Super Nintendo RPG is an RPG game made by Nintendo and FOF, Inc. It stars many of Nintendo's all-stars like in Super Smash Bros. However the two series are very different.


Chapter 1

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are relaxing at Peach's Castle. Suddenly, Toadsworth rushes in talking about a mysterious portal in the throne room. Mario and Luigi rush in to investigate. Bowser then walks into the castle and swipes two Toad guards aside. Once he notices the portal, his expression changes from detemination to confusion. A second portal opens below Bowser, and a shadowy figure swoops in and grabs Peach, then shoves Mario and Luigi into the portal Bowser fell into.
Mario and Luigi land on Bowser in a large field. Bowser calls them idiots for getting him into this mess and starts fighting with Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi end up going to the north, and Bowser to the west. Mario and Luigi eventually approach a large town, and someone tells them they are in Hyrule Castle Town. Neither of them recongize the name and decide to continue north. Eventually they come to Hyrule Castle, where several Bokoblins attack. After defeating the Bokoblins, they decide to go into the castle. Up in the top room they see Zelda in a cage, and Link fighting Ganondorf. Mario and Luigi help Link fight Ganondorf, and he is defeated. As Link is about to strike down Ganondorf, a portal opens and Mario, Luigi, and Link fall through it.
The trio lands in a colorful field, where several Cappys come and find their unconscious bodies and take them back to Cappy Village. Mario, Link, and Luigi take the time to rest up and find out where they are, and it turns out they're on Pop Star. They try to go buy some items, thinking they may be needing them, but the Cappys inform them that King Dedede has stolen all the food and other items. Just as the Cappy finishes, Kirby runs past and the heroes follow him. Link, Luigi, and Mario follow Kirby too King Dedede's Castle and Kirby agrees he could use some extra help After going through the castle, the quartet duels with Dedede. Dedede flies away in his blimp after being defeated. While returning the items and food to the Cappys, they come across a strange crystal. Mario picks it up when another portal opens under him. Link jumps in after him, and Kirby jumps in after Link, and Luigi debates whether to go in or not. As he looks into the portal, another opens under him.
Mario, Kirby, and Link fall back into Peach's Castle. Toadsworth explains the shadowy figure left, but they are free to stay here to rest and buy items. Eventually, Mario, Link, and Kirby go visit E.Gadd to find out what's going on. E.Gadd tells them that something or someone is weaking the fabric of the universe and many other universes by somehow shattering the Dimension Crystal, making portals appear everywhere and people able to use them. Mario shows the crystal they found at King Dedede's Castle to E.Gadd, and E.Gadd takes it and tells them to find as many more as they can by going through all the portals, allowing the dimensions to be sealed. Mario, Luigi, and Kirby leave to find out that there are now many more portals everywhere, but most are blocked off and the one to Hyrule has vanished. Mario, Link, and Kirby choose a portal and hop in.

Chapter 2

Mario lands in a jungle area. After walking around for a few minutes, he finds Link stuck in the ground, then Kirby finds them. They continue on and see Donkey Kong and Dixie Kong. DK explains he is looking for Diddy, who mysteriously vanished yesterday while relaxing on the beach. The group goes back to DK's treehouse where the rest of the Kongs seem to be worried too (except Cranky) and the trio agrees to help, and Dixie Kong decides that she cans tay behind since there's 4 people looking now. Mario, Link, DK, and Kirby continue. After going through the jungle they approach King K. Rool's ship. DK thinks it must of been King K. Rool so they go in. After venturing through a dungeon, they approach K. Rool and fight. Once he's defeated, several Kremlings start shouting "abandon ship!" and run off. The ship is sinking! Mario, DK, Kirby, and Link are about to get off the ship when a portal opens where a door is so they can't get through. They venture in.
They land in the middle of a battle between Diddy Kong, Timber, and Wizpig. The quartet helps, and Wizpig is defeated. Diddy says he got called on by Timber to help defeat Wizpig and didn't have time to say goodbye. Timber says that Wizpig was after a strange crystal he found on his island. Mario, Kirby, and Link convince Timber to give it to them. Timber also says something about a portal to a strange castle, which Mario thinks is Peach's Castle. Diddy joins the gang and they hop into the portal only to be carried to Crimea. Across the room is another portal, which they hop in and they are returned to Peach's Castle.
E.Gadd says 5 people is too many to have around and offers to let someone (not Mario) to stay at his lab. You can choose anyone but Mario. E.Gadd then gives Mario the Mailbox DS o let them communicate across dimensions and locate more pieces of the Dimension Crystal. As they get close to one portal the machine beeps wildly, so the quartet hops in...


Playable Characters

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Temporary Playable Characters