Super Monkey Ball: On a Roll is a film based on the Super Monkey Ball series and was produced by Golden Ring Studios. It is scheduled to air in December, 2014.


Aiai, a monkey who lives in the Spherena Forest, is casually walking around in the woods, when he finds a banana. He tries to eat the banana, but it is too solid. He throws the banana at a strange orb, which traps Aiai in a sphere forever.

10 years later, still stuck in the sphere, a banana falls off a tree- and it somehow goes through the glass and Aiai eats it. A doctor happens to walk by and see the sphere. The doctor's name is Dr. Boon. Dr. Boon befriends Aiai, and tries to open the sphere. He fails, but he rolls Aiai to his lab.

Dr. Boon traces Aiai's DNA, and finds his family. Aiai decides to look for them. The first is MeeMee, who lives in the Syrkull Jungle. Aiai tries to roll to find her, but cannot. A man named Jam, who is Dr. Boon's assistant, walks in. Jam decides to teach Aiai how to roll.

Jam fails, and tries to study whatever made the sphere. He succeeds, and finds out that the orb, when an object is thrown into it, will trap the other person who threw it in a sphere. Similar objects to the object that was thrown in will fall into the sphere.

Aiai tells Jam that he threw a banana in. Jam puts a giant banana inside, and Aiai eats it. He is then able to roll around by himself. Aiai then rolls all the way to the Syrkull Jungle. He finds MeeMee, who is running from a giant robot shaped like a tree. The tree tries to eat Aiai, but he throws a banana at the robot.

The robot is somehow allergic to bananas, and Aiai saves MeeMee. However, she happens to be eating a banana, and she spits it at an orb, which traps her in another sphere. When they get back to the lab, Aiai leaves MeeMee with Jam so Jam can teach her how to roll.

When Aiai finds out that his younger sister, Baby, lives in the Bananazon Rainforest, he heads there. Baby is nowhere to be found when he gets there, but he finds a doctor (who calls himself "The Doctor") with amnesia. Aiai and The Doctor team up to find Baby.

The Doctor builds a "Baby Attractor" that explodes, but Baby then falls through the roof, crying. Giant bombs seem to be falling from the sky. Baby throws a banana in the orb, and a sphere forms around her. The Doctor throws Baby and Aiai into the sky and they somehow start flying. They bounce most of the bombs back in the sky.

The last bomb is larger than the other bombs, and explodes Aiai's sphere. Aiai them takes Baby back to the lab along with The Doctor. AiAi then goes out to find GonGon, who's location is in the Banamana Rainforest.

Once Aiai reaches the rainforest, he finds Jet. Jet happens to be GonGon's friend. Jet tells Aiai that, to reach GonGon, he must fight himself, a monkey named YanYan, and then GonGon.

Aiai is almost defeated by Jet, but then he throws a banana in the orb. He runs over Jet, who is frightened. YanYan doesn't want to fight Aiai because she does not like fighting, so she lets him pass.

During the GonGon fight, Aiai is on the verge of defeat. Then, a UFO comes out from the sky and abducts GonGon. Aiai jumps onto the UFO, and goes inside. There, he confronts Dr. Boon, who reveals his first name to be Bad. Dr. Bad Boon caused the bombs to fall from the sky and he made the robot.

GonGon asks Aiai for help. MeeMee and Baby come rolling inside to help Aiai defeat Dr. Bad Boon. However, Dr. Bad Boon brings out the Tree Robot and grabs a bomb cannon. MeeMee defeats the Tree Robot by throwing Baby at Dr. Bad Boon, then turning the cannon at the robot.

Dr. Bad Boon tells Aiai that he is done being evil, but he then presses a button that makes GonGon, MeeMee and Baby fall out of the UFO. Aiai dives after them, and GonGon, who was trapped in a pile of bananas, falls into the orb. Luckily, the banana hits the orb first, and GonGon is trapped in a sphere. A bomb falls from the sky one last time, triple the size of the bomb that broke Aiai's sphere.

GonGon hits Jet, who knocks him back in the sky. The Doctor bounces Baby back to the bomb. YanYan tries to push MeeMee back in the sky, but she bounces into a tree instead. Jam launches Aiai in the sky, but after rebounding against the bomb, he pushes Aiai up again.

Aiai hits Dr. Bad Boon's UFO, and it explodes. Aiai then tells Jam what happened. However, the orb moves in front of MeeMee, Baby and GonGon, and they all run into it. They now have the ability to leave the spheres when ever they want. Jam sends a message to Dr. Bad Boon (which says "I QUIT!") and they all go back to the lab.

In the post-credits scene, Dr. Bad Boon is writing something down. He marks his own face with an "X" (next to it, Dr. Eggman is scene with an X on his face) and he looks at the next picture, which is a white-haired man with red glasses and a zebra-stripe shirt.


  • Tobey Macguire as Aiai
  • Emma Stone as MeeMee
  • Bruno Campos as Jam
  • Adam Sandler as The Doctor
  • Lisa Ortiz as Baby
  • Mike Pollick as Dr. Bad Boon
  • Unknown as GonGon
  • Unknown as YanYan
  • Unknown as Jet

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