Super Mini Brothers is a game where the Mini Mario Toys are the main protagonist.



  • Mini-Mario
  • Mini-Luigi
  • Blue Mini-Toad
  • Yellow Mini-Toad (NEW!)


  • Mini-Pauline (Goal)
  • Mini-Peach (Goal)
  • Mini-Daisy (Goal,NEW)
  • Mini-Toad (gives items)


  • Mini-Shy Guy
  • Mini-Goomba (NEW)
  • Dart Blaster/Mini-Bullet Bill Blaster (NEW)
  • Cursed Mini-Mario
  • Banzi Dart/Mini-Banzi Blaster (New!)
  • Mini-Koopa (NEW)


  • Mini-Bowser Jr. (first boss,NEW)
  • Mini-Bowser (second boss,NEW)
  • Mini-DK Jr. (third boss,NEW)
  • Mini-DK (FINAL BOSS)

Power Ups

  • Mini-Hammer
  • Mini-Fire Flower (NEW)
  • Mini-Gold Flower (NEW)
  • Mini-Invincible super leaf (NEW)

Mc. Donalds sale

Mc. Donalds Sold toys in they're kids meals based off it. they include:

  • Mini-Mario
  • Mini-Luigi
  • Mini-DK
  • Mini-Hammer Power Up
  • Gold Mini-Mario (rare,3 only!)
  • A tiny buildable level 1
  • Mini-Pauline (Rare,1 only!)


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