Opposites attract!
The game's tagline

Super Mario and Bowser is a video game for the Wii U. It features Bowser as a playable character.


Bowser hires a new minion named Orbal to defeat Mario. However, Orbal instantly falls in love with Peach when he is trying to kidnap her. He does, indeed, kidnap her, but he then overthrows Bowser at his own castle. Bowser asks Mario for help- and it may not be as easy as he thought to be the hero for once.


The gameplay is similar to other games in the Super Mario series, namely Galaxy and 64. The player switches between characters by pressing the ZL/ZR buttons respectively. Statistics differ between characters. Bowser has more power than speed and he can't jump very high, while Mario is an all-around type. Some power ups can only be collected by Mario, some can only be collected by Bowser, and the rest can be collected by both.

Power Ups


  • Super Mushroom
    • Effect on Bowser: Grows larger, making him able to ground pound, which sends a shockwave
  • Fire Flower
    • Effect on Bowser: Allows Bowser to breath fire
  • Frost Flower
    • Effect on Bowser: Allows Bowser to breath ice
  • Poison Mushroom
    • Effect on Bowser: Gives him an extra life
  • 1-Up Mushroom
    • Effect on Bowser: Makes him lose a life
  • Boxing Gloves (NEW)
    • Effect on Mario: Mario will punch enemies, and they can hit other enemies
    • Effect on Bowser: Bowser will punch enemies, not hurting them much, but he will do it automatically instead of the player controlling it


  • Boomerang Suit
  • Super Leaf
  • Cat Bell
  • Metal Mushroom


  • Spin Carrot (NEW)
    • Effect: Allows Bowser to hide inside his shell and spin, increasing his speed
  • Spike Carrot (NEW)
    • Effect: Bowser's shell has many spikes on it
  • Spring Carrot (NEW)
    • Effect: Bowser can jump as high as Mario
  • Hypno-Carrot (NEW)
    • Effect: Bowser can hypnotize enemies so they will help him

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