Super Mario X is a 3D Platformer released for the Wii in December 26, 2009 by Frontier Unlimited and published by Fantendo. The game is will feature a more darker take on the Mario series. The game became a well-hit spawing a 2012 sequel: Super Mario X-2.


Mario was trying to save Princess Peach once more from Bowser once more but then an evil force called Gyrgon took Mario to the future and took him to Mushroom City. Mario is now stuck in a dystopian city of scum and evil. The city is runned by a crime lord named Koopa Bowsa. He owns a huge drug cartel and everyone feared him. Mario is the only person who can save the city and get back to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Like previous Super Mario franchise, the game introduces the gamer to a darker setting of Mushroom City and promsies to have Super Mario 64 levels updated with challenging sequences and remodeled cyberpunk; there are also new levels besides the 64 levels. Famous other mechanics such as the classic tube pipe will be back and this will have a key role in the traveling throughout the game.

As mentioned eariler, the gameplay will mix the Wii controller mechanics with a old controls of Super Mario 64 that will give players a unique way of playing Mario in the game never before seen.

Mario will have classic power ups return and a slate of new power ups, one being a sprocket mushroom giving him the ability to function as a gang banger.


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