Super Mario Zoo
Developer(s) ~
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 90px-WiiULogo.png
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multi-player, Online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Wii U Disc

A unique Mario game, that acts like Pokemon Rumble. You start off with a character that you select. You travel the lands and fight using various attacks you can learn. In levels you battle dozens of enemies and sometimes you can catch enemies and use them in battle. There are tons of areas you can go, and tons of things you can do. Go to the actual Zoo and the game turns into a platformer style, where you can look at any of the hundreds of enemies you have defeated as one of the main characters you unlocked. Go online and search for a partner to help you in any level, and do the same thing and catch some enemies.


A star falls over the Serene Islands, all of the inhabitants of the island leave where they are at and watch the star. It travels over the black sky, and suddenly stops. It just stopped, and the inhabitants wonder what is going on. Suddenly the ground starts shaking and in the water of the northern coast of the island, a giant structure starts to form. The water is bubbling as this giant formation reaches above. It looks to be a castle, and Bowser's face carved into the front. Soon enough the entire castle base is above the water, with the star lodged into it. Behind it, buildings, and towers, and statues. This isn't just a castle, it's an entire city. The citizens of the island are puzzled and don't know why this happened. A giant tower raises out of the Bowser head on the castle. It emits a light blue signal across the land, hitting every single citizen of the kingdom. They all become hypnotized and start fighting each other. When they would die, they would turn to a stuffed animal as part of the beams effect.

The morning sun rises, and a few creatures wake up from their beds. In the Main Town, Goomba, Koopa, Paratroopa, and Buzzy Beetle all wake up and leave their houses. They notice it's extremely quiet, they look at each other, then look around a few times, then look at each other again. They panic thinking they are the only ones that are still alive and frantically run around. That's when a monty mole pops out of the ground delivering a message. It reads "Hello, to anybody who is still roaming the island. I have a message to inform you that your island has been taken over, and if you want to reclaim it, you have the quest to first recruit your army, then search the land for my city, and finally navigate my city and find me. Sincerely, Bowser and his army." The four start fretting and sweating realizing they will never beat Bowser alone. That's when Monty Mole says, "Go around the island, and look for people! They will surely help you beat Bowser when you reach him." And with that, the four run out of the main area to start their adventure. This is where you select your starting character.

The Island

Main Town:

This is where you start your adventure, there are no actual levels here but there are a lot of things you can do. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more shops for Main Town. You start out with: Goodbye Stall, Character Shop, Reheal Shop, Collection kiosk, Information kiosk, 2 player hut, and the Zoo (which will be empty when you first start) and as you go through the game you'll unlock: Move-swapper kiosk, World-wide hut, the Move School, specific move building, random move building, password center, the Warp Station, and the Main Shop. The Main Town is also where you can meet other people worldwide, but visit the Wi-Fi section for more information about that, and visit the shops section for more information about the shops.

Happy Hills:

After the beginning cutscene, the character you selected will be running out of Main Town. Right outside of Main Town is Happy Hills. It's the easiest of all the places in the game, and mainly features grass or land type enemies. Before entering any of the levels, you can interact with your first warp pipe, which will take you back to Main Town, for quick access. Happy Hills has 12 levels and over 80 different enemies alone. When you complete Happy Hills, you will unlock the Island Map, which lets you quickly view the island and where you are going next and you will unlock the World-wide hut.

Mushroom Woods:

After you complete Happy Hills, you head for Mushroom Woods, since that's what's next on the map. Mushroom Woods is located east of Main Town and is on the bank of the Toadstool River. This area blocks out sunlight from it's trees so it's rather dark and has forest and grass enemies. Some levels have you above the treetops though bouncing on the tall mushrooms, here you will find land and some sky enemies. After beating Mushroom Wood's 10 levels you will unlock the "Random Move" shop in Main Town, you will find Toad, and you will unlock the Glass Bowl item, which gives most land enemies the ability to go underwater (Note: Not all land enemies can go underwater, there are some that will be left forever on land)

Deep Sea:

When you finish Mushroom Woods, when leaving the actual woods, you see the next area on the other side, but in between is the river, you have no boats or anything so you must ride the river, which leads to a waterfall taking you to the Deep Sea. Here you'll find water enemies obviously. It would be beneficial for you to use your Glass Bowl until you catch a water enemy that you can use. Deep Sea has 16 levels and over 100 new enemies, since they are water inhabitants you haven't seen any of them before. After beating Deep Sea, you unlock the "Shop" in Main Town.

Shy Guy Isle:

You arrive on the beach after beating Deep Sea, on a strange different island. The island has a desert and a volcano with a cave in it, and a small forest. But something's weird here, the only enemies on this island are shy guy species. Every level you go to, there are only different shy guy inhabitants. Though this is a short world, with only 6 levels. You start in a grassy area, then head to the desert, go into the volcanic cave, go to the forest, trudge into the swampy waters, and lastly end up on the Shy Guy Ship. After beating this place, you unlock the Spray Paint item, which lets you change the color of any enemy you have so far without having to catch that color (Note: if you change the color, it does not count as you catching that color, therefore in the Zoo, the only colors would be the ones you caught)

Forest Maze:

The crew takes the ship left at Shy Guy Isle and returns back to the main island, on the other side of the river, here lies Forest Maze. You will find forest, grass, and poison enemies here. There are 8 levels here, but all of the levels are mazes, so they will take some brain power to get out. If you're lucky, you can find the forest map in a chest in the second level. From this area on, the worlds start to get a lot more challenging. After beating this area, you'll unlock the password center at Main Town and you'll unlock the flashlight item, which brightens up a small area for dark places and you'll find Yoshi.

Boo's Backyard:

After finally reaching the end of the maze, you have reached a horrorifying mansion in the middle of the woods. The chilling area is full of ghost and poison elements. Not to mention you'll have to use the flashlight you got since the place is pitch-black, you need at least a little light. This area has 14 levels, while most of them are navigating inside the mansion, there is one on the roof of the mansion, one in the graveyard, and one in the courtyard. After beating this horror-filled area, you'll find Luigi.

Pipe Plaza:

Oh boy, if you couldn't tell by the name, this area is filled with pipes. Enemies in this world, include plants and land, and sky enemies. The area itself has 10 levels, and it actually has 2 exits, one will take you to the top of the island and one will take you to the West heat. This world can be really tricky, especially considering you don't know which pipes you can go down, or where they will take you. Although this area has the most secret items of any area in the game. For beating this area either way, you unlock the "Specific Move" shop.

Snow Summit:

If you end up going east after leaving Pipe Plaza, you will end up here, a snowy village that works it's way up a mountain. Here you will find water and ice type enemies. As you work your way up the mountain there are small caverns that have unfrozen water and have water types. The snowy plain has 9 levels, and when you complete them you will unlock Daisy.


The middle area if you're going east. This area is full of rock and sky enemies. You have to scavenge your way across the mountains, with a nice 15 levels. This is one of the hardest areas in the game considering how strong the enemies are here. After completing this area, you'll unlock the "Move-swap kiosk" and the Soft Boots, which lets any of your characters walk on clouds.

Cloudy Court:

The third area of the east is the highest up, all the way up in the clouds, lays a Sky Garden, a sea of just clouds, and the Cloud Castle. Here you'll find mostly sky enemies. The area also has 12 levels. After beating this area, you'll find Peach.

Dream Star:

The last area if you were to go east from Cloudy Court is the Dream Star world. This world is surprisingly short with only 6 levels, but the enemies here are very difficult. Located on the giant start that crashed into the castle, you must navigate yourself across the star and complete the rainbow bridge. Enemies here include sky and poison enemies. When you clear all of the levels here you find a key laying on the ground.

Hot Hot Sand: If you were to go west from Pipe Plaza, you would end up here, in the middle of a barren desert. Here there are nothing but hot, desert enemies, except for when you reach the oasis then you will find water and grass enemies. This area has 8 levels and when you beat it you will unlock Wario.

Great Canyon:

The middle area if you're going west. After you left the giant pyramid of the desert, you have all of these rock and fire enemies. Crawling your way around the rock formations that made this vast canyon. With 15 levels, this is a really hard area considering there are very strong enemies here. After completing this area you will unlock the "Move School" and the Tough Boots, which lets your characters take less damage in lava. Some say this area is the equivalent of the Mountaintops level.

Magma Coast:

The third area of the west is fire filled. Located right next to a volcano, here you will find a lot of fire enemies, and epic music (because most fire filled worlds in video games have epic music) but if you equip the Tough Boots, you should have no problem being next to the volcano. There are 16 levels in this world, and at the end you have to let the lava flow run over the river creating an obsidian bridge for you to cross. After beating this area you'll find Waluigi.

North Fortress:

The last area if you choose to go west and pass the Magma Coast volcano you will arrive at North Fortress. North Fortress holds 12 levels, each floor of the fortress holds 3 levels. Enemies you will find here include tough fortress and castle enemies and every floor has a mini-boss. When you reach the top floor you will find a chest that contains a key.

Bowser's City:

After you obtain the key, you will either enter from the rooftop or the front entrance depending on which way you went. Bowser's City is byfar the largest world in the game with 20 levels. Now you only need to complete 12 of the levels to meet up with the final boss, and you get to choose the levels you want to complete in the area. Every level in this area is different and includes a ton of old and new enemies from all the different biomes. Every type of enemy is here and there is a mini-boss in every level. This world takes the longest since it is the last world, but when you meet up with the final boss you will be begging for mercy. After you complete Bowser City, your quest is over and you can do whatever you want, but of course you unlock the final boss to play as, and perhaps a few other things.

Main Town

Goodbye Stall

This is the shop where you can get rid of your useless enemies for money (Note: Don't worry if you get rid of something if you only have one of them, because it will still be saved that you have them in your Collection and in the Zoo)

Character Shop

In this shop instead of selling characters, you buy them. You can go through a list of characters or sort through them and buy the ones you want. (Note: Buying a character will put them in your collection, but not the Zoo)

2 Player Hut

Here it will ask you to sync up another controller so you can play in two player mode, multiplayer acts identical to single player just there are two people running around instead of just one.

World-wide Hut

Hop onto wi-fi and return to Main Town, but there will be people from all over the world in the Town, go around and ask people to join a game with you and play like you would in 2 Player. You can also look at other people's stats and visit other people's zoos.

Reheal Shop

If any of your characters are hurt, then you want to come here after a battle to heal every bit of their life.

Warp Station

If you enter the warp pipe here, you can quickly travel to any area you've already been to.

Move School

If you want to give a certain enemy a move but don't want to buy it, come here. You have to find other enemies that have the move you want and you sacrafice the monsters that have the attack you want and it gives that attack to the character you want to have the move.

Specific Move Building

Here you can spend your money on a specific move that you want, scroll down the list of moves that the building has, the more powerful the move the more it costs.

Random Move Hut

Here you spend money before you know what the move is, it's kind of like lottery per say. This building is a lot cheaper than the Specific Move Building, but you don't know what you're getting.

Password Center

Throughout the game you'll encounter various hints or codes throughout levels and worlds. If you put these codes in the password center, you'll unlock either hard to find, status, or characters you can only find through the password center.

Main Shop

Here you buy anything that is harder to find or unique. Things you can purchase here include powerups (stronger, faster, healing) or permanent status changers that will permanently make a certain character stronger or faster. There is also a status modifier, that you can make a certain character have a certain status. There are also small items to get like repell (enemies don't bother you) star (makes you invincible for a certain amount of time) and Catch Card (lets you capture an enemy if they are low on health). Lastly you can buy a third attack slot.

Information Kiosk

Here you can look at all of your statistics, you can see the various data about your game including: "time spent played, stages cleared, game completion %, deaths, kills, and so many other things.


Your entire gallery of every enemy you have defeated and captured. Enemies you have defeated but havent captured appear as a shadow. It also shows the enemies in list form and has the number of captures you have.


The main attraction of Main Town, when you go here, the game is flipped from birds-eye view to 2-D Platformer. You can actually jump and use a single attack. Basically in the zoo you will find all of the enemies you encountered in the game in there home habitat, some interacting with things. Since it's in 2-D you will see them in a different perspective doing different things. There are 12 exhibits that you can fill with enemies, from the Aquatics to the Molten. Visit the Zoo section to see a map of the zoo.