Gamplay: The game plays out like Super Mario Bros. but with the sprites of the Mario and Luigi games. The map is like Super Mario Star Scramble 3 but there is a door that leads to Toad Town that happens to be the only areas (because Toad Town includes the shops) that is not in a platformer layouts

Plot: Toadbert arrives at Mario's House with a letter that was for Mario and his younger brother Luigi. Toadbert then enters the house and sees Mario and Luigi still in they're pajamas sitting in they're chairs and drinking Koopa Tea. Embarresed Mario and Luigi quickly changed to plumber uniforms then Toadbert says "Mario I got a letter from Bowser! I'll read it for you!" The letter said: I have stolen your precious Princess and scattered the Power Stars
The first level

The first level in Grassy Hills

across The Mushroom Kingdom!   

-King Koopa a.k.a. Bowser

The brothers start to panic and then Mario exits the house, leaving Luigi behind with Toadbert. Then after calming Luigi down Toadbert encorages him to follow Mario.

Playable Characters:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Toadbert (only for the Prologue)
Super Mario And Luigi02:22

Super Mario And Luigi

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