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Super Mario: In Miracle world
Developer(s) Omegadream
Publisher(s) Omegadream
Platform(s) FDS \ FDS II
Release Date(s)
single player
Genre(s) 2D platform
Media Included FDS \ FDS II disk
Super Mario in Miracle World is a game parodying the mascot of SEGA, Alex Kidd, a character created in order to compete Mario and his games (Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3...) with games like Alex Kidd in Miracle World (hence the title), Alex Kidd in High Tech World... Super Mario in Miracle World has been created in order to prove that replacing the Alex Kidd universe by the Mario, the game was already better.The game was developed shortly after Super mario bros. 3 and before Super mario world but graphics are in major part from Super mario bros. 2 (japenese version) and musics are 8-bit versions of Super mario world musics,



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