Super Mario for ?
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo ? Logo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer

Super Mario for ? is a video game for the Nintendo ?, and is one of its release titles. It is the sequel to Super Mario 64, as it has similar gameplay mechanics. It also shares many features from the game's DS remake.







Character Summary Abilities Description
NSM Mario
Mario is the main character and hero of the story. He can punch enemies, and his special ability is the Flame Jump. He only has two abilities. Otherwise, he is generally an all-around character. Punch Mario punches the enemy twice, and he ends it off with a kick.
Flame Jump After performing a triple jump, Mario is able to perform a fourth jump that sends out a fiery burst around him.
Luigi is Mario's brother. Like Mario, Luigi is able to punch enemies, albeit not punching with a kick at the end, as kicking is a different ability for him. His special ability is the Ghost Wave. Otherwise, Luigi has the highest jump in the game, being able to flutter in midair, but has low traction. Punch Luigi punches the enemy three times.
Kick Luigi kicks the enemy three times.
Ghost Wave After long jumping and punching, Luigi can send out a wave of ghosts in front of him.
Peach (Super Mario 3D World)
Peach, usually the damsel in distress, is playable in this game. She uses her parasol, allowing her to float in midair for a certain amount of time. She also uses it for some of her attacks. Unfortunately, she has low speed. Her special ability is the Heart Explosion. Parasol Slash Peach slashes at the enemy with her parasol three times.
Parasol Stomp While performing a ground pound, Peach spins her parasol around, hitting any enemy around her.
Heart Explosion After triple jumping two times in a row, Peach can shoot hearts in any direction around her that force enemies to work for her for a short amount of time.
Bowser is usually the main antagonist, but he helps Mario in this game. He is the strongest playable character. He jumps high, but lower than Luigi, and he has the slowest speed. He can also climb up walls. He can claw at enemies, and he is able to spin inside his shell. His special ability is the Retro Attack. Claw Bowser claws at the enemy twice, then ends it off with a punch.
Shell Spin Bowser goes into his shell and spins around uncontrollably.
Retro Attack Bowser is able to throw hammers and spit fire at enemies rapidly after performing a triple jump and clawing twice. His sprite turns into a 3D version of Bowser from the original Super Mario Bros. while using this attack.
250px-Bowserjr MP9-g
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, helping him lead his army. He often helps him out with attempting to defeat Mario, along with the Koopalings. He can ride in his Junior Clown Car by performing a double jump, but he is not able to triple jump, and he has rather low jumps and traction. He can summon certain members of Bowser's army to attack other enemies. His special ability is the Paint Strike. Enemy Swarm Bowser Jr. summons a circle of Goombas, Koopas, and other basic Mario enemies around him.
Bill Blast Bowser Jr. uses a Bill Blaster to fire Bullet Bills at enemies. He is immobile while using this attack.
Paint Strike After jumping out of the Junior Clown Car and using the Enemy Swarm attack, Bowser Jr. can turn into Shadow Mario, giving him the same abilities as normal Mario, but his attacks are paint-based.
250px-Wario MP10
Wario is Mario's rival. He has a lot of strength, but he doesn't have a very high jump, and he moves slowly. He has a strong punch, and he can also use a hammer. He collects two coins for every coin that he gets. His special ability is the Power Magnet. Punch Wario does two strong punches, and ends with a weak kick.
Hammer Wario pulls out a hammer, smashing anything in front of him. If the player performs this move while using a Super Star, he will keep moving and smashing the hammer until the player performs it again or the Super Star stops.
Bulldog When Wario performs a double jump followed by a long jump and punching twice, Wario will jump in his plane, the Bulldog, and fly around close to the ground, giving him the ability to fire Bullet Bills that home in on enemies.
Rosalina is a figure from space that protects the cosmos. She commands the Comet Observatory, her ship, and she acts as a mother figure for the Lumas, beings that resemble stars. She is able to spin or spin jump. She can also send use her wand to send out a Luma. She is able to create a shield around her while immobile. Her special ability is the Grand Star. Spin Rosalina spins once. She can also do a spin jump. Holding the attack button allows her to summon a Star Spin to perform a higher jump.
Luma Blast Rosalina sends a Luma out of her wand to hit an enemy.
Bubble Shield Rosalina creates a shield around her to defend herself from attacks. She is immobile while doing this.
Grand Star Rosalina has to fill up a gauge to perform this attack. After doing so, Rosalina can summon several Grand Stars. She can turn these Grand Stars into either something similar to the Comet Observatory's beacon which burns enemies that get too close or portals that allow Rosalina to teleport.