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Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing is a new Nintendo crossover that involves racing karts on track. This game is being produced by an unknown developer  and it is being licensed by Nintendo. This game is being released on the Wii U. It will be relased in 2016.

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A Button/Y Button: Accelerate

B Button: Brake/Reverse

Control Stick: Steer/Auto Drift

3DS R Button: Manual Drift/Tricks in midair

L Button/3DS X Button: Use Item

3DS Start Button: Pause/Remuse


Grand Prix

Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing  has the Grand Prix, where a single player has to compete against 11 computer-controlled opponents in order to obtain the trophies of the six cups in the game. The Grand Prix has three engine classes, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. The higher the engine class, the harder the races will be against the opponents. In this mode, by beating the first cup available, the user unlocks the other cups as well as new elements such as playable characters. By completing all the engine classes available at the start, the player unlocks the Mirror class.

Grand Prix Point Spread

Point Spread
Place Points
1st 12
2nd 10
3rd 9
4th 8
5th 7
6th 6
7th 5
8th 4
9th 3
10th 2
11th 1
12th 0

Time Trials

Time Trials allows the player to complete all the laps of a race course in the fastest time possible. Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing saves the player's records, and a Ghost for the character that he or she used. Through Nintendo Network connection, the player can exchange his or her Ghosts to other players, compare their records, and even compete with their Ghosts. Beating the Normal Staff Ghosts will unlock you an expert staff ghosts, which can get you characters.

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode is an unlockable mode that will pit you against every character in the game. There are 8 rounds (9 if you buy all the DLC) with 6 racers each. The racers in each round are randomized as well as the track

Mission Mode

In Event Mode, players take part of pre-determind challenges. Some of these challenges have different challenges that you might not ever see in a Normal Race. Almost all of these missions have a secret reward. Can you master all the events?

Arcade Mode

In Arcade Mode, a player are faced with random missions that get you prizes.

  • Classic Arcade- You choose between 3 events, and get a prize if you win
  • Risky Arcade- You still choose between 3 events, but you keep going until you lose or quit. At the end, you must face a boss. Yields higher rewards than Classic, but you need to use quarters found in the game.

Tower of Racing

This Mode is VERY similar to Arcade Mode. In this mode, there are no rewards until you complete the tower. You must face events until you reach the top.

  • Tower of Ten- A 10-story tower (all Rival Races)
  • Tower of Hundred- A 100-story tower (all Rival Races)
  • Tower of Time- A tower which you try to complete as many tasks as possible in a certain time limit (30 min- 120 minutes) (all Rival Races)
  • Tower of No End- A tower in which you climb until you lose (6 racers in each)
  • Tower of Rivals- A tower for 2 players only, which pits you against each other to climb the tower faster (Varies, but same for both players)
  • Tower of Cruelty- A tower meant for the most cruel challenges available (12 racers each)

Nintendo Party

In Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing, there is a watered-down version of Mario Party as a side mode. Unlike the recent Mario Party games, every character moves by itself. It's a great mode for players who want to continue playing, but needs to spice it up. Many of the minigames involve racing, although some are similar to actual Mario Party minigames. Every character is eligible in this mode

Target Smash

A mode taken directly from the Super Smash Bros. series. Your objective is to break 10 targets in the character-specific battle arena in the fastest time possible.

Versus Mode

Take control of any character on any track with all your friends. You can choose to have 2-12 racers in each match. Players have the freedom to race with computers or with your friends. Players can also choose to race in teams or go on a 12 man free-for-all. There are several types of normal races.

  • No-Items Racing- Racing with no items
  • Boost Racing- Items are more scarce and only yield mushrooms
  • Timed- Instead of trying to complete a certain # of laps, you try to drive the farthest distance within a time limit
  • Rival Race- A 1vs. 1 race (cannot be chosen for teams)
  • Knockout- Every 30 seconds, the person in last place gets knocked out of the race. The last racer standing wins.

Special Versus

This mode is the same as Versus mode, except there are certain effects to a race... such as:

  • Stamina Mode- Every person has a certain amount of hits they can take, be the last one standing
  • Coin Mode- Instead of trying to get the farthest, you try to collect the coins scattered on the track

Battle Mode

This mode is different than racing. It has racers doing specific objectives on premade battle arenas.

  • Balloon Battle- Pop other peoples balloons by hitting them with items
  • Coin Runners- Collect the most coins and try not to lose them
  • Capture the Flag- Team event in which the racers must try to get the other teams flag to there side while protecting their own flag
  • Target Smash- Targets are all over the battlefield, the person or team who breaks the most wins

City Trial

City Trial is a mode taken directly from the game Kirby Air RIde. You are put in a randomized city and terrain to pick up power-ups for your ride. After the end of the time limit, you face on in a pre-determind challenge

Custom Track Design

In Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing, you have the ability to customize your own tracks. Be creative!

Snapshot Mode

You can take pictures whenever you pause the game. You can also decorate and design the pictures. There may be a reward if you snap a certain picture...


Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing currently has 55 playable characters (35 starting and 20 unlockable). 

The Characters

Default Characters


256px-Peach - Mario Party 10

250px-Bowser SSB4

250px-Donkey Kong SSB4


150p-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour


100px-HW Link


Tingle (Hyrule Warriors)



250px-King Dedede SSB4









Ness ssb 3ds and wii u by bubblekirby77-d6tj4ne

Ice climbers




OlimarSSB4 Solo


480px-Little Mac SSB4mine


Saki SSB4



Mega Man - Super Smash Bros.


Unlockable Characters

Luigi SSB4

Bowser Jr. Icon SSB5

Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow


540px-Funky Kong Artwork - Tropical Freeze


150px-Tetra HD



250px-Waddle Dee




Zoroark SSB4

GX Samurai Goroh

Classic render mr game watch






These are all the tracks confirmed in the game, although the cups are being formed and 24 of these tracks will be DLC.

Ruby Cup

Acorn Plains

Skyloft Plaza

Viridian Forest


Topaz Cup


Garden of Hope

Resort Island

Icicle Mountain

Sapphire Cup

Mario CIrcuit

Hyrule Field

Punch-Out! Arena

Route 209

Bronze Cup

Thunder Cove

Big Blue

Tortimer Island

Melody Town

Pearl Cup

Sky Fortress

The Desk

Gaur Plain

Diamond City

Emerald Cup

Dr. Mario

Castle Lololo


Gaol's Castle

Gold Cup
Frozen Hillside Sunshine Seaside Duck Hunt

Big Brain Academy

Diamond Cup
Mars Lighthouse Gyromite Pyrosphere

Splatoon City

Platnium Cup
Mario Bros. Takamaru's Ninja Castle Dr. Wily's Castle

Area 6

Special Cup
Yoshi Valley Magicant Death Mountain

Race of Game and Watch


Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing has a vast array of items to get along the track. Unlike in Mario Kart, each kart has Stamina. Based on their stats, a kart can only take so many hits.

Picture Item Description Series
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Super Mushroom Gives a small speed boost that can allow you to cross off-road patches Super Mario
480px-Poison Mushroom SM3DW
Poison Mushroom Once in a while, a Super Mushroom will actually be a Poison Mushroom...and you get a speed boost that sends you backwards. There is no difference between the 2 mushrooms...but this occurance only happens 2% of Super Mushroom items. The normal mushroom will turn purple upon activation. Super Mario
Green Shell Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Green Shell A thrown item that can bounce on walls 10 times. Super Mario
Red Shell NSMBU
Red Shell A thrown item that automatically targets the racer in front of you Super Mario
482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Fire Flower Let's you throw fireballs forward or behind to burn other racers Super Mario
496px-Bob-ombMK8 Bob-omb This bomb can be thrown and it'll leave a big explosion after a 3 second timer runs out. You better get rid of it, or you'll be in the explosion too Super Mario
Freezie SM3DW
Freezie When thrown, it travels in a straight line. If hit, the person will not be able to move for 6 seconds Super Mario
Metal Box Trans Metal Cap Increases weight and HP of the racer Super Mario
VanishBox Invisible Cap Turns your racer invisible for a short period of time. You can get hit, but will not take damage in this form Super Mario
DKBarrelDKCR Barrel When you get this item, you place it on the track behind you. If the road is on a slope, the barrel will roll down it Donkey Kong
Hammer Hammer Not only does this item give you a slight speed boost, it lets you attack other racers with its swinging head Donkey Kong 
Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork Egg This item works via Mario Kart: Double Dash. It'll roll until it hits another player, releasing three items that could help or hurt the people behind Yoshi
HW Heart Container Heart Container Heals all the damage you recieved The Legend of Zelda
Bunny Hood Bunny Hood This item lets you go off-road for a short time without losing speed The Legend of Zelda
Screw Attack Transforms your vehicle to an indestructible ball for 4 seconds Metroid
Maxim Tomato Maxim Tomato Heals half of the damage you recieved Kirby
Parasol SSBR Parasol Increases Air Speed for the rest of the race Kirby
Star Rod
Star Rod A weapon that shoots homing stars. These stars do not make a racer flip, but they will lose damage Kirby
RayGUNssb4 Blaster An item that shoots straight shoots that can paralyze racers for 3 seconds. It can bounce off one wall Star Fox
SugimoriPokeBall Pokeball Releases a random Pokemon Pokemon
MrSaturnSSB4 Mr. Saturn A creature that automatically leaves the kart as soon as you recieve the item. It can walk around and damage racers. Mr. Saturn will also deflect any item that may hit it. The only way to get rid of him is for someone to make contact with him Earthbound
Monado Monado

The powerful sword of Shulk. You can use this sword to change your strengths and weakness

  • SPEED- increased speed for decreased accelaration
  • BUSTER- increased weight for decreased handling
  • ENCHANT- increased luck (in items) for decreased speed
  • SHIELD- increased accelaration for decresed luck
  • ARMOUR- increased handling for decreased off-road
  • CYCLONE- increased off-road for decreased weight
Xenoblade Chronicles
Flipper This item is placed (or thrown) down. If anyone touches it, they will bounce in a random direction Balloon Fighter
Lip's Stick This item can be swung. If you hit a racer, their speed decreases. You only get 2 tries though

Panel de Pon

C4 This explosive can be put into the ground, and when someone runs over it...THEY GO BOOM!! It leaves a blast that can harm other racers as well Metal Gear
Paper Fan
Fan This item gives you a fan that you can swing around the kart to slap racers or items away Super Smash Bros.
Home-Run Bat This is a rare item that can literally knock the competition out of the race. You are given one swing, and is the swing connects (after the windup), the racer hit is automatically KO'd Super Smash Bros.

Downloadable Content

Black Mage and Meta Knight are confirmed to be the first 2 characters for DLC. Thanks for voting and other polls will be up in when I complete more of the game

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