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Super Mega Mario Kart is an all-new game for everyone! Featuring 10 all-new drivers, 8 new items, and new Underground mode, it's fun for everyone!

  • Flight Mode
  • Underwater Mode
  • Underground Mode

Kart Modes

Super Mega Mario Kart features the new Underground feature!!! It also features new gliders.


While still featuring the old items like mushrooms and shells, Super Mega Mario Kart features exciting new items, too

  • Freezies freeze your closest opponent for 2 seconds
  • Gold shells are special shells that don't break until you finish a lap.
  • A Topmaniac spins your nearest opponent, stunning him/her.
  • Thwomps crush nearby opponents.
  • Clouds make you misty and able to pass through opponents
  • Suction Flowers stick onto the person in front of you and drag you with them
  • Thunder Flower takes the place of the lightning bolt.
  • Using a Boomerang Flower, you can hit opponents with boomerangs.

Returning drivers

New Drivers

  • Cheepskipper drives with his fins!
  • Blargg is racing!
  • Whomp King races, too!
  • Mummipokey drives using his spikes!
  • Blooper is now racing!
  • Who says Cosmic Clones can't drive!
  • Fire Bro will vanquish!!!
  • Chief Chilly gives opponents the cold shoulder!
  • Big Bob-Omb will blow you away!
  • Paper Mario can finally drive!

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