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Super Mario and the Star Stones is a Mario platformer first released for the Nintendo Tablet in Janurary 24th, 2014. It was released in Japan in November 21st, 2013 and Europe and Australia in March 25th, 2014.


Mario, after one day of relaxing, decides to have fun with Luigi and play games together! During that time, Bowser and his minions steal all of the Star Stones in Peach's secret safe. Bowser apparently knew the code and ordered his minions to nab all Star Stones in the safe. When Mario and Luigi hear this on Mushroom News, they set off on adventure!

When going through the game, Mario and Luigi recieve strange letters from the princess in order to help her restore all of the Star Stones!

When Mario and Luigi complete Episode 7 of every course, a huge lava wave was heading toward the castle. Noticing that not even the princess can escape, she knows of a special teleporter to take Mario and Luigi to Bowser's Castle. Peach turns on the teleporter and Mario & Luigi rush to get to the castle before the lava wave destroys Peach's Castle!

Bowser battles Mario (but not Luigi) in a final match to the death. Mario wins and recieves the Mega Star Stone and restores power to the destroyed castle. All Star Stones were put back in the safe, alongside Peach entering a new code for the safe. They lived happily ever after!


The game contains a number of courses, which can be reached on the Mushroom Kingdom grounds. Gameplay is based around collecting Star Stones by completing various tasks in the levels and over world, very similar to Super Mario 64but with Star Stones instead of Power Stars. However, unlike in Super Mario Sunshine where the game usually lets Mario obtain only the Shine Sprite the player selects on the screen prior to the level, this game lets Mario usually get most Power Stars no matter which episode was chosen.

There are 120 Star Stones in the game and 240 Blue Coins. 10 Blue Coins can be traded in for a Star Stone at the Blue Coin Dispenser. There are 2 Star Stones left in the castle, seventeen outside the castle (including one for collecting 100 coins and the one in Bowser's Castle), and eleven in each of the seven other courses (eight from main episodes, two hidden and one for getting 100 coins.) There are thirthy Blue Coins in each of the seven courses, making 210, there are nineteen on the castle grounds, one in the castle and ten in Bowser's Castle, making 240 altogether.

At first, each of the seven courses features one episode which may be completed to acquire a Star Stone. The player is then returned to Peach's Castle and a new task is unlocked in the area they just played. Each course consists up to eight of these episodes, as well as two hidden episodes, which may be played again at will once they are completed. Once the player has collected enough Star Stones in total, a new course is available at Peach's Castle, either by the acquisition of a new ability or some plot-related event.

Gameplay proceeds in this fashion until all of Bowser Jr.'s related episodes are completed (the 7th episode in each course), which unlocks Bowser's Castle, containing the final boss. As the total number of Star Stones available to obtain at any given point is greater than the number of Star Stones needed to unlock the next area, players may choose which episodes they want to attempt.


Control Stick: Move

A Button: Jump

B Button: Slide, Talk to Characters, Pick Up Fruit

X Button: Zoom In

Y Button: Slide, Talk to Characters, Pick Up Fruit

A Button + L Button: Ground Pound

R Button: Use Power-Up Effects

Touch Screen: Freeze Enemies, Find Hidden Coins, Find Hidden Blocks, etc.


All of the enemies that appeared in Super Mario 3D World appear here.


Bowser Jr. (Overworld)

Petey Piranha (Windmill Village Episode 2 and Episode 5)

Gooper Blooper (Toad Harbour Episode 1 and Episode 5 & Blooper Bay Episode 2)

Wiggler (Cheep Cheep Beach Episode 3)

Mecha Bowser (Yoshi Park Episode 1)

Phantamanta (Hotel Mario Episode 1)

King Boo (Hotel Mario Episode 5)

Cheep Chomp (Blooper Bay Episode 4)

Bowser (Bowser's Castle)


Peach's Castle

Castle Grounds

Bowser's Castle

Main Locations

Windmill Village

Toad Harbour

Cheep Cheep Beach

Yoshi Park

Hotel Mario

Blooper Bay

Chain Chomp Cave


Star Stone

Super Star

Fire Flower

Red Coin

Blue Coin

1-Up Mushroom





Boomerang Flower


  • Once 99 lives are obtained, Mario is immune to damage for the rest of the game. When he falls off a ledge, Lakitu carrys him back to the spot closest to where he fell. If staying in water for too long, Mario uses a Blue Balloon from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.