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Super Mario and the Golden Goomba is a fan game created by Triple-Z Games. It is similar to New Super Mario Bros., but with new changes.


An evil Goomba called Goomburn is taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario sees a note from a Toad that says that there is a goomba called the Golden Goomba who can defeat Goomburn. Mario sets off to look for him.

After finding the Golden Goomba forty levels later, you engage in a long boss battle with Goomburn.

Goomburn Battle Parts

Your final battle is in five parts.

1: Goomburn will throw fireballs at you. Jump on him three times to advance.

2: Goomburn will enter an arena, where Mario is attacked by Fire Goombas. Kill them all, and you'll go to part three.

3: Goomburn throws fire at you. Press B just before they hit you to reflect them. You will become Shield Mario just before the fight.

4: Goomburn unleashes more Fire Goombas. These are larger and take two hits to kill.

5: You must step on three switches near Goomburn. He gets hurt by each one. Do it three times to defeat him.


The box art.

See also: PocketGamer.

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