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Super Mushroom Kingdom
Developer(s) Squishy Rex (Kuriboh101)
Publisher(s) Squishy Rex
Platform(s) PC & Wii U
Release Date(s)
2-Player Co-Op

Single Player

Genre(s) Platform

"Super Mushroom Kingdom" is the latest installment for SMBX 1.3. It focuses on nostalgic gameplay and the introduction of new enemies and bosses never before seenin the SMBX engine. It will be available for a Wii U hack when the episode is released.


Bowser has returned to the Mushroom World and has infiltrated the sacred Star Dome. Travelling across 10 magnificent worlds, Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach set out to save Star Dome from collapse and restore peace to their world. As they travel across emerald grasslands, deep tunnels, mines, haunted grottos, volcanoes, mountains and starry skies, they encounter many new and classic enemies as they set out for Star Dome.

Playable Characters

Charcter Image Character Description
200px-Mario_Jump_NSMBU.png Mario Our main hero is out to save the day once more from the likes of Bowser. It seems he has aquired some new and unusual items on this adventure. Mario is playable straight from the Start!
250px-NSMBWii_Luigi.png Luigi Mario's right hand man, Luigi is here to help save the day and like his brother has auired new items to stop Bowser once and for all. Luigi is vital in this game as there are tasks that our Red-Capped hero cannot acheive on his own. Luigi is playable from the beginning too!
250px-Toad3DLand.png Toad Like our Bros. Toad is in to lend a helping hand with his double-jump ability, useful for reaching those hard to get to places. After unlocking a door in Toad's Mighty Mushroom House you can play as the little fellow by smacking his Player Change Block.
200px-NSMBWiiPeach.png Princess Toadstool Strangely enough, she wasn't captured by Bowser... maybe he had bigger plans, but our beloved Princess is here with here special hovering ability, a useful ploy especially in the Sky. You will first meet up with Princess Toadstool in Star Dome. She is unlocked by entering the first level of Star Dome and hitting her Player Block.


Yoshi Name Description
250px-MKPC_Yoshi_Solo.png Yoshi Yoshi is first made usable in 1-3, a level known as "Windswept Valley". It seems that the Yoshi eggs have been stolen as well for an unknown purpose.
120px-Red_YoshiSMWWii.png Red Yoshi Unlocked by finding Red Yoshi's House in Dry-Water Desert, by finding the secret exit in the Ghost House belonging to Spooky.
120px-Yellow_YoshiSMWWii.png Yellow Yoshi Unlocked by finding his house, deep within World 4,"Freaky Forest". Yellow Yoshi has the ability to ground pound while having a shell of any colour in his mouth.
120px-Blue_YoshiSMWWii.png Blue Yoshi Unlocked by finding Blue Yoshi's House in Pipe Maze. Blue Yoshi can fly with any shell in his mouth as well as ground pound and spit fire.
121px-WiiU_NewMarioU_3_char03_E3.png Baby Balloon Yoshi Baby Balloon Yoshi can only be found in certain levels that require his use. He cannot level those levels and is automatically discarded at the end of each level. Balloon Baby Yoshi has the ability to act like a Propeller Block.
185px-Baby_Blue_Yoshi_and_Blue_Toad_MarioWiiU.png Baby Bubble Yoshi Baby Bubble Yoshi has the ability to defeat enemies by shooting bubbles from his mouth. Like Balloon Baby Yoshi he can only stay in required levels.
185px-Glowing_Baby_Yoshi_Mario_game.png Baby Glow Yoshi Baby Glow Yoshi is required in dark levels and can only remain in dark levels. He is enveloped in a glowing bubble of light and is helpful during the dark nights and while in deep tunnels and old pyramids.


World Description Enemy Battle Special World Bosses
Rex Island The beginning of the journey is Rex Island. It is here where Green Yoshi's House is found as well as Toad's Mighty Mushroom House and both a Treasure Ship and Rainbow Course. The Ptooie Trio

Green Yoshi's House

Rainbow Course

Treasure Ship

Challenge House

Star Dome Path

Boom Boom

Shy Thief

Dry-Water Desert World 2 in the epic adventure sees the heroes in a dastardly desert, filled with Tweesters, the Angry Sun and an ancient foe. Fire Bros.

Red Yoshi's House

Treasure Ship

Star Dome Path

Angry Sun




Tidal Islands The wet-water world full of dangerous oceans, teeming with Porcu-Puffers and Cheep Chomp. The rare Frog Suit can be found here. Boss Bass

Puzzle Game

Treasure Ship

Challenge House

Rainbow Course

Star Dome Path


Unagi the Eel

Gooper Blooper

Freaky Forest The maze-like forest will make you loose your mind nearly as you struggle to overcome Haunted Swamp. N/A

Yellow Yoshi's House

Treasure Ship

Puzzle Game

Mushroom House

Big Boo

Dino Petey

Putrid Piranha


Land of Giants Returning from SMB3 comes the Giant monsters and oversized Blocks.

Sledge Bros.

Sledge Bros.

Puzzle Game

Challenge House

Mushroom House

Treasure Ship

Star Dome Path


Shark Chomp

The Ancient Rex

The Nimbus Skylands High over the ocean is the only path to the Mountain World. Don't look down and watch out for those Fire Chomps! Para-Chomp

Puzzle Game x2

Mushroom House

Star Dome Path

Blaze Chomp



Misty Mountains Descend from the skies as you climb down the mountains, through winding mine shafts, concurrent peaks, flooded canyons and travel through the ancient ruins.

Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros.

Sumo Bros.

Mushroom House

Puzzle Game

Treasure Ship

Challenge House

Star Dome Path

Sumo Bro.



Chain Chompking

Shimmering Snow Peaks

Mr. Blizzard

The Chill Bullies


Baron Brrr

Chief Chilly

Pipe Maze

Nipper N' Muncher

Bloomin' Lakitu

The Ptooie Trio Returns


Petey Piranha

Naval Piranha

Bowser's Domain

The Bullies

The Bob-Omb Blasters

Bowser jr.


King Whomp


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