Basic Info

Super Nintendo Fighters is a Nintendo 3DS game set to come out in imaginary stores July 2012. It is the first game in a sequel series to the Super Smash Bros. Series.



Image Name Attacks
Popo Popo

A= Hammer hit

B= Ice

X= Punch

Y= Kick

Nana Nana

A= Slap

B= Punch

X= Fast Punch

Y= Ice

PrincePooByJoeAdok Prince Poo

A= Karate chop

B= Karate kick

X= Punch

Y= Backflip kick

Kirby KSSU Kirby

A= Suck

B= Block

X= Hammer

Y= Rapid punch

Mario..... Mario

A= Coin Punch

B= Water squirt

X= Fireball

Y= Punch

YoshiSMSJ Yoshi

A= Eat and change to an egg

B= Throw egg at

X= Eat

Y= Kick

Toad Toad

A= Punch

B= Kick

X= Slap

Y= Backflip kick

Fox McCloud Fox McCloud

A= Shoot

B= Electro shape

X= Kick

Y= Fire punch

Samus Samus

A= Charge shoot

B= Gun slap

X= Shoot

Y= Electro


Image Name Attacks How to unlock
Yarn Kirby Yarn Kirby

A= Suck

B= String Whip

X= Hammer

Y= Rapid Punch

Play as Kirby 5 times.
Kingdedede King Dedede

A= Suck

B= Hammer

X= Hammer gun

Y= Kick

Fight once
LuigiGlider3DS Luigi

A= Fireball

B= Coin punch

X= Kick

Y= Punch

Fight as Mario once
Birdo YBA Birdo

A = Blow smoke

B= Slap

X= Kick

Y= Punch

Fight as Yoshi once
MP7 Toadette Toadette

A= Ponytail whack

B= Punch

X= Kick

Y= Slap

Fight as Toad once
Dkslugguh Donkey Kong

A= Throw Banana

B= Punch

X= Kick

Y= Punch ground earthquake

Fight three times
WarioMPDS Wario

A= Drive Bike

B= Punch

X= Slap

Y= Kick

Fight Mario 3 times
Bowser 2


(Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr. are alterate outfits)

A= Shell spin

B= Jump earthquake

X= Scratch with hand

Y= Scratch with foot

Fight seven times
RedIcon Red

A= Throw Pokeball at


Use the pokeball ten times