Super Mushroom Warriors
Developer(s) Leopardfire97
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Campaign, Challenge, Sandbox, Online
Age Rating(s)
E 10+
Genre(s) Fighting/Beat 'em up, RTS
Predecessor Hyrule Warriors

Super Mushroom Warriors(also known as Mario Musou) is a fighting/ real-time strategy game developed by Leopardfire97 in 2015. Much like Hyrule Warriors took the characters and settings of The Legend of Zelda, this game does much the same with the Super Mario Bros. series. (Yes, I am aware that there are other examples on this wiki, but I wanted to do this anyway. These ideas are my own and were developed before I looked at the others.) It is designed for the Wii U.


Much like other games in the series, Super Mushroom Warriors involves playing as a character from the Super Mario Bros. series as a general, fighting large hordes of enemies and commanding your own troops in battle. Each stage is dividing into segments, each segment possessing a keep. Keeps are shaped like round castle turrets with a flagpole in the center. When the player captures the keep, a short fireworks display goes off and the flag descends the pole, to be raised up again with the player's insignia. Capturing keeps is the main strategic goal, but depending on the level it can shift to defeating other generals or rescuing hostages.

A difference between this game and previous installments is the addition of jumping. As jumping is a staple of the Mario franchise, it would be criminal not to include it in this game. The jump mechanic allows for stages to be more varied in layout and also creates new opportunities for attacks and dodging.

Throughout each stage are ?-Blocks. Jumping under them releases either a coin, a power-up, or in some cases a new weapon. Coins can be spent on power-ups in the shop. Power-ups work like badges in Hyrule Warriors, being attached to the character before a level to enhance their abilities.

Another new addition to this game is the concept of lives. Losing all health on the battlefield no longer results in an instant defeat. Instead, a life is lost and the player is spawned again. Defeat still occurs if all the player's lives are lost. Note: Lives do not apply if the player meets defeat conditions, and the player just loses as normal in that case.


  • Y Button: Normal Attack
  • X Button: Combo Attack
  • A Button: Special Attack
  • B Button: Jump
  • Left Control Stick: Move
  • Right Control Stick: Toggle Camera
  • ZR: Center Camera
  • ZL: Look At Map



Bowser and his army are seeking the help of a mysterious being to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and friends must find help from all over the Mushroom World (and beyond) to protect their home. The campaign is played in two halves, the first being Mario and the heroes' story, and the second being Bowser and the villains'. After it is completed, levels in the campaign can be replayed by any character.


A series of levels and goals that exist outside of the main story. Certain weapons and skins are unlocked this way. Some challenge levels require one to play as a certain character, others do not.


The player can take any stage and set up which generals and troops are present, establish defeat conditions, and place any number of rules to make their own unique challenges.


The player can have others around the world try their challenges or can go head-to-head in multiplayer versus matches. Connection to Miiverse is required.

(Sorry about adding this blank two times, my computer has been really screwing with me. I will be adding stages and characters soon.)

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