Enjoy the cups of Super Nintendo Racing.


  • 50cc: Easy.
  • 100cc: Medium.
  • 150cc: Hard.
  • Mirror: Very Hard.


Mushroom Cup  Triforce Cup Poké Ball Cup Barrel Cup Metroid Cup Falcon Cup Dee Cup Golden Sun Cup Pikmin Cup Moon Cup Retro Cup
Sky Garden Ancient Cistem Shalour City DK Jungle Port Town Big Blue Bridge of Eldin Mining Facilitiy Garden of Hope Rumble Falls Bowser's Castle
DK Island Lobber's Cottage Norfair Earth Temple Phaaze DK Tiki Beanstalk Park Bramble Blast Peach's Castle Fire Field Canalave City
Sand Ocean Lumiose City Jungle Japes Toad Factory Sherbet Land Gluglug Lagoon Pop Star Tallon IV Luigi's Mansion Sand Ocean Urban City
Mario Circuit Ganon Castle N's Castle Angry Aztec Pyrosphere Mute City Grass Land G.F.S. Olympus Pokémon Island Chillyddip Cove Kakariko Village

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