Super Nintendo Entertainment System Planetery
Using a US version
US version of SNESP with a PAL game
Developer(s) Omegadream and Nintendo
Console Type Home Console
Release Date(s)
Japan : 1994

US : 1995 Europe : 1994

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Planetery also know as Super Famicom Linked or SNESP or Super Nintendo  Linked is a console developped by Omegadream and Nintendo, this console is a Remake of the SNES, it was created to be a console that can reading all games versions ( JAP , PAL , US ), it was originaly a SNES with special cartdridges containing all versions of the game what the cartdridges containing, but finaly, the console is now a SNES with three cartdridge's slots ( one for JAP cartdridges, one for PAL cartdridge and another one for US games ),

Despite this the SNESP contain itself differences beetwin versions :

Differences beetwin Versions

  • The American version was released late after other versions of SNESP, so it's more performant than other versions.
  • The American version is Black, Red and Grey whereas in other version, SNESP exist in multiple colors.
  • The American version had a controller with a different shape and differents colors.
  • The American  version offer the possibility to the player to switch beetwin versions when pressing on "L" and "R" ( it must be sereval cartdridge inserted in the console ), this possiblity is not in other versions
  • The European version offer to the player the possibility of changing the version and the extention of a game inserted in the European cartdridge slot.
  • The Japenese Version had not special option without the possibility of using differents versions of the game exept the fact when the player turn on the console without inserted game, Super Mario All Stars+Super Mario World start automaticatly.

Differences from the original SNES

  • In all versions of the SNESP, the colors has been changed.
  • The Design of the controller has been changed.
  • Two Cartdridges slots has been added
  • The Japenese and US\EUR SNES logos are on the consoles


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  • The name "SNESP" is given only in adds and magazines otherwise it's simply named "SNES"