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Super Mario XC
Logo Coming Soon
Developer(s) Cogshift Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) X Cogshift
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Mario
Media Included TBA
Super Mario XC is a Mario series 2D platforming game. Developed by Cogshift Studios, it was released in December 2015 as a launch title for the X Cogshift. It places heavy emphasis on multiplayer modes.


It was a bright and sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario was casually playing a game of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with his brother, Luigi. Their good friend Captain Toad was featured in this game, and they were trying to pick up a few tricks before their upcoming mining adventure with the Captain and his Toad Brigade. In fact, Captain Toad was stopping by their house in just a little bit, and the bros. wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Meanwhile, Bowser and the Koopalings were soaring towards the Toad Brigade, ready to capture them and trap them in his castle. It would be a nice way to lure Mario into his kingdom and let him face the Koopa Kingdom's latest traps, finally getting rid of that mustachioed mischief maker for good. Bowser Jr. went to discuss some things with his dad about his placement in the Koopa Troop. It was to his disappointment that while he was looking for a promotion, Bowser had other matters to discuss. Apparently, due to Jr.'s constant failure to deal with Mario, Bowser was laying his own son off of the position of main henchman and superiorly firing him from the troops, outside of a low-paying position of high servant. Outraged, Jr. began to plot revenge on Bowser that was to take action once they got off the ship.

Mario's doorbell rang, and he opened up immediately to spot Captain Toad and his brigade ready for a fun mining adventure at Cavern Climb. But just then, a robotic claw swung from the sky and swooped onto Mario's porch, smashing it to pieces and grabbing the Toad Brigade with it. Mario, Luigi and Captain Toad looked up and spotted the Koopa Cruiser racing off into the distance. In horror, they aimlessly began chasing it, but they knew it was adventure time yet again.

The three began planning out their route to the Koopa Kingdom; something standard, along the lines of from Waddlewing Woods to Meringue Clouds or something like that. But suddenly, Bowser Jr. appeared out of nowhere, yelling at the slowly walking bros. and Captain to hold up. Jr. explained his dilemma and offered to assist the bros. and Captain on their adventure. They gladly accepted, especially after Jr. mentioned how Bowser had already predicted their standard route and were holding a Bob-omb blockade at Soda Jungle, and how he knew a better route to take. With that, the four heroes set off on their journey to take bake the Toad Brigade and punish Bowser for his disrespect of family bonds. Together, these four were unstoppable!

Mario & co. fought through some tough trials, but after crossing nine exciting worlds and defeating a good bunch of Jr.'s old co-workers, they had finally reached Bowser's Castle. It took a while to navigate through this labyrinth, but soon enough they had reached the Throne Chamber. Bowser was ready for a fight, backed up by his children in the Clown Copter, guarding the Toad Brigade behind him...and Princess Peach? It appeared as if Mario & co. were in for more than planned. Bowser and his kids sure put up a fight, and when they were down, Kammy Koopa came around to wake them up! Bowser rocketed up to a super size, blasting his kids out of the room through the walls, though three Boom Booms were able to sneak in, helping Bowser finish his business. Either way, Mario & co. were able to find a special switch to get rid of this superpowered Bowser by plunging him into the lava below his drawbridge. Mario & co. took back the Brigade and Princess, and it was time for the bros. and Captain to get on with that hunt after some final good-byes to Jr., who was later re-offered his old position due to some stellar work, which he gladly took. In the end, it worked out for everyone.






Image Name Description Abilities Stats
MarioSMXCHammer Mario TBA TBA
LuigiNSMB2 Luigi TBA TBA
Captain Toad miner Captain Toad TBA TBA
BowserJrMPIT Bowser Jr. TBA TBA



Image Name Description
Character-bowser Bowser TBA
Nsmbwii-koopalings The Koopalings Bowser's back at it again, and it's no surprise he's brought along his hyper henchmen to help him out. This bothersome bunch of Koopa kids each has their own little trick up their sleeve, and they'll be posted on guard throughout your route in attempt to block you from passing. They may look small, but they each put up a heck of a fight.


Boss Fights


World Name Description Enemy Course(s) Mini-Boss(es) Final Boss Obstacles
World 1 - Fungal Forest Paragoombas Larry Koopa
World 2 - Jagged Jungle Nipper Plants Wendy O. Koopa
World 3 - Shivery Shoreline Flying Cheep-Cheeps Roy Koopa
World 4 - Prehistoric Pines Albino Dinos
Ice Rexes
Ludwig von Koopa
World 5 - Cavern Climb Big Buzzy Beetles
Buster Beetles
Morton Koopa Jr.
World 6 - Parched Peaks Fuzzys Iggy Koopa
World 7 - Candied Cloudway Cherry Lakitus
Lime Lakitus
Lemmy Koopa
World 8 - Super Sewer Hyper Goombas
Hyper Thwimps
World 9 - Koopa Kingdom Bombshell Koopas
World 10 - Destined Dreamway --







Image Name Description Power-up Required
SmallMario3DLandCrop Small --
NSMBWii Luigi Super Super Mushroom
BowserJrFireSMXC Fire Fire Flower
CptToadIceSMXC Snow Snow Flower
Small Mario NSMBU Mini Mini Mushroom
BowserJrBoom Boomerang Blue Shell
Flying Squirrel Luigi - New Super Luigi U Squirrel Waddlewing Suit
TanookiCptToad Tanooki Super Leaf
Water Cheep Mask
PMSSMario Paper Super Pencil
Camo Chameleon Suit


Beta Elements




  • Super Mario XC currently stands as the X Cogshift's best selling game.

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