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This is a fan-fic by SuicuneRider14. Italics means that it is not someone speaking.

Prologue - The Hoenn Region

In the region of Hoenn in the Pokemon world, a young skitty came across an odd gem.

Skitty: Nyah? Nyah nyah? (Translation: Huh? What's this?) *rolls around with tail, then scratches a bit* Nyah nyah? (Translation: A diamond?) *picks the gem up, then starts walking*

The skitty, named Rose, wandered away, and found a path. On the path, there was a man. He resembled a medieval soldier in leather armor, and had a cap and long indigo headband. His hair was a dark purple. Out of fear, she ran. The man noticed the skitty and the gem and followed Rose.

Man: Come here! I won't hurt you!

Rose: Nyah! Nyah! (Translation: Go away! Shoo!)

Rose went and hid under a tree's roots, which were just enough above ground for her to squeeze in enough to get out of reach.

Man: Come here, I just need that sapphire.

Rose: Nyah! (Translation: Go away scary person!) *uses blizzard, who freezes the man*

In the distance, two other men watched. One resembled a plumber, with blue overalls and a red shirt and cap with a white circle with a red M in it. The other was angel-like, and had a bow. They went to get the skitty.

1st Man: Go fly that way, and I'll try to intercept it so we can get the sapphire.

2nd Man: Good plan *Flies away, while the other goes in the other direction*

Rose: NYAH! (Translation: Leave me alone!) *uses Quick Attack to get away*

2nd Man: Stop! *shoots an arrow that hits Rose*

Rose: Nyah! (Translation: NO!) *falls over, crawling to get away*

1st Man: Here. We don't want to hurt you at all. You ran with something important. *takes sapphire* Here, we'll make it up to you. *picks up Rose* I am Mario. That's Pit. Pit! Come on, we have to go find Ike!

Pit: All right, I'll be there!

Meanwhile, back where the frozen man was.

Ike: *breaks free of the ice* GYAH! Where is that cat? Where am I? Guh, I just have to look for them. *Goes of into the path again* Mario! Pit! If only I could find them. Why the hell does this forest have to be so big?

Nearby, a princess is wandering.

Princess: Where is this place? How did I get here from the castle? Is this even in Hyrule? Huh? A man? Hello!

Ike: A woman? *runs over* What are you doing here?

Princess: I don't know. Who are you?

Ike: I am Ike, leader of the Greil Mercenaries. That is in my universe.

Princess: Universe?

Ike: Yes. There are multiple universes, and they are all connected by these gems that transport you into another.

Princess: Well I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. I wonder where Link is.

Ike: Link?

Zelda: Yes. He is a hero in my universe. I remember that he found a gem, and it glowed. I grabbed him, and we were teleported. I think he might be in this universe.

Ike: Not neccesarily. The gem transports people to another universe, though there is only control when it is directly touched. It is only choosing where and when you go, but it may be a bit off. So it is likely that Link is in a different universe.

Zelda: I hope he's safe.

Ike: Come on. We have to go find Mario and Pit.

Zelda: Are they from different universes?

Ike: Yes. I found a pink cat who had a gem. Getting one can also be used to grant a wish at random. It may be years before it grants another, or it could be minutes.

Zelda: Come on let's go! We have to before it gets into the wrong hands! *grabs Ike and starts running*




Pit: I found Ike! Come on! *goes with Mario and Rose and meets up with Ike and Zelda*

Ike: *pants* Justsoyouknowshe'sZeldaPrincessofHyrule. *pants more*

Mario: Are you OK?

Pit: He'll be fine. He's gone through worse. We have to go.

Mario: Are you sure? He's pretty exhausted.

Pit: I'm sure.

The group travels through the forest. When they leave, they find themselves in a Route, and learn they were just in a forest called Petalburg Woods. They go through, and get to a town called Petalburg. A trainer, named May, comes and finds the group.

May: What are you-

Ike: Let me explain *insert explanation here*

May: OK. Can I join?

Mario: Sure.

Rose: Nyah! (Translation: Hi there!) *digs out her name in the ground*

May: Is that your name?

Rose: *nods head*

May: Do you wanna come with me?

Rose: *nods again*

May: Alright. *tosses pokeball, which catches Rose* Now I have 3 pokemon (Treecko, named Gray, Marill, named Jerry, and Rose) Come on, let's go.

Mario: I almost forgot! One gem can detect other gems. It does seem there is one, in a nearby island.

May: What are you waiting for, let's go!

The group travel back through the woods, and May gets the badge in Rustburo and saves a Wingull named Peeko, and the ownere, an old sailor, let them take a boat ride to the island from gratitude. May gets the badge in the island with a town called Dewford. They then go into the cave, with the HM Flash on Gray, who has evolved into a Grovyle. The group traverse the cave with the light, and get the gem.

Pit: Oh! I forgot to mention there are 18.

Zelda and May: 18!?

Pit: Yes. So we have 3 now. There aren't any in this world now, so lets go.

They travel through the fabric of space, time, and all of existence, and find themselves in a town, named Ellay.

Chapter 1 - For the PK Love of Pollyana

Near the entrance of the town, there is a group of kids on the path, Ana, Ninten, and Loid. The trio is walking down the path, singing.

Ninten: When you are restless and want room to breathe

Ana: I will give you all the space you need

Loid: And when you're ready for my company

All: I will come around; just call on me

Ninten: Maybe now you have figured it out!

Loid: That's what being a friend is about!

Ana: When you need someone who feels the way you do!

All: Won't you think about me?

Ninten: *laughs* We're almost there. Just a little bit. Come on!

Ana: Oh Ninten. *blushes* Always enthusiastic.

Loid: Come on Ana, Ninten is going way ahead. Ninten! Wait up!

Ana: Hold on. *grabs a gem on the ground* I wonder what this is. I guess I'll see later.

Loid: Come on! Start running!

Ana: OK, I'm coming!

Ninten sees the group, and stares. Ana and Loid then catch up.

Ninten: *whispering* Psst. Ana. Loid. *points at the group* I think those are otakus or something.

Ana: They do seem to be cosplaying.

Loid: Let's ignore them.

The three go into a club in the town. Ana shows the gem to Ninten and Loid. They both decide to touch it, and at that moment, the group walked in. Before they warped, they got a quick glance at where they were going. Ike tried to grab them, but right when he did, they all warped.

Pit: Ike! *punches the table* Damn it!

Mario: He has to be somewhere. Where did those kids go?

Zelda: I think I saw this pink orb that floated and had red shoes. Do you have any idea where that it?

Pit: *hits head on table* I don't know. Let's all sit down though. Now, what do we know has pink orbs?

Mario: Wizard101?

Pit: That is not Nintendo. Those gems only work for Nintendo and third party Nintendo universes. Wait, how do you know about that?

Mario: The internet. There's always something going behind the scenes in games. Usually it's normal everyday things instead of what's in the game. Except for sports in my universe. That's ALWAYS turned into a game. But it DOES have a good twist.

Zelda: OK, this Fan-Fic is getting stupid.

May: That's because that the writer is a beginner. Either that or he sucks at fan-fic writing.

All of a sudden, the author appears and flicks May and leaves.

May: That. Was. Weird. There is getting to be too much filler content instead of action. Seriously, we are probably at the end of the second chapter, and there hasn't been any action.

Zelda: The first chapter was short because it was a prologue. Duh.

Pit: Can we just focus on going through this fan-fic? We're being side-tracked by breaking the fourth wall.

Mario: Oh come on Pit. We all know there is no fourth wall at all. Look.

Mario goes into the audience, and waves at Pit. Pit then gets angry at him.


Zelda: OK Sir Grumps.

Pit: Shut it. *checks the gem he has* There seems to be a gem in this place called... Deep Darkness? OK. Let's go there.

May: According to this map, we are in this country called Eagleland. The Deep Darkness is south of this place called Dalaam.

All of a sudden, something crashed through the ceiling. It was a group of walruses, but they had an egg for a body. Suddenly, a woman floated down with a group of diamonds.

Woman: Hello. I want to give these to you to help you.

Pit: Who are you and how do you-

Woman: I have magical powers. My name is Lucy.

Pit: Well, thank you.

They take the egg-walruses to the ocean, and start swimming to the Deep Darkness. Meanwhile, Ana, Ninten, and Loid encounter a puff ball named Kirby, with a little puppy that strangely had red markings on his white fur. Ike found himself in a soccer field, in the middle of a match between Waluigi's and Yoshi's teams.

Ike: Where- OOMPH! What - AAGH!

Waluigi: Super Shot, WALL-UIGI!

Bunches and bunches of purple vines surrounded Ike. Instinctly, he sliced it open, not realizing that there was an opening behind him. He was stampeded immediatly after. When Yoshi was going through, Ike jumped and slammed him in the face when he landed.

Yoshi: BRUBRAH! Bru bru braroh broh brah bre bre brah bro brah bray briah broo! (Translation: HEY! Watch where you're going, that could've gave me a concussion!) Bru bru brah brah bru bru brah! (Translation: Now I didn't get to save the ball.) *Gulps Ike and lays an egg with him in it*

Yoshi started using the egg as a ball. He was bounced, kicked, flown, and bruised. When he broke free, he started sliding across the field. He started fighting Yoshi, and Waluigi started to fight Ike.


Ike: *slices ball in half* Heh. Pathe- WHAT THE F- *starts getting flown by a tornado*

Yoshi: BRU BRU BRAH (Translation: Flutter Kick!)

Ike: GYAH!!!

Yoshi: Hup, hhuuuroooooooooooooooooo BRU BRAH! (Translation: Hup, hhuuuroooooooooooooooooo, HIYAH!) *ground pounds*

Ike: Blegh! *Kicks Yoshi off* Nguh... *coughs some blood* Damn... it...

Suddenly, police bots came. Ike was sure that he would be killed.

Ike: Titania... I- nnnguh... I'm... sorry *falls down*

Ninten: FOR THE PK LOVE OF POLLYANA, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ana: We were somehow teleported. I think we are on clouds that have either fruit or candy.

Ninten: Oh boy candy!

Loid: *Tackles Ninten* We don't know if it's safe.

Kirby: Those are grapes. They are safe to eat. I'm Kirby.

Loid: OK. So were are we?

Kirby: The Grape Gardens. You are?

Loid: Oh, I'm Loid, this is Ninten and Ana. Oh, and do you know what this is?

Kirby: Oh those. They are *long explanation*. Oh, and I found this dog while looking for another one that is in the Orange Ocean. I was on my way there. I don't know it's name though.

Dog: Woof! Woof woof! Woof woof bark! (Translation: My name is Chibiterasu!)

Loid: Oh, Chibiterasu. How about Chibi for short?

Kirby: How did you understand him?

Ninten: Well, Ana and I have some psychic powers, and that includes telepathy. Loid is just extremely smart. Like Jeff in the next game.

Kirby: Well, I should get going now.

Ninten: Wait! I wanna come! I want to get all the EXP that would probably be in this.

Kirby: Lemme guess, your game's a Turn-Based RPG?

Ninten: Also Text-Based, but has visual stuff, like a Visual Novel.

Kirby: OK then. That's kinda complicated.

Mario: Now let's see. *looks out to see a big dark cloud* I guess we are almost there.

May: How can you tell?

Mario: Oh, I don't know. There is a deep dark cloud, and it does look like it's deep and dark.

Pit: Yeah yeah. Just keep going.

Mario: *while noticing something* I wonder how much... what is that...

While on their way, the group found that there was gigantic kraken. It was heading to a puny boat, and they were in the way. Instinctivly, the egg-walruses swam away from it and at the same time toward the boat.


Kid that resembled Ninten: What!?!?! The kraken!?!?! I thought it was a myth!!

Kid that resembled Ana: We have to do something! But what!?

Kid that resembled Loid: I don't know. *takes out Bottle Rocket* Fight it?

Completely new kid: This seems like the only option. Even if we can't, we would die if we didn't try.

Ninten-like kid: Alright then... *shakes a bit* let's start.

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