Super Mario X68000
Super Mario X68000 Box
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Sharp SPS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan May 24th, 1993
1 Player
Genre(s) Action role playing, Action-adventure, platformer
Media Included 2 5¼-inch floppies and 2 3½-inch floppies

Super Mario X68000 is a Mario game released in Japan only for the Japanese exclusive Sharp X68000 home computer in the year 1993. It features a plot where Mario has to go and rescue Princess Peach. It is a 2D sidescrolling platformer with emphasis on exploration. The game does have RPG like elements added into it such as a level up system. The game comes on 2 5.25 inch floppy disks and 2 3½ inch floppies to be compatible with regular and slimmer X68000 models. The game requires 2 megabytes of RAM or more to be installed in the X68000. The game uses version 3.02 of Human68K. The game supports hard disk installation.


Princess Peach is holding a royal ball ceremony at her castle. She invites Mario and Luigi to her castle for the party. All goes well untill King Koopa comes in and sends UFOs to lift Peach's castle into the air. Mario engages in battle but fails to defeat Bowser. He is told that he has to collect power crystals,magical orbs and Power Stars in order to rescue Peach and overpower Koopa. Mario then heads to various lands outside of the Mushroom Kingdom to collect all of the needed items.

After he is done collecting the required items needed to overthrow King Koopa, Mario returns to the Mushroom Kingdom and heads to a spaceport so he can ride a space ship to reach Peach's castle. After Mario arrives at Peach's castle (which is floating in space), he enters it and traverses until he reaches the rooftop where Peach is being held with Koopa. 

Mario then battles King Koopa and succesfully defeats him with some slight assistance from Peach. Peach's castle then magically starts to come back down to earth and Peach rewards Mario with a kiss and they restart the ceremony. 

Sound and Music

Super Mario X68000 is among many Sharp X68000 games to support external MIDI modules in addition to the internal Yamaha YM2151 "OPM" FM Synthesizer and OKI MSM6258 ADPCM chip. The external MIDI modules it supports are the Roland LA MT-32, CM-32L and CM-64. Roland GS devices include the Roland SC-55, SC-88 and SC-155 among others with an hidden General MIDI option for non Roland GS based devices that use General MIDI instead.

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