Super Mii RPG: The Grand Extraordinary Adventure is the spin-off of the Paper Mario games and Super Mario RPG. This game will come out in April, 2016. The game will feature many mechanics that are taught with quick tutorials that not only go by quickly to help the flow of things, but make sure that you get a very good understanding of the mechanics.

Creating the Main Characters


Creating the Main Characters is simple. Just like Tomodachi Life, you can create a Mii Character and give them catchphrases for when they're:

  • Happy (for ex. about winning a battle)
  • Sad (for ex. about getting a game over)
  • Mad when the bad guy(s) show up or something happens that angers them
  • Surprised when certain things happen (such as when a character is told they have to pay a lot of Mii Coins for something/someone)
  • Scared/Dramatic when they're in a tight/scary situation (like falling down a hole that the heroes weren't expecting)
  • Devious (for ex. when they get a very good idea for a plan)
  • Confident (for ex. when they face against a boss and hold nothing back)

Types of Characters and their Attacks

Here are the types of characters:

Mii Brawler

  • Triple Jump: If jumps are timed correctly, you'll be able to do 3 consecutive jumps
  • Mii Hammer: Charge the hammer for max power, then take a good swing!
  • Martial Arts Combo: Do 5 punches, followed up by 3 kicks, then finally by a karate chop! (learn at level 5)
  • Cannonball Chaos: Throw 6 mini-cannon balls, followed up by big cannonball (learn at level 10)

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