Super Mario X (Working Title) is a sidescrolling 2D Mario game. It plays similary to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. The game has no official release date yet. The main characters so far are Mario and Luigi but other playable characters will be added to the roster once the game is developed more.
Super Mario X (Working Title)
Developer(s) OfficialDoubleJ Inc.
Publisher(s) TBA
Platform(s) Super Mario Bros. X Level Editor
Release Date(s)
One Player, Two Players, Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform
Media Included N/A


It's the Mario Brothers birthday and everyone is invited, except Bowser and the Koopalings. In anger the Koopa Troop attack Princess Peach's Castle, invade the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Princess Peach. It is now up to the Mario Bros. and Co. to save the day.

Gameplay Features

When playing alone, the game acts as the way a normal Mario platformer would. You have to ability to jump on certain enemies, collect items and power-ups, hit ? blocks and ride a Yoshi. When playing the 2-Player Mode, you don't need to worry about the camera because if Player 1 and Player 2 are on different parts of the level the screen will split in two parts so both players can easily continue the level without having to follow each other. When playing the 2-Player Battle Mode, you will have to collect items and power-ups to defeat the other player. You will get to roam across a small stage based on one of the levels in the game and avoid the other player from shooting you with a fireball or throwing a hammer at you.


There are 8 main worlds and 1 bonus world making a total of 9 world. Each level has a theme depending on what world you are playing in. The theme can vary from Land to Cave to Snow to Sky. Each level is unique and must be completed to reach the next. Below are some screenshots of some levels in the game.



Playable Characters

Supporting Characters



Land Enemies

Cave Enemies

Water Enemies

Desert Enemies

Artillary Enemies

Ghost Enemies

Castle Enemies



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