"Can you handle the Mitt?"

Mitt romney rpg

Super Mitt Romney RPG: Legend of the Mitt (known in Japan as ミット·ロムニーRPG超セクシー伝説) is a role-playing adventure game for the Super Nintendo. It was banned in Japan shortly after it's release because of a recent claim that Mitt Romney robbed a convenience store in Tokyo.


One day, Mitt "M-Dawg" Romney had a hot date, and went to get his Mitt (a magical artifact which is also the source of his magic powers), but saw it was stolen by Sylvester, an evil villain who has been nothing but trouble for M-Dawg since the day they first met at one of Sarah Palin's slammin' dance parties.

The "Romster" (one of M-Dawg's famous nicknames) went into the Dark Woods of Darkness to retrieve his Mitt, only to be attacked by Obama, his other archrival. After beating Obama to death with his face, M-Diggity went on, only to find that Sylvester had kidnapped his hot date. M-Bomb McRomCom went to attack Sylvester, only to see it was an illusion created by the evil wizard Democraticus.

Democraticus fired off a laser beam that exiled Mitt Doggy-Dogg to the Realm of the Nudist Turtles, where Mitt-Wit teamed up with Dominic the Nudist Turtle to find his Mitt.

And so the adventure began...


  • Mitt Romney (also known as M-Dawg, Romster, M-Diggity, M-Bomb McRomCom, Mitt-Witt, Glorius Rominus, King Rom of Mittness Lane, Mittness Protection Program, Mittens, Romney in the Sky With Diamonds, etc.) - The protagonist, who must retrieve his Mitt so he can go on a hot date.
  • Hot Date - Damsel in distress. Is hot. Probably.
  • Sylvester - An evil villain who enjoys busting moves at Sarah Palin's famed dance parties.
  • Sarah Palin - Has famed dance parties.
  • Obama - An evil pig monster. Just coincidentally happens to have the same name as the current president.
  • Democraticus - A wizard. He's actually not evil, Mitt Romney just hates him because his name kind of sounds like "Democrat".
  • Bob the Nudist Turtle - A clothed giraffe who lives in the Realm of the Nudist Turtles.
  • Nudist Turtles - Giraffes who wear clothes.

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