirby Kirby Yes
Meta Knight Kirby No
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Yes


  • Mushroom Woods
    • Series: Super Mario
    • A large board, half the board is in the forest and the other half is on top of Mushrooms. To win the board players need to get stars from the Castles, at the end of the game whoever has the most stars wins. 1 stars is worth 20 tokens, if you want to buy more then one it will be double that, and double for each extra one you want to get.
SNS Shot

Jelly Pipe.

  • Jelly Pipe
    • Series: Yoshi
    • An underground board in the Jelly Pipes. Some spaces are infected with Lemon Drops, if you land on one of those ones you won't be able to move during the next turn, and will miss out when theres a mini-game. To win the board the player needs to buy pipes, each pipe is used for transporting Jelly and Slime, the player that winds up with the most Jelly and Slime running through their pipes will win at the end(Not who has the most pipes, its who has the most active pipes).
  • Wario Stadium
  • Series: Wario
    • A large stadium that Wario owns, supposedly somewhere in Diamond City. The players will go around the board, which is a large racing stadium. Because its a racing stadium the shops are in karts(Like snack karts and stuff people are wheeling around). The objective of the board is to get to the castle sitting up at the top of the stadium. Once there players will pick a card, and the next time they come they will figure out how many points that card had on it, whoever has the most of these points at the end of the game will win.
  • Kongo Jungle
  • Series:Donkey Kong
    • A board on the inside of Donkey Kong Island. The players go in a circle around the treehouse, and the buildings are replaced by Kongs, like Funky Kong replacing the bank. You win by reaching the treehouse, which is replaced by a castle, where you are given a random amount of bananas between 5 and 15. Everytime you get 20 bananas, you are given a Crystal Coconut, and whoever has the most of these at the end of the game wins.
  • Hyrule Field
    • Series: Zelda
    • A large field area in the Land of Hyrule. To beat the board the player has to get to one the Castle and get a shield and/or sword, after having both the player can enter a dungeon, and defeat something(Or someone) one of the 3 Triforces, when one player has all of them the game will end and the player with them all will win.
SNS Shot 2

Lucas in New Pork City

  • New Pork City
    • Series: EarthBound
    • A very large city board, located in Pokey Minch's very own city. The goal of the board is to buy the four keys spread across the city. They are located on the Helipad, the Theater, the Restaurant, and the Theme Park. Once all four keys are collected, the player will have to go to Pokey's Building, and defeat him. After doing so, they take over the building, and have to defend it until all the turns end. It can be stolen if another player already has the four keys, and if they manage to beat the ruler of Pokey's Building in a mini-game.

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