Super Mii Travel
Mii travel
Developer(s) Nintendo, Disney Interactive, Namco Bandai, Capcom, Level 5, Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included eShop Download

Super Mii Travel is a game developed by Nintendo, Disney Interactive, Namco Bandai, Capcom, Level 5 and Square Enix. It's only available on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U eShop. The release datum is set on Fall 2013 in Japan. It won't be released in the USA, but it will be in Europe and Australia.

The Main Plot
The big Kagayaki, the master of Light, ruled over the kingdom of Yorokobi, but suddenly, he gets killed by Shi, the master of Darkness. The Mii’s, who live in the kingdom of Yorokobi, are hypnotised by Shi, except a group of Mii’s, including you and people you met in Miiverse or Mii’s saved on the system memory. They have to break the evil spell of Shi, but it isn’t that easy. You have the minimum amount of equipment and you don’t have any money whatsoever. You have to collect money and equipment on your quest, but at the same time, Mii’s who try to kill you are on your path. Shi notice you’re going to kill him and some terrible things happen.

A big game
In Beta Stage, the game contained 12 worlds. But Nintendo confirmed there would be 36 worlds and also some DLC.

Other game characters
Beside the Mii’s, there are some game characters from other games. The following characters are already known:

- Mario

- Luigi

- Link

- Kirby

- Samus

- Captain Falcon

- Pit

- Mickey Mouse

- Pac-Man

- Professor Layton & Luke Triton

- Some Final Fantasy Characters (not confirmed yet)

- Some Disney Characters (Rapunzel, Pinnochio, Winnie The Pooh) (not confirmed yet)

There will also be a soccer minigame, with references to the soccer-RPG Inazuma Eleven.

Big co-operation
At first, only Nintendo would develop the game, but later, Square Enix jumped in. They said it would be fun to have Disney Characters in it as in Kingdom Hearts, so they co-operated with Disney. It was so much work that in late Alpha-stage, they asked Level 5 and Capcom. The game was delayed due problems with Level 5 and Disney. It originally was an Nintendo Wii game, but they put it futher to Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Disney didn’t like that so they almost stopped with the project, and Level 5 didn’t agree with the amount of money they should get from the deal. A quote from Satoru Iwata:

“There are some problems with the copyright and porting to Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. But I’m sure it will be released, but not at Fall 2012. I think a year later.”.

They also asked SEGA to join in, but they disagree with that.

International Release
It was ment to release worldwide, but some rights from Capcom and Level 5 couldn’t be registered in America. However, it could be done in Europe and Australia. So they made two versions; one American version and one Japanese/European version. Due the budget of this game, it was cancelled very early.

Pre-Alpha Wii version leaked
In November 2011, a Pre-Alpha version for Nintendo Wii was leaked and published on the internet. However, it was very buggy but it gave us a detailed look in the story. There were only 2 levels but 90% of the cutscenes were found on the disk. However, a quote from Satoru Iwata said:

“This Pre-Alpha version isn’t the final game. The cutscenes are re-made for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS so they’re completely different. Also, those levels were only test stages”.