Due to the humorous nature of this article, it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Therefore, please do not delete it or flag it for deletion.

(Intro plays)
(Camera goes to store)
Toad: so hungry cereal cereal cereal bars
(Goombella walks past)
Toad: what's this?
announcer: attack of the snacks part 1
Toad: never seen this
(Toad picks up a box sayng chocolate choclety surprise)
(Toad buys stuff and goes home and eats cereal)
Toad: I've eaten breakfast now let's try this
Toad: blah this chocolate taste horrible
Toad: huh?
(Toad sees a hand in his chocolate screams and falls down)
Toad: just eat the food
(Toad eats the food and gets a toy)
Announcer: meanwhile at bowsers castle
Koopa: oh no
Bowser: There you are KOOPA what's in that bag!!
Announcer: to be continued
(Credits play)
The end
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