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Creator of Super Mario x Hatsune Miku, User:2121diketarak

There's no such thing as Team without M.
The Game's Official Tagline.

Super Mario X Hatsune Miku
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer

Super Mario x Hatsune Miku is an upcoming crossover and sidescrolling platformer game featuring Nintendo's Super Mario and Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku for 3DSNintendo 3DS AdvancedWii U.U and Wii U. This game was announced at SNSR 2013 (Supreme Nintendo Showcase Room) which ran from August 23, 2012 to August 25, 2012.


Mario was celebrating his birthday at the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach and friends. Meanwhile, Hatsune Miku, in her universe, was battling Zatsune Miku, a clone of Miku. Zatsune Miku summoned a huge warp pipe, waiting for the next danger to happen. At the same time, Bowser has invaded Mario's birthday party and created a warp pipe, forcing Mario to dissapear, "Forever! Mwahahaha!!". Mario and his friends were getting sucked in, but Peach was being restrained by Koopa Troopas so she wasn't sucked in. The Koopa Troopas threw Peach onto the Airship Bowser that was flying, then the Koopa Troopas also jumped onto it. Bowser then dismissed the warp pipe and then soon flew away. Back where Miku were, a bunch of figures were thrown out of the warp pipe, and Zatsune Miku disappeared, as did the warp pipe. Mario and his Allies decided to get help from Miku. As they got to know more about each other, Miku also asked Mario for help, and they teamed up to save the world!



Name Description
Super Mario !
Mario is an Italian Plumber. One time, when he was Plumbing a Pipe, he got Sucked into it and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario LOVES Pasta, All Kinds. He saves the princess most of the time, and is most of the time compared to Sonic the Hedgehog. He is VERY, VERY KIND. He is estimated to be 31 years old.
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu
Hatsune Miku is one of the Vocaloids. She is the Third Vocaloid ever created, the first two being Leon and Lola. She is a Diva, and a J-Pop (Japanese Pop) Star. She has a humongous Leek that she brings around with her. She is a Robot, and is often compared to Sonic, similar to Mario. She is 16 years old.


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Assist Characters

Name Helps by:
Super Luigi !
making Mario go to palces he weren't able to go to before by Hovering.
Rin Kagimne
making Miku have the ability to spin through things that she couldn't break.


All the Locations/Worlds.

World 1 - Jumpin' Japan

World 2 - Rushin' Russia

World 3 - Eureka Europe

World 4 - Amazing Africa

World 5 - Untied Ocean

World 6 - Green ol' Greenland

World 7 - Crashin' Canada

World 8 - Back to Brooklyn

Special Locations/Worlds

World 1 - Southern America

World 2 - Inhabitable Antartica

World 3 - Awesome Australia

World 4 - Indomalaysiland

World 5 - Clap for China

World 6 - Forever Flight

World 7 - Jammin' Jamaica

World 8 - Darn Dominica


All the Screenshots shown off so far.


Hatsune Miku thanking and complimenting Mario and friends.

Sequel and Remake

A Sequel was announced at NVGS1 (Nintendo Video Game Showcase) which started November 30, 2013 and will end December 26th, 2013. The Sequel was announced November 30 and the Remake was announced December 15.